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Flipping Out: Interview with Jett Pink

August 16, 2011 11:28 AM by Martha Zaborowski

On the last two episodes of Bravo’s Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis has been in serious downsizing mode. He let go two of his employees, including former intern turned Associate Designer Trace James Lenhoff, and sister-in-law turned design associate, Sarah Berkman. It seemed as if his house assistant, Jett Pink, would be next. Thankfully, Jeff spared Jett and even promoted him with additional responsibilities. Reality TV Magazine got a change to talk to Jett about behind-the-scenes secrets of Flipping Out, what’s to come this season of Flipping Out, and his solo blues album and rock album coming out with band Whitehouse Station.

RTVM: Hi, Jett! Congratulations on keeping your job! It definitely seemed like Jeff was in firing mode. Did you think you might be let go?

Jett Pink: Yeah, definitely. It was a really weird week. Trace and Sarah were both let go that week, on a Tuesday, and then Friday rolls around and Jeff wants to talk to me at the end of the day. Cameras were following me around more than usual that day, so I was nervous. I definitely busted my ass and came in early  that week. (laughs)

RTVM: Were you surprised Jeff let Sarah and Trace go?

Jett Pink: Kind of. I was especially surprised by Sarah leaving because she is a part of Jeff”s family, and they get along so well. But she was given a lot of warnings.

RTVM: Do you think Jeff was justified in letting them go?

Jett Pink: You know, I didn’t bear witness to their day-to-day mistakes, so I can’t really comment on that. But it is his company, his money, and he has the right to make his own decisions to best benefit his company.

RTVM: Agreed. So what’s it like working for Jeff now? Do you have more responsibilities?

Jett Pink: Yes, I have more responsibilities. His intern is still doing more of the design-related stuff, but I’m helping out with some of his day-to-day business, like answering e-mails.

RTVM: Why did you never try to be more than a house assistant? Was it because Jeff made it clear that there would no real opportunity for promotion?

Jett Pink: Right. He made it clear that there would be no upward movement, so I didn’t try to impress him with my business skills–even though I have some business skills. Also, I’m a creative person, but I was never interested in a career in design. I initially took the job to help pay the bills.

RTVM: Who do you get along best with in the house?

Jett Pink: Actually, despite what the show leads you to believe, I probably get along best with Zoila. We had that one argument, but we usually hang out together in the house all day and say bad words in Spanish to each other.

RTVM: Gage (Jeff’s business manager and boyfriend) was one of the employees who voted to not keep you on the team. What can we expect next?

Jett Pink: Uh, you can you expect some drama. Drama with Gage, drama with the clients…it gets good.

RTVM: Fans of Flipping Out know that you’re a musician. What do you have coming up?

Jett Pink: I have an hard blues/rock album coming out in August with my band Whitehouse Station, and I’m working on my solo blues album,

RTVM: I read that Whitehouse Station has toured with or opened for some pretty prominent artists. Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Live, Staind, 3 Days Grace…do you have plans to tour again?

Jett Pink: I would love to tour. I’ll keep everyone posted on www.jettpink.com and Whitehouse Station’s page on Facebook.

Catch Jett Pink on Flipping Out, Tuesdays on Bravo at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT.

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Photos courtesy of Whitehouse Station’s Facebook page

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  1. reality fan Says:
    August 16th, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    Trace knows how to handle that idiot Gage. He knows how manipulative Gage is.


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