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Jersey Shore Recap: A Cheating Situation?

August 18, 2011 08:18 PM by Candace Young

Last week on Jersey Shore, The Situation tried to convince Snooki that there was something between them, Deena logged time with crush, Pauly D, and Sammi told Ronnie she still has feelings for him. Keep reading for all of the highlights from this week’s episode of Jersey Shore from Florence, Italy

When this week’s episode of Jersey Shore kicks off, Mike’s DTF chick, Brittany, has just left and he’s exhausted. Ronnie is feeling like he and Snooki are in the same place right now. They decide to head out for a meal together, but have trouble reading the map. Once they sit down, they discuss Ronnie and Sammi. He’s worried about falling back into the same pattern they were in back in New Jersey.

Deena and Sammi are also out and about. Sammi decides that they need to find Deena an Italian man to love her. They score a phone number from a ‘lean cuisine’ waiter.

Ronnie and Snooki have moved on to the gym, where Snooki works out with an older Italian trainer. When he stands behind her while she’s lifting she yells, “Ew! I feel your wiener!” Ronnie laughs out loud.

Back at the house it’s soon time to get ready and head out to the club.  Snooki and Ronnie continue to have fun. Drunk Sammi starts up the usual conversation with Ronnie about missing him.  Deena, meanwhile, is ‘Jersey turnpiking’ her waiter from earlier.

When everyone leaves the club, Pauly D has a girl, Mike has no one, and Deena brings her waiter. Back at the house, Mike interrupts Snooki’s phone conversation with her father to try to hit on her again – she’s having none of it. Meanwhile, Vinny and Pauly are giving Deena and her waiter a hard time in the smush room. She kicks them out and then follows to yell at them. Sammi intervenes and Deena returns to her waiter, who sneaks away once she’s passed out.

Over at the phone, Brittany calls repeatedly for Mike, but can’t get past Pauly and Ronnie who hang up on her. Finally, Ronnie pretends to be Mike and tells her to come over with her twin. They arrive at daybreak and take Mike by surprise as he’s just got up. He seats them in the living room and goes to get dressed. Hilarity ensues when Pauly, Ronnie, Vinny, and JWoww notice them.

Mike takes the twins to Astor for breakfast. Vinny comments that he’s got an agenda – he never takes girls on dates, especially in the daytime.  Ronnie, meanwhile, takes Sam to a rooftop cafe to talk.  He decides to give it another shot when she proclaims herself to be a changed person.

They return to the house and Ronnie confides in Snooki that they’re back together. She says, “Let the games begin!” He insists it will be different. Vinny and Pauly hear the news. Vinny says it’s a set back after months of progress. Pauly is ready to kill himself.

That night at the club, Jersey Shore takes over and they all enjoy themselves just like the old days. Suddenly, the twins appear. Mike pronounces this to be a new level of stalker.  Snooki tries to help Mike get a threesome going with them.  He lays the groundwork and is feeling confident until Deena appears and declares that one of the twins is hers. Deena swaps spit with the girl as everyone looks on kind of stunned.

They all wind up back at the house. Mike puts one twin in his bed and Deena puts the other twin in hers. At the kitchen table, Ronnie tells Sammi and JWoww that Mike told him that Snooki cheated on Jionni with him a couple months back.

When Deena goes to the kitchen to get food, her twin climbs on top of Vinny and they get busy. Deena goes in to reclaim her girl. After a bit, she sends her back to Vinny.  Meanwhile, The Situation is with Snooki talking about the girl in his bed. JWoww pulls Snooki out of there and tells her Mike told everyone that they slept together and that she cheated on Jionni.  Snooki goes ballistic. She tells Mike she doesn’t want to be friends with him anymore – she can’t even look at him right now! They have it out, with Mike insisting she knows he’s not lying.  He threatens to describe exactly what they did.

Ronnie speaks to Snooki and tells her that if it happened, she should own up to it.  Mike and Ronnie then have a confrontation. Ronnie says Mike has snitched on him twice in the past. Mike’s twin comes looking for him and he takes her back to the room. JWoww says Nicole loves Jionni and they should all move on. Snooki cries that Mike is a douchebag – why would he do this to her!

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