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Damian McGinty Jr. Talks About His Win On The Glee Project And What His Role Might Be On Glee

August 22, 2011 06:22 PM by Veronica Dudo

On the season one finale of Oxygen’s hit reality TV competition, The Glee Project, fans were shocked when Glee creator Ryan Murphy ultimately selected two winners! The final four competed for the grand prize–a seven episode guest starring role on FOX’s hit TV show Glee. Keep reading to find out what type of character winner Damian  McGinty Jr. might play on Glee!

Last night, both Damian and Samuel Larsen won the competition and will each be in a seven episode arc. Ryan also surprised the rest of the final four–Alex Newell and Lindsay Pearce–explaining that they will each appear on a two episode arc. 

In the moment you were standing on the stage waiting for the winner to be announced, what name did you think would be called?
To be honest, I think all three are more than worthy but I thought it was between Lindsay and Samuel but I thought it would be Lindsay.

How shocked were you when heard Samuel had won and then Ryan told you that you also won?
It’s really hard to explain but it was a huge shock to the system. Standing there with Samuel and when Ryan announces that Samuel has won The Glee Project it’s a real sinking feeling thinking that you’ve gotten so far yet you’re still a million miles away but then when Ryan had told me that I had also won it was just like you forget how to function–you lose all sense of reality and you forget where you are and it’s just the craziest feeling and the best. It was just a phenomenal moment in my life.

Who are you most excited to meet from Glee?
I have to admit I’m very excited to meet Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch–they’re really experienced professionals. Knowing that we’re all going to be working with them pretty soon is a real pinch-me-moment.

How did the return of the former contestants affect your performance in the finale?
At the beginning of the week, the four of us were talking and the four of us have come so close and we were talking and we felt that a little bit of jealously from a few of the contestants but as the week went on we kind of realized that this was the biggest week of our lives and then they quite quickly rallied behind us and gave us a lot of support and then walking out on the stage for the finale I think we all agree that it was really flattering seeing the cast of Glee and the rest of the contestants cheering you on.

Do you have any idea the type of character you will be portraying on Glee?
We don’t really have any idea of what character we’re going to be playing. What we picked up was always on the show and Ryan said to me that he sees me going into the school as an Irish exchange student who starts off very lonely, very vulnerable but ends up kind of growing and I suppose it’s a little bit like how it was in The Glee Project growing and becoming a kind of leader of the Glee club so it’s very interesting to know what Ryan is planning out for you in his head on the biggest show in the world. It’s really crazy, but crazy in a good way and I think we just can’t wait to get started. Right now it’s a waiting game and we’re waiting for an email to come through to say you begin work on such and such.

If you could pick your love interest on Glee who would you pick and why?
I have come to realize earlier that was quite upsetting that is they bring me in as a freshman which is what they’ve talked about then me being with Rachael and Quinn is kind of weird; it’s incredibly upsetting because I was really looking forward to that but the only one that would probably work would be Brittany I suppose which has been talked about so maybe that might happen.

After watching the episode of The Glee Project, is there anything that you would like to improve about yourself?
Being quite a big performer, I didn’t really realize that that didn’t work on TV until we did “Firework” and then from there I always had to strip down the performer I had learned the last four years and build up a new one and saving my rear every week so I definitely feel there are still a few things I need to work on.

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