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America’s Got Talent Recap: Wildcard Live Results

August 17, 2011 07:02 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night on America’s Got Talent, we saw the wildcard acts, and tonight we will find out which of these talented acts would be moving on. Read on to find out if your favorite was one of them!

America’s Got Talent kicked off the live results show tonight with a disagreement between Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel over which acts belonged there last night – no shock there. Then, Nick Cannon called the first 3 acts up to the stage: Shevonne, West Springfield Dance Team and Yellow Designs Stunt Team. Since they were all Sharon Osbourne’s choices, Nick asked Sharon who would be moving on, and she could not answer. Sharon claimed that all three of the acts deserved it, but Nick Cannon announced that the act moving on would be West Springfield Dance Team!

Next up was a performance by Les Miserables and then on to more results. Up next were Avery And The Calico Hearts, Those Funny Little People, The Kinetic King, and Charles Peachock to find out their fate. After a quick review of their performances last night, Nick Cannon went to Piers to find out his thoughts. Piers said he liked Avery and the Calico Hearts, and he liked Charles, although he did mess up last night. Then he moved on to Those Funny Little People, telling them he would fly back home to Britain and never return if America voted for them.

Piers then compared the Kinetic King to Rocky Balboa, saying he was the Rocky of America’s Got Talent. Nick Cannon then announced that the next act moving on was The Kinetic King! After the announcement, Piers Morgan headed on to the stage to give a bow to The Kinetic King – but, was it due to his talent or the fact that he just knocked off Those Funny Little People?

Next, it was a battle of the magicians as Nick called both Landon Swank and Seth Grable up to the stage. When asked, Howie Mandel said that both of them were great and he could not choose which one deserved to go on. Luckily, America chose for him. Nick Cannon then revealed that Landon Swank would be moving on to the next round! Of course, this left Piers Morgan gloating that his magician was chosen and not Howie’s.

After a break, we got to see a performance by Colbie Caillat of “Brighter Than The Sun,” her new single. Up next on the stage were J Chris Newburg, Summerwind Skippers and The Fiddleheads, and America voted to send J Chris Newburg home, leaving Summerwind Skippers and The Fiddleheads’ fate in the judges hands. After thinking it over, Piers Morgan chose Summerwind Skippers, while Howie chose The Fiddleheads. With Sharon’s vote being the most important at this point, Sharon revealed that she chose Summerwind Skippers to move on!

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