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America’s Got Talent Recap: Semi-Final Performances Begin

August 23, 2011 07:58 PM by Candace Young

Tonight the semi-final rounds begin on America’s Got Talent and every act is expected to bump it up a notch. Judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Piers Morgan are ready for the battle to begin. Now it’s serious! Keep reading for all of the highlights from tonight’s semi-final performances…

Host Nick Cannon kicks off the show saying the 12 acts performing tonight will have to be sensational – only five can go through.

Acrobatic group Zuma Zuma are up first. They are performing in honor of their former teammate who broke his neck and died while doing a trick. They continue with a tribal theme and limbo beneath a flaming stick before carrying on with mind-blowing acrobatics, including one of the guys enfolding himself around another’s midsection! Piers asks for the bendy guy before telling them the performance was all he was looking for in the semi-finals. Sharon enjoyed it, but didn’t think it was as good as their last performance. Howie agrees with Sharon – it seemed a bit slower – however, he thinks they’re amazing. Nick points out after that they were on chairs stacked on drinking glasses – maybe the judges don’t appreciate the danger!

Solo dancer, Beth Ann Robinson, takes the stage next. She has a three large mirrors as props and wears a simple mauve lyrical costume. It’s a great little dance routine, but seems like a recital as opposed to a Vegas act. Sharon notes that her performance was flawless, but she’s got a lot of tough competition. Howie thought it was beautiful and mesmerizing , but questions how America will feel it stacks up against the other acts. Piers says America should be proud of her talent and he doesn’t think they’ve had many technically better dancers than her.

Sandou Trio Russian Bar are next. Sharon has no idea what they can do to top their last performance.  They will not be doing the bar act again, saying everyone’s seen it. The act gets underway with the girl and one guy singing and playing piano while suspended from the ceiling. Another guy spins on a ribbon.  Piers buzzes. The piano flips upside down which is exciting for a split second, but the singing isn’t very good and it just doesn’t seem up to par.  Howie asks if they were going for comedy, and then says they didn’t make a good choice.  Piers calls it the biggest suicide mission they’ve ever had on the show. He says they put them through because they were incredible on the Russian bar.  Sharon says it was disappointing and comments on the girl’s mediocre voice.

Kevin Colis, the singer from the YouTube round is ready to perform. His song tonight is dedicated to his fiancee. Kevin comes out in a suit, strumming a guitar, and sings Rhythm of Love. It doesn’t sound too great. Piers hits the buzzer partway through.  Piers asks if he was nervous, noting that he missed a lot of notes early on. He says at this stage they have to be brutally honest, and it wasn’t good enough.  Sharon tells Kevin the performance reminded her of The Wiggles – very nice, but forgettable.  Howie doesn’t think he’s up to par with the rest of the people, and it wasn’t his strongest performance.

Matt Wilhelm, the YouTube black-light trick cyclist will try to improve upon his last impressive performance tonight. He says he’s on the ride of his life and is going to ride until the wheels fall off. With the help of two neon assistants, Matt tells a story of being bullied with his bike. He falls off at one point, but it’s still exciting.  Sharon thought the presentation was great, but is sad that he made a mistake and fell. Howie is a huge fan, but warns it wasn’t the time to make a mistake – he hopes America forgives him for it. Piers doesn’t think the mistake was a huge deal, but thinks the act is getting repetitive after now seeing it three times. Nick tells Matt he was kicking some glow-in-the-dark behind up there.

Poplyfe, who have changed things up every time they have performed previously have come to the semi-finals. They will be doing a ‘high-risk’ song – Come Together by The Beatles.  The kids give the tune a sexy, sultry, groovy treatment – does it ever work! Nick shouts, “Wow!” Howie says they stepped it up, they’re stars, they’re a headlining act! Piers admits he was worried about their song choice, but now realizes they just watched what is going to be a huge band in this country! Sharon loved the song choice – they get better and better – she may be looking at the winner here!

West Springfield Dance Team are now back with their twisted take on hip-hop.  Sharon says it’s imperative for them to show something different tonight.  As the word ‘biohazard’ flashes behind them, the zombie-esque dancers kick off their routine to Crazy Train by Sharon’s hubby, Ozzy Osbourne, and then progresses through some other intense music.  It’s great!  Piers says it was better than their other two performances. Sharon says they pulled it off again – their choreographers are brilliant! Howie agrees with the other two, saying he enjoys their signature moves.

Melissa Villasenor is up next. Piers thinks the comedienne has a lot to prove tonight.  Melissa comes out and launches into an impression of Sarah Silverman, followed by Wanda Sykes.  She then sings like Shakira, and Christina Aguilera.  Sharon says she did well tonight because she made Piers laugh. Howie thinks she deserves to be there. Piers compliments her time management and agrees that she’s a talented person.

The amazing Team iLuminate is hoping the audience will have a lot of fun with their performance tonight, noting that they’re using some new technology. Two illuminated fighters go three rounds in a simulated video game, and that’s followed by some dancing. It’s spectacular! They get a standing ovation. Howie says he just watched a million dollars! Piers says it comes with a different, exciting theme each time – he’s confident America will be voting for them. Sharon crows that they should have been famous already. She says they’re a one hundred million dollar act and will own Vegas in a couple of years!

Daniel Joseph Baker will take the stage next. Piers is hoping to see a winning performance. Daniel claims he’s not a one-trick pony, he’s an entire zoo. Daniel plays a white piano in a flamboyant outfit. His vocals are excellent as he performs Turn the Tables. Piers says he was more serious this time around – it was a good risk and the gamble paid off. Sharon tells him, “Mrs. O loves you so much!”  Howie calls Daniel a star, saying he could even win this thing.

Sexy and fun, Miami All-Stars, take the stage next. They are well aware that they are only here because of the judges and plan to bring something new tonight.  They have a big Broadway-style marquee as a back-drop and do a mix of jive, swing and hip-hop set to jazz music.  It’s big and entertaining! The standing ovation even includes Piers!  Sharon thought she was watching a movie – it was perfection! Howie says they are his favorite dancers along with Team iLuminate – he wants them both to go through. Piers announces they are his favorite of the night which brings loud cheering and excitement.

Lys Agnes, who was put on complete rest by a doctor, is set to perform her opera singing in tonight’s last America’s Got Talent performance.  She has a haunting set, and sounds extremely impressive. Sharon says she took her breath away. Piers says she finally did something that moved him and showed her full range. He calls it a Tour de Force. Howie has no words for the beauty of her looks and sound, and asks, “Do you know what I want to do to you?” Nick warns him he’ll get in the Enquirer unless he stops.

Demi Lovato and Prince Poppycock will perform on tomorrow night’s results show!

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3 Responses to “America’s Got Talent Recap: Semi-Final Performances Begin”

  1. Robert Kelley Says:
    August 24th, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    Beth Ann Robison, Lys Agnes, Daniel Joseph Baker, Poplyfe, And The Miami All Stars. these are my pick to go on to the Finals tonight.

  2. Bill Says:
    August 24th, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    Daniel Joseph Baker was robbed!

  3. Wayne Says:
    August 24th, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    Piers showed his homophobia again but Howie Mandel – you disappoint me. Daniel Joseph Baker is a star and could go on a Vegas show right now. West Springfield are not even very good dancers. Watch their moves, man.


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