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The Glee Project Recap: Season One Finale

August 21, 2011 08:21 PM by Veronica Dudo

On the season one finale of The Glee Project the final four compete for the grand prize–a seven episode guest starring role on FOX’s hit TV show Glee. The stakes are high for Alex Newell, Damian McGinty Jr., Lindsay Pearce, and Samuel Larsen. Keep reading to find out the surprising ending and who will be on Glee!

On tonight’s episode it’s all about “Glee-ality.” Samuel, 19; Lindsay, 20; Alex, 18; and Damian, 18 find out their homework assignment is to sing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Belivin.” The four are ecstatic to finally sing this song since it’s the anthem of Glee. While waiting to see who their guest mentor is this week, the four participants talk about how the song is so meaningful, as none of them have stopped believing in their dreams.

Casting Director, Robert Ulrich comes in to welcome the guest mentor who is Glee creator, Ryan Murphy. The final four are excited and nervous to perform for him. They begin to sing and Ryan abruptly stops them and asks if they have rehearsed any choreography. Samuel, Lindsay, Alex and Damian start to answer him when he opens the door and all of the season’s eliminated contestants come in! Together they all perform the song.

For the music video this week, it’s announced that everyone will be participating in it and the song is Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” It’s now time to go over the choreography for their music video with Zach Woodlee. He’s excited to see everyone back together for one last music video.

In vocals, Nikki Anders introduces her husband Adam Anders, who is Glee’s executive music producer as a special guest mentor for the finale.

After everything has been fine-tuned, the crews head to shoot the “Raise Your Glass” video which takes place on top of a skyscraper in Los Angeles. Once the music video is finished, Robert; Nikki; and Zach meet the final four on stage to find out which songs they have selected to perform for Ryan for their Last-Chance Performances. Lindsay selects “Gimmie Gimmie” from the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie; Damian chooses Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea;” Samuel decides on Jolene by Dolly Parton and Alex picks “I Am Changing” from Dreamgirls. The contestants are also told that their former cast mates and previous guest mentors will be watching their performances.

Ryan and Ian Brennan the co-creator of Glee along with Robert and Zach are ready to critique the final four. Lindsay is up first and sings what Ryan says is her best vocal yet. Damian is next and gives an energetic and charming performance. Samuel sings and plays guitar which impresses the judges. Lastly, Alex comes out in drag for his song and the judges call it brave and amazing.

Ryan asks the Glee stars what they think about the final four. Zach then asks them to exit the room so the judges can deliberate. The judges make their decision and Alex, Lindsay, Samuel and Damian are brought back out. Ryan tells Alex that while he is certain he will have a great career, he is not the winner of The Glee Project. Next, Ryan tells Lindsay that she finally showed in the end what he has wanted from her all season but says she isn’t the winner either. It’s now down between Damian and Samuel. Ryan says that Samuel is the winner–he jumps up and down and is very excited. Ryan addresses Damian, who says he is happy for Samuel then Ryan says that Damian is also the winner! It’s a tie therefore both Damian and Samuel will each have a seven episode guest starring role. The surprises aren’t done just yet. Ryan also announces that Lindsay and Alex will each have a two episode guest starring role on Glee.

Season one of The Glee Project has come to an end and the final four: Damian, Samuel, Lindsay and Alex have all seen their dreams come true as they all will be on Glee!

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One Response to “The Glee Project Recap: Season One Finale”

  1. SpeckyGit Says:
    August 21st, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    perfect ending very happy for all of them…

    Damian was beyong charming and is quite deserving, but to comment on something easily overlooked in the hooplaa. Samuel appealed to Murphy’s intelligence with his song choice.

    Murphy is smarter than any ten other people we could name. The meaning of Sam’s song wasn’t lost on him – and I don’t think it was lost on Criss or Dot Marie Jones. They and the other onlookers were holding their breaths at his audacity.

    Samuel dared Murphy to pick him.

    Tough kid.


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