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Expedition Impossible Recap: It’s A Foot Race To The Finish Line

August 11, 2011 08:04 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on ABC six teams are left to battle it out on Expedition Impossible. The Gypsies have dominated this game so far, will they be able to keep up their pace? Keep reading to find out if your favorite team survives another expedition.

Team No Limits learns that Ike’s ankle is not broken, but badly injured.  Injured enough that he needs a cast, but he refuses to give up on the race. 

The Expedition Begins:

It’s a grueling two day journey ahead for the teams.  As usual, the Gypsies are first to leave on the race.  The remaining teams are released in the order they placed in the last race. 

It’s time to repel down the side of a cliff to reach the first clue.  Natalie from team California Girls bangs her knee pretty badly on the way down.  The Football players quickly repel down the mountain and are in second place behind the Gypsies.  The California Girls are held up by Christina at the repel and drop from third to last place.  

Teams are now told they must inflate two kayaks and paddle out to Prison Island.  All the teams catch up at the kayaks, let’s see who paddles the quickest.  The Football Players and California Girls don’t do well on the kayaks and are in last place.

Now the teams must transform their kayaks into a catamaran. Once the sail boat is assembled they must use it to sail to the check-in point for the day.  Most of the teams are confused by the direction to assemble the boat, but not the Gypsies who have quite the lead.  The California Girls are last to leave on their boat.  Fab 3 can’t seem to control their boat, it just spins in circles.  A lot of cussing is heard from the Fab 3 team as they freak out.  No Limits catches the breeze and floats into first place with the Cops close behind.  The Cops are catching up to No Limits and it will be a foot race to the finish line. No Limits is the winner of day 1!

Day 2:   

The Football Players and Fab 3 talk about teaming up to eliminate the Gypsies or team No Limits. Let’s see if they can catch up to them first!

No Limits is first to leave on the day’s race. The first challenge of the day is swimming! The Gypsies beat out No Limits in the swim and regain first place, while the Football players are last.  It’s now a hike, which is bad news for No Limits.  Ike’s ankle slows the team way down and they quickly move to last place.  The Football players run the hike and catch up to the Gypsies.  Fab 3 is currently in third place because Carey is having some “bathroom issues!” Can you imagine having diarrhea in the desert – trying to go to the bathroom behind a random bush?  Poor Carey!

Team No Limits continues to hike, but Ike shares that his pain level is at a 10! He refuses to give up and just wants to finish today’s race.

Teams are arriving at the next check-in and now must solve a puzzle.  The teams must work together to solve a compass puzzle.  Once solved, the puzzle will lead the teams to a place where they will dig a map to the final destination.   The Football Players and The Gypsies are both at the puzzle at the same time.  The Football Players follow through with their alliance with Fab 3 and tell them a clue to help them solve the puzzle. 

The winners of stage eight of the competition are The Gypsies, but The Football Players are right behind them and place second.  Fab 3 places third and The Cops come in fourth.      

There are two teams left in the desert. Totally confused by the puzzle challenge are the California Girls, who aren’t even following the clue!  Team No Limits actually catches up to the California Girls.  Poor Ike is literally hopping to the last challenge.  How can you not root for this team?  The California Girls sees what No Limits is doing and a lightbulb finally goes off for them.  No Limits is first to grab the final directions, but California Girls are on their tail and plan to beat them in a foot race!  But who can beat No Limits? Not the California Girls today! It gave me chills to see No Limits cross that finish line today.  They never give up and it is inspiring! 

Who is your favorite Expedition Impossible team and why? Let us know, comment below!

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