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America’s Got Talent Recap: Wildcard Round Features Drama, Dancing, and Danger

August 16, 2011 08:00 PM by Candace Young

Nick Cannon kicks off America’s Got Talent explaining that tonight is the wildcard round in which the three judges, Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel, each bring back 4 acts of their choice for another shot at making it into the semi-finals. Keep reading for all of the highlights…

Piers sets the tone for the night by saying Howie brought back four of the worst acts he’s seen on America’s Got Talent.

The Kinetic King is the first act to return. His last attempt at launching a huge domino-effect display was disastrous. This time around, he redeems himself. The entire display comes down in sequence with no issues. Piers, who brought him back, says, “Hail to the king!”  He couldn’t be happier. Sharon also bows down to the Kinetic King. Howie says there is nobody else in America who could do that.

Howie has brought back The Funny Little People. Piers can’t believe they’re coming back to haunt him again. Howie says they grew on him like an entertaining fungus – he can’t wait to watch Piers. The Funny Little People take the stage and dance along with belly dancers to Constantinople. Piers buzzes and holds his head in his hands. After, Howie laughs that he spent most of his time watching Piers. Piers ushers away the two little people behind him and sternly says they’re a bunch of idiots led by the head idiot – Howie Mandel. Sharon says it was very nice, noting that she can’t agree with Piers.

Avery and Calico Hearts take the stage next – thanks to Sharon.  They sing Dynamite in front of a clubhouse that says ‘No Boyz’ and even have boy back up dancers.  Piers buzzes them part way through, but when they finish they get a standing ovation. Sharon is proud to say they’re her pick. She says they did great. Piers tells the girls he really likes them, but he still thinks they’re too early.  Howie thinks they’re adorable and understands what Piers is saying, but he takes exception to him buzzing them – it’s mean.

Magician Seth Grable will be doing a reappearing act on the show tonight since Howie has brought him back.  Seth is lowered in a hoop from the ceiling. Once on the floor he spins about and does a cartwheel. A smokescreen shoots up from the floor and when it goes away there is a full-size car there! Out of the car comes three children who look just like the judges. Much laughter ensues as the mini-mes interact with the judges. Howie is impressed by the act, Piers finds it a bit lacking (the audience boos), and Sharon loves the kids and says he’s got her vote.

Female singing hopeful, Shevonne, is back for another opportunity to get into the semi-finals courtesy of Sharon.  She performs Nobody’s Perfect, and it sounds great at times. The audience comes to their feet. Sharon says she took her breath away – she did herself proud. Howie says he thinks they made a mistake in letting her go in Las Vegas – he’s thrilled she was able to come back. Piers notes that he’s in the very unusual position of agreeing with Howie Mandel. He says she had pitchy moments, but she’s distinctive and could be really good with more experience.

West Springfield Dance Team is up next. Sharon wanted to see them back because they dance like professionals.  They perform a zombie-themed routine to The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. It’s very entertaining, and the audience get to their feet again. Sharon loved their choice and notes that they’re a horror dance group – she thinks there’s an audience for this. Howie agrees that they’re very good, but doesn’t think they ramped it up any from last time. Piers asks Nick to check his forehead – he’s agreeing with Howie again – he may be sick. Piers says overall he liked them, but it wasn’t as good as their last performance.

Howie has brought back comedian, J Chris Newburg, who was buzzed by Piers Morgan each time he auditioned previously. J Chris Newburg takes the stage tonight and gets right to roasting Piers – he brings up the phone hacking scandal (Piers buzzes), and says he’s made more kids cry than divorce. Piers has to fight not to laugh. Nick loves it.  Howie is beyond impressed, telling J Chris he deserves to be there. Piers starts to speak and Howie buzzes him. Piers says he found his material offensive, inaccurate, and funny! Sharon tells J Chris he has balls of steel – it was very good.

Yellow Designs Stunt Team – the group with the impressive BMX stunts – has been brought back by Sharon. They plan on ‘wowing’ America like never before. This time around they have a pirate theme and start off with some great jumps in the air – it’s a mesmerizing show! Sharon says it worked superbly – they bring a sense of excitement and belong there. Howie agrees with Sharon – they’re great! Piers says it’s the only act where, when they make a mistake it’s exciting because it reminds them how dangerous it is. He loves the drama and entertainment factor – he thinks they have a really good chance.

Charles Peachock, who juggled balls on a piano the last time around, is back courtesy of Piers. Charles is prepared to go big and bring danger. The show begins with an old-time circus theme. Charles appears and juggles two flaming balls and a torch before moving on to balancing a spinning sword over his face while juggling knives – he drops one.  Piers tells him he blew it because he dropped something, though he’s sure he knows that. Sharon could see he was nervous and it was dangerous. Howie jokes that he’s thrilled he kept his shirt on.

Howie’s last pick is contemporary bluegrass band, The Fiddleheads.  Howie is hoping they’ll go back to basics tonight. They perform a bluegrass version of Grenade by Bruno Mars. It’s interesting and the audience loves it. Piers buzzes. Howie thinks they brought it. Piers says they don’t work as a group – the lead singer shouldn’t be with that group.  Sharon disagrees and argues with Piers, who keeps saying the singer shouldn’t be with that weird little group.

Summerwind Skippers, infamous for getting Piers Morgan to declare that skipping is sexy, have been brought back by the judge for another shot. Tonight they’ll bring in an element of danger, but warn it’s not perfected to a tee. They put on a really high energy show to Blow by Kesha,  complete with jump roping over flaming ropes! Piers says they made it come alive for him and recovered well when they made a mistake – great job! Sharon is on board – skipping is sexy! Howie says they’ve changed his mind about whether they could be a headlining show.

The last performance tonight on America’s Got Talent is magician Landon Swank, whom Piers has gifted with another chance at going on in the competition.  Tonight, Landon will be cuffed, and submerged in a tank of water with his head chained to the floor. If he can’t pick the locks and escape in one minute he’ll be rescued. A girl is lowered onto the top of the tank as he works. A curtain is raised and when it drops, the girl is in the tank and Landon is out. Piers says it was executed properly and he will definitely go through to the semi-finals. Sharon tells Landon that’s what she calls sexy – fabulous trick! Howie agrees it was fabulous and says both magicians did well tonight.

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