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Jersey Shore Recap: Different Time Zone, Same Feelings

August 11, 2011 08:28 PM by Candace Young

Last Thursday, in the Season 4 premiere, the cast of Jersey Shore arrived in Italy and got settled into their new pad in Florence. The Situation shocked everyone by developing an interest in Snooki, who has a boyfriend back home, and Deena and Pauly D swapped spit at the club! Keep reading for highlights from tonight’s episode…

The show kicks off with Pauly justifying the kissing and lip-biting session with Deena, saying they’re both good at it. Still at the bar, Pauly confides in Snooki that he’s reluctant to hook-up with Deena because she’ll get feelings. JWoww weighs in – she’s concerned about the same thing. Snooki gets it – that’s what happened with her an Vinnie. Deena tells the girls she can have sex with Pauly and leave it at that.

On the ride home, Pauly tells Vinnie he’d appreciate it if he would hook up with Deena. In the girls’ vehicle, Deena insists to JWoww that she just wants to get it in.

At the house, Ronnie gets on the phone with his pal, Hannah, as Sammi lurks. Deena hangs out in the kitchen with Pauly and Vinnie. Pauly goes to to bed and Deena follows, but he pretends to be asleep.

Pauly D gets up first and attacks everyone in their beds with his extra-loud fart-sounding horn. Since it’s their first Sunday in Italy, they venture out to the supermarket to shop for that night’s dinner – it’s challenging to say the least.

Back at the house, Sammi offers for her and Deena to cook the Sunday dinner. Sammi struggles to identify the foods they’ve brought home from the market and to run the dishwasher. They decide to head out with JWoww to do some clothes shopping. The guys begin to wonder what’s up with dinner. The girls eat at a cafe as the guys puzzle over what to do. The girls return and dinner gets cooked. Everyone is stunned to find that Snooki has slept all day.

Snooki gets on the phone with Jionni who is totally upset that she’s gone an entire day without calling him. Snooki protests that they’re on different time zones. She hangs up to find Mike volunteering his advice – and arms – to comfort her.

Vinnie answers a call from someone named Marco, who is giving them jobs in a pizzeria. They head out for orientation. Sammi is tickled by the pizzeria. Jenni isn’t thrilled by the effect of the heat from the wood-fired oven on her hangover. Everyone relishes telling Marco that Snooki loves hot salami. She puts together a pizza and cooks it and they all agree to report for work next week.

In the kitchen at home, a very dissatisfied JWoww crushes coffee beans and announces that making coffee in Italy is just like in the 1600′s.

Later, everyone gets ready and they head to Astor to party. Mike is immediately hit on by an American girl from Florida. Ronnie downs shots and starts to sound a little slurry. Sammi watches and strokes her hair agitatedly. JWoww grills Pauly about Ronnie’s plans to fly out Hannah in a few weeks. Pauly’s eyes grow wide at the implications. JWoww vows to warn Sammi.

As the night progresses, Ronnie becomes downright sloppy – Pauly hasn’t seen him this bad since ‘single Ronnie’ in Miami. JWoww keeps a wary eye on the situation as Ron tries to wind Sammi up. Before long, Sammi is outside wiping away tears with her fingertips and asking Snooki, “Like, what am I supposed to do?” Ronnie and Deena both fall on their faces on the concrete on the way home.

In the kitchen, Snooki eyeballs the college student Mike brought home and grills Vinnie on who is prettier. Mike takes the girl to the smush room and then sees her off. JWoww calls, “Nice meeting you! I’m sure we’ll never see you again!” Mike and Snooki adjourn to the sofa for a heart-to-heart talk. He claims there is something between them, but Snooki says she sees him only as a friend.

The next day, everyone but Ronnie goes out to eat. They all confront Sammi about what a disaster she and Ronnie are when they drink and fight. Sammi insists she went to bed and left it alone last night.

Later, Vinnie winds up in the jacuzzi with Ronnie. They joke about it being a romantic scene. Mike amuses himself by trying to cuddle with Deena in her bed. She decides to go smoke.

As Mike gets ready to go out the next day, Deena relays the story about Mike coming to her bed to everyone else. They head to a rooftop with a breathtaking view to eat. Mike is called onto the carpet for trying to cuddle with Deena. He totally denies it. Deena is upset that Pauly sold her out.

Pauly later presents Deena with a bracelet to apologize, and they all head out to the club. Everyone’s poppin’ bottles and Vinnie remarks that it’s feeling like Jersey. Pauly feels the girls in there are too young. While dancing, Sammi falls on the floor. Ronnie picks her up and she slurs that she wants to talk. He doesn’t want to do it right then.  Sammi follows him around the club trailing toilet paper on her shoe whining that she wants to be friends.

Back home, Mike calls the college chick, who is DTF, and she heads over to spend the night. Deena sits on Pauly’s lap, but he gets up when Vinnie makes a comment. In the kitchen, Sammi kisses Ronnie’s neck and asks to cuddle with him in bed. He still has feelings for her, but tells the camera that he doesn’t want to do that because of what it will be like back in Jersey.

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