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Love In The Wild Recap: The Winning Couple Is…

August 17, 2011 09:15 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s been a season of couple’s fighting and finding love on NBC’s show Love In The Wild.  Which of the final two couple’s will win the ultimate prize of travelling around the world together? Keep reading to find out which couple reigns king and queen of the jungle. 

Only two couples remain, Mike and Samantha and Miles and Heather.  It will be a race to the finish line since both couples are determined to win the trip of a lifetime.   

The Final Challenge:

It’s a grueling two day challenge for the couples.  Each couple is given a map and a canoe for the first part of the race.  The couple’s must follow the instructions on the map until they reach the day’s finish line.  

The race begins with a swim to a canoe and it doesn’t look good for Miles and Heather, since Miles doesn’t swim well.  Mike and Samantha reach their canoe quickly, while Miles is left flailing in the water.  Mike and Samantha have a great head start on this race.  Exhausted, Miles finally reaches Heather who is waiting in the canoe.  Because Samantha is not good at paddling the canoe, Miles and Heather are able to catch up. 

Both couples ditch the canoes and grab backpacks.  It’s now a hike up a big hill to assemble an ox cart, yes an ox cart.  The teams are neck and neck at this point in the race.  It’s a smelly ox ride for Mike and Samantha as their ox continues to poop for their entire trek.  Both couples reach the ox drop off race at the same time and now it is a foot race.  Mike grabs Samantha’s bag (insert awww) so Miles does the same for Heather.  In a very close race, Mike and Samantha make it the day one finish line first and seal it with a kiss! 

It’s now time to set up camp for the night! Camping is not Mike’s forte and he struggles trying to put up the tent.  Heather takes the lead setting up the tent for her and Miles.  Now Mike can’t seem to get a fire lit so they can’t cook their food.  Samantha is not happy with her man’s camping skills!  Mike refuses to give up on building the fire and he finally succeeds.

Day 2:   

The couples wake up to a rainy day in the jungle.  With only a 26 second lead, Mike and Samantha are off first.  Because of the rain the hike is muddy and it isn’t easy to navigate the steep hill.  Heather is encouraging Miles with, “go until you puke.” Hmmm- wouldn’t encourage me, but whatever works. 

The couples now must paddle out on the lake to reach their second map.   Samantha and Mike are still in the lead, but not by much.  The clue tells the teams to hike back down the mountain and then head to the finish line.  Samantha falls and rolls her ankle, which slows them down.  It’s Samantha and Mike who reach the finish line first.  It’s the perfect ending to their fairy tale romance!  Mike says, “ I get goose bumps when I look at her.”  Samantha cries happy tears as she is just overwhelmed by the whole process. 

Miles and Heather are upset they came in second, but realize they won by finding each other.

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