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Samuel Larsen Opens Up About The Glee Project And His Future

August 22, 2011 07:36 PM by Veronica Dudo

During the shocking season one finale, The Glee Project crowned two winners! Glee creator Ryan Murphy selected Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty Jr. as the winners who will each have a seven episode guest starring role on the FOX hit TV show. Keep reading to find out how Samuel kept the secret about who won and what his role might be on Glee.

The season finale was intense as Ryan first told Alex that while he is certain he will have a great career he is not the winner of The Glee Project. Next, he told Lindsay that she finally showed in the end what he has wanted from her all season but said she wasn’t the winner either. Then, he told Samuel he was the winner and he jumped up and down and was very excited. Shortly after, Ryan addressed Damian who said he was happy for Samuel then Ryan said that Damian is also the winner! It was a tie therefore both Damian and Samuel will each have a seven episode guest starring role. Ryan also surprised the rest of the final four–Alex Newell and Lindsay Pearce–will each appear on a two episode arc.

In the moment you were standing on the stage waiting for the winner to be announced, what name did you think would be called?
I thought it was going to go to Alex.

How hard has it been to keep the results a secret?
Nearly impossible, it sucks but I think when you have that kind of a lawsuit that could potentially be against you if you say anything it gets through.

Who are you most excited to meet from Glee?
Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch.

Do you have any idea the type of character you will be portraying on Glee?
All we really have to base, like what our character might be like is whatever Ryan spitballs at us when we would sing for him. I know for me personally, he’s considering me being the Indie-rocker guy that you don’t expect to be Christian but is which is really, really cool and I hope he follows through with that but at the end of the day they’re incredible writers and they’ve created the best show ever so it’s just whatever they want.

If you could pick your love interest on Glee who would you pick and why?
Just based on what Ryan has already spit-balled to me about my character, I think with the story line it would just make sense that I would end up with Quinn because she’s like the church girl that was really obsessed with that in the beginning of season one so I like the idea of that.

After watching the episodes of The Glee Project, is there anything that you would like to improve about yourself?
I think the biggest piece of advice that I kept getting was to just get out of my own head because I do tend to think too much, I mean that’s because I care a lot but I think you do have to learn how to be carefree. I think you do your best when you’re not thinking–that’s something I’d like to work on.

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