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Bachelor Pad 2 Recap: Everything Changes Before Most Romantic Move Ever!

August 15, 2011 06:58 PM by Candace Young

Bachelor Pad 2 picks up this week after last week’s eliminations – that of Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego and Alli. Kasey is already focused on how to get The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka out of the house as soon as possible. Jake, conversely, thinks he’s successfully turning people’s opinion of him around. Chris Harrison explains the first challenge…keep reading!

Chris tells The Bachelor Pad 2 contestants that they will be playing ‘target on your back’ with eggs filled with paint. The girls will go first – they must answer a question by throwing an egg at the guy who best answers the query. The girls are each asked who they are least attracted to – they each throw an egg at the back of the guy who they are least attracted to. Hits  get a point.  The next round of eggs go on the backs of the guys who the ladies feel least deserve the $250,000, and the last round of eggs are directed at the guy the girls want to go home this week. Jake takes a beating and tells the camera it hurts, saying the group only knows what they’ve read about him in the tabloids.

To break a tie, the girls must throw an egg at the guy they think is the dumbest. It’s Jackie versus Melissa. Melissa scores a direct hit on Graham and walks away with the rose.

Now it’s the guys’ turn. They must throw an egg at the girl most likely to cheat on you. Jake is up first and tells the camera that Vienna cheated on him three times! They must next throw an egg at the girl they wish would go home this week. Erica is heavily targeted.  The next round of eggs goes to the girl the guy is least attracted to – again, Erica is centered out.  Mike Stagliano wins the rose by hitting with all three of his eggs.  Erica dissolves into tears and the other girls gather around to comfort her.  She wonders why they didn’t pick on Ella, who is clearly bigger than her. Ella tells the camera that Erica’s humiliation was brutal.  Michael is glad to have the rose but feels bad about how he got it.

Chris explains that Melissa and Michael will get to experience separate dates away from the house. They can choose three people to go with them and give one of them a rose to keep them safe.  Jake is certain that he will be eliminated since he didn’t win a rose.

Michael goes off alone to do some thinking about which girls to take on his date. He chooses Erica, Michelle, and Holly – even though he wasn’t sure about taking his ex-fiancee.

Michael’s Group Date

The group’s night date is entitled, “Are you afraid of the dark?” Michael and his girls are terrified as they pull up to a dark insane asylum. Michael tells the cameras that when they were together, he and Holly read a scary book – it’s on his mind.  Inside, screaming ensues at the sight of a mouse. Michael and Erica find hospital records and decide to try to contact the patient’s spirits. Michelle and Holly go off and discuss whether or not there is anything left between Holly and Michael. Holly’s not sure. Michelle gets Michael alone and grills him about it.

Michael ends up giving Holly his rose and they go off to spend time together. He rambles on about mutual respect and stuff for awhile, before tearing up and admitting he wants to hang out with her all the time in the house.  Holly cries too,  and says she doesn’t really know why he broke up with her. He responds in kind, saying she kept telling him something was missing. She sniffs that when she finally loved him, he didn’t love her.  She asks if he thinks they’re best friends – he says no, he wanted to marry her. In camera, he admits he’s back in love with her.

At the house, Kirk dishes that Jake is a dead man walking, Kasey and Vienna think they’re in control, and Jackie and Ames are like Romeo and Juliet – they keep sneaking off to make out!

Melissa’s Group Date

Melissa gets her date card, which says, “Chart a course for romance.”  Melissa picks Kirk, Kasey, and Blake.  They board a boat and share a second champagne toast – the first was in the limo ride over. Blake tells the camera he’s not head over heels for Melissa, but you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do!  Melissa feels like The Bachelorette and is having the time of her life.

Back at the house, Vienna is telling interested parties that Jake treated her like a possession when they were together. Jake, meanwhile, decides that he will ask Vienna for help as a last resort. She turns on the drama when he asks her to speak with him outside for two seconds. She refuses to speak to him without Kasey present. Jake tells her to bring along anyone she likes. She still refuses. Gia thinks she is totally rude and tells Vienna that Jake never said anything bad about him. Ella comments that Vienna continuing with this drama may lead to people voting her out. Graham thinks Jake is sincere about not wanting anymore negative energy.

Meanwhile,  Melissa is living the Bachelorette life on her boat. She speaks one-on-one with Kirk while Blake talks to Kasey. Blake feels Kasey is overconfident and tells everyone he has their back – it’s insincere. Blake can see that Melissa is leaning toward giving Kasey the rose as a strategic move. He takes her aside and kisses her. He tells the camera that he had to whore himself out and pacify her in order to play the game. It works – he scores the rose. Kasey isn’t impressed that things didn’t play out according to plan. He leaves on a boat with Kirk. Blake giggles to the camera that Kasey has as much power as a gust of wind, and adds that he’s had a few drinks so he can keep up the act with Melissa. Ugh!

In a strategic move, Gia takes Graham aside and tells him she thinks she’s going home and she wants him to win so she’s imparting advice – he needs to break up ‘power couple’ Vienna and Kasey.  Inside, Holly is flirting with Blake, who is new and exciting. She asks him about Melissa. He says there is nothing between them. Melissa, however, thinks Blake is totally into her. As Blake lays on the bed with Holly, Melissa comes in – intense awkwardness ensues.  Holly leaves eventually, and Melissa is pissed. Blake tells the cameras she’s unstable, and it’s easy to see why she’s single.

Jake is ready to take another shot at getting Vienna to help him. He asks her and Kasey to talk with him.  Ella and Kirk are also there.  Jake asks them for help.  Kasey asks Jake if he thinks he deserves to be there.  Jake says he does. Vienna accuses him of wanting the money because he’s in debt, and Kasey is all over Jake like he owns the place. Kirk and Ella both feel Jake was trying to be a nice guy and aren’t impressed with Kasey and Vienna’s behavior – especially when they start making out right after Jake walks away.

Everything Changes

Chris Harrison joins the group and says it’s time for the next elimination, but first, he wants to know what the vibe is in the house. Everyone says it’s awkward with Jake and Vienna. Jake says he has his closure and is fine. Vienna rants about how awkward it is with her ex-fiance there. Michael and Holly speak up that they’re fine with it. Vienna turns on Chris Harrison, spitting that they forced her and Jake to have a public break-up, it wasn’t fair to have them both on Bachelor Pad 2.  Chris asks who is forcing her to stay – the door is open – if Vienna is unhappy he’ll call her a cab!

Harrison then tells the group that everything is changing again tonight. Two people are going home – but they will both be women!  All the men are safe!  The men will vote out one lady as usual, and the girls will have to vote out one of their own.  Melissa and Holly have roses and are safe – oh, the drama!

Kasey tells Vienna to pack up and they’ll leave right now.  She somehow gathers the strength to stay in the house. Meanwhile, as Gia complains about how totally manipulative Vienna is, Michelle tells Jake he should just leave since he has virtually no chance of winning the money. Gia is ticked off, but confident about her alliance with Graham. Unfortunately, Graham ran to Kasey, who tells her that Graham wants to vote her out. She cries and says she’s going to confront him. Kasey follows as she gets in Graham’s face. He admits he told Kasey that she was trying to break up him and Vienna. Gia sobs about everyone being sneaky and fake.  She decides to take herself out – she tells Chris Harrison she wasn’t made for this game and goes. In the car, she talks about not wanting to give cocky Kasey the satisfaction of voting her out.

As word spreads that Gia is really most sincerely gone, voting begins in earnest to vote out another girl. The consensus seems to be that Ella should go. Blake takes Ella aside and explains to her that she’s the biggest threat. She tells the camera she will not give up the money – she’s a single mom.  She sets out to campaign and partners up with Kirk – but will it be enough?  Kirk tells Michael and Graham. They want Vienna to go.  Ames, meanwhile, goes to Vienna and Kasey for help in keeping Jackie in the game.  Michael wants them to go back on their promise and vote for Jackie, saying Ames will be an easy out after that.

Melissa watches angrily as Holly cozies up to Blake. She pulls him aside and tells him everyone sees him playing both of them. When she goes to fill in the other girls, Blake asks her to have an adult conversation with him. She winds up in tears and Blake looks ill.

Rose Ceremony

Michael hands out the roses which are offered to Vienna, Michelle, Erica, and Ella.  Jackie is going home. Ames, who earlier told cameras that he and Jackie are very possibly falling in love, walks her out.  He still has his trademark grin as he takes her to the car where they indulge in an extended hugging and kissing session. Finally, she goes.  But in possibly the most romantic move in Bachelor franchise history, Ames runs after the limo, stops it, and leaves with Jackie! All together – awww!!!!

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2 Responses to “Bachelor Pad 2 Recap: Everything Changes Before Most Romantic Move Ever!”

  1. tata Says:
    August 15th, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Vienna and her boyfriend are fool. They make themselves idiot in the show. Very bad people.

  2. James Best Says:
    August 23rd, 2011 at 1:12 am

    Since Jake is gone I have no desire to watch the show because plainly evil won over good and I hope the entire nation boycotts the show because the remaining episodes will surely be sickening and disgusting with Jake hating Vienna and Casey fighting over the money that is surely cursed should either of these two liars win it.


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