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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Two Ladies Hit The Road Tonight

August 22, 2011 07:49 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen,we watched as Gordon Ramsay shockingly sent Jaime home over Carrie or Elise. Tonight, in an all new two hour back to back episode, the drama is downsized as two, yes two, of the ladies are told to take off their jackets. But…are they the two ladies you had been hoping to see go home? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

Hell’s Kitchen kicked off tonight with the ever popular blind taste test challenge. I love this challenge because all of the chefs go into thinking they are going to rock it, only to wind up looking dumb when they can’t get any of the foods correct. Despite all of their best efforts, very little correct answers were given, but Elise, for a change, put her money where mouth was and answered 3 out of 4 correctly, giving the red team the win. For winning the challenge, the girls were treated to a horseback ride and lunch in which they indulged on a little too much wine.

Meanwhile, the blue team was left behind taking a grape delivery and peeling all the grapes – a very grueling challenge to say the least. As the ladies were drinking it up, you know they could not go without a little drama as Carrie had way too much to drink and Elise honed in on her. But by the time they made it back to the dorm, Elise was a bit buzzed herself. Exhausted, the blue tea, headed to bed to rest for their dinner service the next day, while the red team spent the night fighting. You really don’t need me to tell you who was fighting, do you? Of course, it was Carrie and Elise going at it and while Natalie enjoyed the humor, Jennifer was about to strangle them both.

The next day brought a different type of dinner service for “steak night” as Gordon Ramsay announced that they would have two services, since they were double booked. One team would take orders for one service while the other cooked and then they would switch for the next service. The red team decided that they would be serving first and cooking second, since they won the challenge it was their call. While Carrie flirted with the diners, Elise really struggled to get the orders straight. Meanwhile, Tommy was struggling to get it together and get his appetizers out, which held up the entire kitchen.

When it was time to switch, it was Tommy who had an issue with the tickets and Gordon Ramsay became increasingly frustrated with him over his hand writing skills. The red team got off to a good start on service, but slowing went down hill as Carrie started to burn her garnish. After too many errors and bad food, Gordon told the girls to shut it down as they were out of time, leaving diners still hungry! After service, Gordon announced that neither team had won, and he asked that they each nominate one person for elimination.

When it was time for elimination, the red team had chosen to nominate Carrie, while the blue team chose Tommy, and both were obvious from their poor services. After pleading for their lives, Gordon Ramsay decided that it was finally time to cut Carrie! I thought for sure he would be letting Tommy go, but he chose Carrie, which left the red team breathing a sigh of relief (and Elise doing a happy dance in her head). Finally, half of the drama was gone for the red team, but would Elise be next?

In the second half of our double header, Gordon Ramsay decided to send the remaining seven contestants to NYC, to taste some ethnic cuisine and take a look around at BLT Steak. In reality, Gordon was also trying to inspire the chefs and light that fire within them. When they returned from their trip, Gordon Ramsay had set up a slot machine in which they would each gamble to find out what five ingredients they would be cooking with for their next challenge.

After each chef got an ingredient list, they would also be getting a style of cuisine in which they would have to make a dish from using their five ingredients. In something different, Gordon Ramsay decided to put out a “throne” for the chefs to sit on if they impressed him with their dish. Each time one was tasted, that dish would have to beat the one created by the contestant on the throne. Most of the chefs did a good job and got a chance to sit on the throne, but it came down to Will and Jennifer – anyone else think it may be these two in the finale?

Jennifer impressed Gordon just slightly more than Will did, which earned the red team another challenge win. For winning, they got to go to the beach and roll around in a huge, inflatable ball all day, while the blue team prepped both kitchens for service. When they came back in to start service, we watched as Tommy told Elise that he did not score the wellington pastries, so she would need to do them herself – easy enough, right?

Apparently not for Elise as her scores were horrible and caused the pastry to fall apart when it was cooking. When Gordon Ramsay caught wind of it and asked Elise, she had the nerve to blame Tommy for it, but Gordon saw right through her. In the blue kitchen, Tommy was on his game this time, but it was Natalie who was having a hard time as her fish kept getting sent back for being over cooked…and we are not talking one or two here, there were at least six that were sent back.

Just when we thought the red kitchen was moving along nicely, Elise was struggling to cook her meat to the proper temperature, while Elizabeth just kept zoning out. Gordon asked Elizabeth to take a breather and come back, but that did not help. Annoyed with both Elise and Elizabeth, Gordon kicked them both out of the kitchen tonight and he finished up service with Jennifer. Gordon then announced that once again, neither team won and they each needed to nominate someone for elimination.

At elimination, it was both Elise and Natalie who were nominated, and just when we thought that this may be the end of the road for Elise, Gordon surprised us once again and asked Natalie for her jacket back. Guess we couldn’t be that lucky to see the two drama queens leave on the same night, huh? This means that next week we are back to even teams, with three chefs remaining on each as they hunt for the black jackets finally!

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3 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Two Ladies Hit The Road Tonight”

  1. seashell Says:
    August 23rd, 2011 at 8:32 am

    I am disappointed with this Season’s Show and Gordon looks disappointed as well… At one point last nite , I thought not only was he gonna shut the kitchen down.. but shut the whole show down. No one this season has the caliber in skill, attitude and maturity as past seasons. They all seem to want to compete with Gordon for the F… word. As to Elise.. why the heck is she not sent packing… she is an egotistical disturbance who is a liar as well as falsely believing that she could run a kitchen staff. Mutiny on the Bounty… comes to mind. In any event, I am embarassed by the contestants … who picked them ???

  2. Billy Willy Fo-Philly Says:
    August 23rd, 2011 at 9:16 am

    I almost spit out my pear sauce when I say him send Chino home. He was so good, and so chinese. Who agrees with me?

  3. Kkachi Says:
    August 27th, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    That’s fine Billy, but Chino is Korean. Don’t let the name fool you. He was born in Seoul and came to the US as a kid.


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