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Masterchef Finale Recap: The Season Two Winner Is….

August 16, 2011 06:59 PM by Lisa Princ

Fox‘s Masterchef season finale took place tonight! After last night’s technique battle, which of the remaining three chefs will make it to the finale challenge? And whose cooking will impress the judges enough to earn them the season two win? Read on for the highlights!

Masterchef on Fox kicked off the season two finale tonight with a mystery box challenge, and Gordon Ramsay announced that the competition was coming full circle. Under the mystery box was a chicken, which is exactly what got them into the competition, and the three remaining contestants – Christian Collins, Adrien Nieto and Jennifer Behm had an hour to make a delicious chicken creation. Up first for the taste test was Christian with bacon wrapped chicken with vegetables, and despite Gordon Ramsay’s uncertainty about the look of the dish, he thought it was delicious. Graham Elliot liked it and Joe Bastianich did as well, although he agreed it was not plated perfectly.

Next up was Adrien, who created a braised chicken thigh with asparagus in which Graham kicked off saying he loved it. Gordon said it did look appetizing, but the chicken was nice, and Joe loved the salsa verde. Jennifer was last but not least with her rustic chicken dish. Joe Bastianich was up first and while he loved the chicken, he thought the potatoes were undercooked. Gordon Ramsay thought it was delicious, but the thigh was undercooked. Graham Elliot thought the breast was overcooked, but loved the vegetables. After a brief discussion, the judges announced that the weakest dish was Jennifer’s, while the winning dish belonged to Adrien!

In the final elimination challenge, Gordon Ramsay announced that the theme was based on Joe Bastianich’s favorite ingredients – veal, mushrooms and octopus. Since Adrien won the mystery box, Adrien was able to choose first, and he chose the octopus, which annoyed Christian, who wanted the octopus. Christian was up next to choose and he chose the veal, leaving Jennifer with the mushrooms, and hoping that it would hurt her in the end. Much to Christian’s dismay however, Jennifer informed everyone that she grew up in the land of mushrooms – and the look on Christian’s face was priceless!

Before they started cooking for their Masterchef elimination challenge, the final three were greeted by all the eliminated contestants of season two. During the challenge, Christian had a rough time. First, he forgot the flour and when he asked Jennifer for some, she was reluctant about giving him any, claiming that “karma was a bitch.” Christian then struggled to get his veal cooked properly in time, as it was not coming out the way he wanted. When it was time to judge, Adrien was up first with his pan seared octopus, saffron rice and watercress salad. Right off the bat, Gordon Ramsay thought his dish was beautiful looking, and the judges loved the octopus, although the rice could have been better.

Christian was up next with his Veal, mashed potatoes and vegetables. Joe Bastianich was annoyed right off the bat that Christian did not remove the bone from his veal, but loved the flavor of the dish. Graham loved the dish, but did not understand the sauce, while Gordon Ramsay loved the mash, but did not think it was Christian’s best dish. Jennifer was up last again with her mushroom ravioli with egg. Graham told Jennifer that the pasta was a tad undercooked, while Joe said nothing after tasting it. After a quick debate, Gordon Ramsay announced that the first person heading to the finale was Adrien Nieta! Next, Gordon revealed that the person heading into the finals with Adrien was Jennifer Behm! Looks like karma finally did get Christian Collins!

Then it was part two of the Masterchef finale, with only Jennifer Behm and Adrien Nieta remaining! Then Gordon surprised them by bringing in their parents for some words of wisdom. Then he announced that they had two hours to make an appetizer, entree and dessert. Both Jennifer and Adrien were extremely confident in this challenge, but as time wound down, both of them started to crack under the pressure. Adrien’s cakes came out of the oven and disappointingly they had flopped a little, but would he be able to use them anyway, or would this be his demise?

Adrien was confident that despite the fact that his cakes flopped a little, he would beat Jennifer as she was doing fruit for dessert. When it came time to taste, Jennifer was up first with her appetizer of scallops and quail egg with pea puree which impressed the judges in flavor, but they were disappointed that she failed to remove the scallop abductor. Adrien was up next with a prawn taquitos that immediately impressed with presentation. The judges loved it, but thought maybe the prawn flavor got lost a little bit.

For the entrees, Jennifer created a braised, stuffed, quail that was cooked perfectly. Gordon told her that she nailed it and the judges loved it. Adrien was up next with his beer braised short ribs and the judges loved his dish also. At this point, it seemed as though it would be a tough one, and may come down to dessert. For dessert, Jennifer did a poached pear that did not seem to impress the judges as a dessert. Adrien’s dessert was more complex – a chocolate cake infused with blood oranges, but the judges didn’t think it was that great, as they were expecting more moistness.

After a long debate about all three dishes from both Adrien and Jennifer, the judges returned to announce that the season two winner of Masterchef was Jennifer Behm!

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3 Responses to “Masterchef Finale Recap: The Season Two Winner Is….”

  1. niki Says:
    August 16th, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    This was so ridiculous, adrians dish were much attractive in terms of attractiveness and he was much more talented , shame on you ramsay

  2. lisa Says:
    August 16th, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    i think adriane should have won not her

  3. Mitchell Kirby Says:
    August 16th, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    Noticed something that makes me think it was rigged. in all of interview shots beforehand Adrian’s jacket was clean even when it was dirty when he was in front of the judges, and after she won and they gave their reactions, it was still clean. The reactions seem to be prerecorded..


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