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Expedition Impossible Recap: A Race To The Finals

August 18, 2011 07:54 PM by Megan Thompson

The five remaining teams tackle the new adventure on ABC’s show Expedition Impossible tonight.  Team No Limits defied the odds last week by beating out the California Girls.  Will Team No Limits battle through their injuries again this week?  Keep reading to find out which teams make the final four. 

The Expedition Begins:

It’s time to go rafting!  Gypsies are the current leaders, so they get to leave on the expedition first. Teams must head to the river pick up a boat and a guide to help them navigate the river. All teams are in their boats and paddling for first place.  The cops get stuck up on a rock letting all the other teams pass them by over twenty minutes. 

The Gypsies are first to arrive at the checkpoint, which is a puzzle.  Teams must figure out a riddle, the answer will allow them to open the lock on the box which will unveil their next clue.   The Gypsies are stumped at the clue, so most of the other teams catch up at this challenge. Finally the Gypsies figure out the word “banks” and their box opens up.  Fab 3 is second to figure out the clue and quickly run and tell the Football Players the answer. The Gypsies also tells No Limits the answer to the puzzle.  There are definitely some alliances forming here, except for team Cops who is left to fend for themselves.

It’s back on the water to paddle down the river.  Then the water turns into a muddy consistency, which probably feels like paddling in cement. After all the teams ditch their boat it’s time to hike up a mountain.  Hiking is not good for Team No Limits, with Ike’s injury. After hiking for several miles Jim, from the Cops, realizes he lost his life jacket.  Jim must now hike back to find the life jacket, making them fall to last place.

The Gypsies maintain their first place lead as they reach a shabby row boat. Fab 3 and Football Players are right behind the Gypsies as they enter the water.  Team No Limits is excited to row, because it will allow Ike to rest his ankle.

The next clue is a two mile trek to the last challenge of the day.  No Limits drops from second place to last place because poor Ike is struggling to keep up on the rough terrain. Teams must now repel to a cave below and enter an extremely small hole to find a matching symbol on a pot. The tricky part is there are several hundred pots the teams must dig through to find the one that matches their clue. Once teams find the correct pot there are directions to the finish line. The Cops and No Limits are the last two teams at this challenge.

No Limits is trying to find the pot first, because they know they can’t beat the Cops in a foot race.  The Cops find the pot first, but fail to pull out instructions to the finish line.

Headed To The Finish Line:

Back to the water, for a swim!  Teams must now swim across the river and then hike up the mountain to reach the finish line. Since the Cops don’t have instructions to the finish line they are following other teams in “hopes they know what they are doing.”  The Cops can’t keep up with the Football Players so they are left to find the finish line blindly. Fab 3 is determined to beat the Gypsies today to the finish line, but they can’t pull it out!  Once again, the Gypsies are the winners of the day’s expedition.  The Gypsies secure their spot in the final race.  Not far behind The Fab 3 finish in second place and The Football Players come in third place.  The Cops are left running around the desert not sure where to go, but then they spot Team No Limits. Both teams are trying to make it to the final four. It’s a run to the finish line between these two teams!  Ike is doing his best to hobble along.  In another nail biter, Ike literally falls on the finish line before the Cops can get there.  Team No Limits is truly shocked they made it through another day. Unfortunately for the Cops, a technical mistake sent them home today.  The Cops leave the desert feeling disappointed, but accomplished. 

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