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Alex Newell Talks About His Experience Coming Out And His Time On The Glee Project

August 17, 2011 10:00 AM by Veronica Dudo

The Glee Project is down to the final four contestants Alex Newell, Damian McGinty Jr., Lindsay Pearce, and Samuel Larsen. All are vying for a guest starring role on FOX’s hit TV show Glee. Alex talks about his time on The Glee Project, his experience coming out and how he feels about dressing in drag.

What was the most important thing you have learned on The Glee Project?
Probably the most important thing I learned was TV versus film and just kind of subtleties and knowing when to be “on” and “off.”

What was your most memorable moment on the show?
Working with Hannah and doing “Nowadays” in drag.

If you could create your own dream Glee character for yourself, who would it be?
I would be Kurtcedes if I could (Glee character Kurt and Mercedes combined).

What’s been the hardest moment on The Glee Project for you that you had to push through to continue in the competition?
Being in the bottom three so many different times and coming to that point where I had to talk about my father and just finally crying and letting it all out.

How has the reaction been for you since you said that you were gay?
Everyone kind of accepted it. They’re just like it’s Alex doing what he’s doing; always over-the-top, he goes big or he goes home and my family loves it, they eat it up; they think it’s hilarious–they love seeing me in a dress for some strange reason they get a kick out of it. My fans, they like it; I do get a lot of drag queens saying that I do a good job about it and that I should be on RuPaul and stuff like that but I mean I like it.

What was the best advice you received on the show?
I probably got just stand still you don’t have to be the diva.

You have gone through a lot professionally and personally on the show–how accurately were you portrayed?
It’s hard because little things that I said or have done, have been blown completely out of proportion and I’m hated by like a lot of people and I get “I hate you” and I get slurs and I get stuff like that but I have to be better than that and just accept that’s how it was edited and just kill them with kindness.

After watching the episodes was there anything that really surprised you?
The interaction I had with Matheus and how completely different it was than what actually happened.

What is it really like to be slushied?
It’s absolutely the most horrible feeling in the world. I’ll be honest–it’s cold and I’m from Boston and I can deal with the coldest of cold but just having it all thrown at you full force is not a great feeling.

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