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Who Does Chris Harrison Blame For The Demise Of Jake Pavelka?

August 23, 2011 01:21 PM by Kristin Watson

Everyone watched as ABC cut to black as soon as Chris Harrison announced Jake Pavelka’s fate on Bachelor Pad 2 Monday night. Read on to see who Chris Harrison is blaming for the demise of Jake Pavelka…

Jake Pavelka’s plan to turn the whole Bachelor Pad 2 house against power couple, Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl, backfired on Monday night, leaving Pavelka with a lonely limo ride home.

For those of you thinking the quick cut to black at the end of Monday’s episode meant there might be twist and Jake really wasn’t eliminated, think again.

Jake Pavelka is gone and ABC host, Chris Harrison, says there’s only one person at fault — Jake.

Chris Harrison said on his EW blog, ”He really only has himself to blame. That very first week if he hadn’t given Vienna the rose, things would have been much different.”

Chris Harrison does agree with one strategy Jake Pavelka entered the game playing: “I think Jake hit the nail on the head when he said if you don’t vote against the power couples, you’re ‘not playin’ the game, you’re just ‘playin stupid,’” Harrison wrote.

Do you agree with Chris Harrison and Jake Pavelka? Would it had been better to split up Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi? Do you think it’s last we’ll hear of the former Bachelor star?

Sound off in our comments section and tell us who you think is the strongest team in the Bachelor Pad 2 house.

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