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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Season Finale Performances

August 10, 2011 07:10 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, the four dancers who have made it to the finals out of thousands of hopefuls, will dance for the judges and America in the performance finale on FOX.  Melanie, Marko, Sasha, and Tadd will dance solo, with All Stars, and with each other tonight with so much at stake. Kenny Ortega and Katie Holmes join Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe on the judges panel. Here we go…

Melanie and Marko kick off the performances dancing disco together. The choreographer is hoping they’ll look like human mirror balls.  It’s a fun routine, but Melanie looks tentative at times and they both seem a little out of their element. Kenny says they look like they just jumped out of Saturday Night Fever. Katie says they are so strong and beautiful – way to go. Mary says she adores disco, but notes that some of the lifts looked like a struggle.  Nigel agrees that they didn’t look entirely comfortable in the style.

Sasha is performing with Mark in the next duet. It’s a contemporary, edgy piece that showcases Sasha’s strength.  Katie says it was powerful – she is so strong. Mary yells, “Woohoo!” She tells Sasha they looked great and Sasha’s intensity and clarity will serve her amazing in her dance career. Nigel recalls that they called Sasha a warrior right from the start. He adds that Sasha has thrown down the gauntlet for the other three contestants. Kenny tells Sasha he knows she is battling an injury, and she came out the victor!

Tadd will do a hip hop routine with past winner Joshua.  They hit the stage in jeans, high-tops, and vests.  They ‘hustle hard’ and it’s pretty good. Mary says Tadd has the sweetie-pie factor to overcome in a hard-hitting routine like this, but he delivered tonight. Nigel notes it was a bit down and dirty on the knees, and says he did find Tadd a bit too sweet. Kenny thinks the All-Stars have upped the quality of the show this season and he liked the pairing of Tadd and Joshua. Katie agrees – she thought the pairing was amazing.

Melanie is up next doing a lyrical dance with Robert. It’s breathtaking. Nigel says it was beautifully danced, and Melanie has captured his heart. Kenny comments on Robert’s contribution and tells Melanie he would push himself to the front of the line to have a chance to work with her – she brings a combination of drama and technique that is incredible to watch. Kat lobbies for a part for Melanie in the remake of Dirty Dancing. Katie tells Melanie she blows her away – the way she creates and tells stories hits her way down deep. Mary says something special happens when Melanie dances – she draws people in and moves with class.

Sasha and Marko will perform the next duet to Whatever Lola Wants by Ella Fitzgerald. The Broadway routine is expressive and kicky – fun to watch!  Kenny comments on their transitions – fantastic! Katie loved it. She tells Sasha she is beautiful and strong, and Marko he is incredible. Mary loves that Marko is such a little actor, and is fearless. She tells Sasha she was elegant and vampy – she enjoyed every second! Nigel tells them it didn’t knock him out. The audience boos. He tells Sasha she’s a better warrior than a vamp, and adds that he would have liked to see more from Marko – Broadway needs much stronger characters.

Melanie performs her short lyrical solo and her voting information is provided.

Marko dances a solo to a Joshua Radin song and his voting information is provided.

Sasha and Tadd are doing a cha-cha dance next. It’s edgy, cool, and sexy  – even has some spanking! They do it well, but I don’t feel a huge connection between them and they both seem slightly out of their element. Katie says they’re both strong dancers and they looked terrific. Mary says it didn’t work – connections were missing in their chemistry and physically. Nigel feels the same. He says it was uncomfortable to watch – it wasn’t good for either of them, really. Kenny says it was too ambitious for tonight, and urges them to let it go and come back and blow them away.

Marko dances an emotionally-challenging routine with Lauren. It’s visceral and raw, while flowing in the lyrical style. Mary tells Marko he thrusts greatness upon himself – he can’t help it. She comments on the honest communication of the dance – a beautiful thing.  Nigel tells Marko it was a fabulous performance – congratulations. Kenny calls the choreography a gift to Marko and to the audience. He says Marko swept him away to another place and time. Katie says it was beautiful. She loved the little moments – Marko created pictures; it was special and magical.

Tadd does a solo in his style – break dancing – it’s cool. His voting information is given.

Melanie and Tadd are telling the story of a cheating boyfriend in the next duet. It’s fun and jazzy. Nigel says the routine brought his night to life.  He compliments the characterization and says Tadd redeemed himself. Kenny says Melanie had him gripped to the stage before the number even began. He thought the chemistry was exceptional and the story adorable. Katie also thought it was fun – a breath of fresh air and a wonderful performance. Mary says Tadd brought sexy back for sure. It was fabulous! She talks about Melanie’s strut – she’s never seen it better.

Sasha does her short contemporary solo and her voting information is provided.

Melanie and Sasha perform a lyrical duet. The last time they danced together they got ‘the boot’ from Lady Gaga. In glittery knee-length gowns with full skirts they deliver a moving performance piece. Kenny thought it was powerful – wonderful interpretive choreography. Katie loves seeing them dance together – they did an excellent job. Mary enjoyed every single second of the piece and tells them both they’re so well-loved. She comments on the gorgeous movement. Nigel thinks both of them would grace any dance company – they’re both fabulous.

Tadd and Marko do a gumboot stepping routine next. In the hip hop number the guys are miners. It’s performed to an Outkast tune. It’s fast-paced and frankly, the guys in their work suits remind me of Oompa Loompas – not my favorite. Katie tells them they looked athletic and did a good job. Mary loved the stepping – she thought it was amazing. Nigel says it was a little difficult and they weren’t together. He tells them honestly that he still believes a girl will win tonight. Kenny tells the guys they did their job and wishes all the contestants the best of luck.

It’s voting time for America! Live results tomorrow night on FOX!

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    MELANIE, said it from day one, you are a talent to be reckoned with!!!!!!!!!!


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