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Big Brother 13 Recap: Double Eviction Night

August 25, 2011 08:05 PM by Ryan Haidet

Big Brother 13 went into hyperdrive tonight as two people were evicted from the house.  But before experiencing an entire week of the game in one night, Daniele was fighting to spare herself from elimination.  Could she pull enough votes to keep her in the game over Kalia?  Who else was evicted from tonight’s super-packed episode?  Read on to find out!

Daniele’s Fight

Not giving up without a fight after Jeff used the Power of Veto to put her on the chopping block, Daniele started her strategy with Shelly.  She repeatedly pounded in the fact that if Jeff and Jordan make it to the final three that nobody else stood a chance.  Surprisingly, it worked on Shelly.  She finally realized that following Jeff and Jordan wouldn’t do her any good at the end of the game.  But could they convince Adam to vote with them?

Shelly tried to explain how dangerous Jeff and Jordan will be at the end of the game.  Although Adam thought she was making sense, he was concerned about aligning with Daniele.  He was afraid she wasn’t trustworthy.

When Shelly realized that getting Adam to flip was hopeless, she went to Rachel.  Yes…  Rachel!  The first thing Shelly told her was that Jeff purposely lost the cornhole PoV competition so Adam could win.  That move eventually resulted in Brendon getting bounced from the house.  Rachel was surprised to hear that Jeff would do that, so she went to chat with Daniele to see if it was all true.  Then, believe it or not, Rachel said she would consider aligning with Daniele’s side.  Wow.  Daniele was very excited that she had a shot at staying in the house by getting “a glimmer of hope in red extensions and furry boots.  “I will do anything to stay — even if that means making a deal with the devil.”

First Live Eviction

Immediately before the first live eviction, host Julie Chen said the house erupted earlier when Jeff realized that Shelly was flipping sides.  But since there probably wasn’t enough time to edit that fight into tonight’s episode, we didn’t get to see any of it.

Next, Daniele and Kalia each had a moment to ask for support before the live vote.  Daniele went first and started out by thanking everybody at CBS for getting her back on the show.  Then she went into a spiel about how some people in the house are playing without their own brains.  Instead, those players — meaning Adam — are simply helping write the winning check for Jeff and Jordan.  She’s right.  Adam, if you keep following them around, you’re never going to get anywhere on your own.  For being such a big fan, it’s disappointing to see you play so weak.

Since Daniele’s speech went long (almost like she knew it would be her last), Kalia only had a few seconds.  She simply asked everybody to keep her in the game.  When the votes were made one by one in the Diary Room, Jordan, Rachel and Adam voted to evict Daniele, which was enough to get her out of the house.

As she grabbed her bag and said her goodbyes, Daniele exchanged hugs with everybody except for Jeff, Jordan and Rachel — but none of them approached her with a loving farewell either.  Get over yourselves, folks.  It’s a game.  During her exit interview, Daniele simply said that Adam is the worst player to ever compete in the Big Brother house.

New Head of Household

The live Head of Household competition involved questions regarding events in the house.  After just three questions, we were down to two contestants left in the competition — Kalia and Jordan.  With the next question, Kalia claimed victory and became HoH for the second time this summer.

When we returned from commercial, Kalia chose to nominate Rachel and Jeff for eviction.

Clowning Around For Power of Veto

The live Power of Veto competition was pretty goofy.  The contestants who were selected to compete (all but Jordan) had to run to the other side of the backyard and jump in a ball pit.  Buried within the colored balls were two yellow clown shoes.  The first person to find the shoes and bring them back to the starting point one at a time would win the PoV.  Jeff could have easily won this challenge had he noticed he tossed one of the yellow shoes out of his pit onto the ground as he was furiously tossing the balls aside.  But he didn’t see it at all and Porsche won the PoV.

Another Live Eviction

Porsche obviously didn’t use the PoV, which left Jeff and Rachel on the chopping block.  Right before the live vote, Rachel said she respected everybody in the house and hoped they would make their decision based on their best strategic move.  Then Jeff stood and told them all the vote was easy.  He looked at Adam and basically said, “You’re my boy.”  Then he looked at Shelly and asked her to push their fight this morning under the rug.  He kept asking her to respect both himself and Jordan for all they had done with her in the game so far.

When it came time for the live voting, it was interesting.  Jordan entered the Diary Room first with tears in her eyes as she voted to evict Rachel.  Porsche walked in next and happily cast a vocal ballot for Jeff.  When Adam went next, he paused for a few seconds before announcing a vote for Rachel.  Lastly, Shelly entered the Diary Room and cried as she voted to evict Jeff.

Yup, it came down to a tie.  That forced Kalia, the HoH, to break it.  She rose to her feet and voted to evict Jeff.  He walked out of the house after giving Jordan a kiss, clearly fired up.

In his exit interview, Jeff said nobody in the house has a “sack.”  Apparently that was to suggest nobody was brave enough to make big moves.  Angry about being evicted, Jeff then made a remark that several people in the house have been getting by without doing anything this summer — until now.  Screeeeech!  Back up!  Jeff, you made the decision to cut Daniele loose even though she promised to keep you safe.  She was a true player, not a floater.  But your decision to backdoor her kept the floaters alive and then they slit your throat.  If you were so against floaters, why were you aligned with Adam?  As Homer Simpson would say, “D’oh!”

The episode then closed out with Jordan and Rachel crying on the couch.  Wow, what a night!  Next week should be interesting!

What do you think of tonight’s episode?  Are you happy Daniele and Jeff were evicted?  Who do you hope wins the next HoH?  Sound off and leave us a comment below!

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4 Responses to “Big Brother 13 Recap: Double Eviction Night”

  1. chad Says:
    August 26th, 2011 at 1:27 am

    #1) Whoever writes these articles, people want to just get the updates, not your 2 cents…so just pipe down.
    #2) This season had a good ride, but with the 2 most exciting contestants now gone, there is no reason to watch now besides the season finale. Did anyone watch the After Dark session tonight??? I’d rather pull my teeth out one-by-one with a wrench than watch these boring “sacks”. Whoever is in charge of casting selections should be fired for not seeing this potential 5 week disaster while planning out the season. These next 5 weeks could put Big Brother out of business.

  2. Tony Fuoco Says:
    August 26th, 2011 at 7:01 am

    I had written in the past that the episodes were getting boring. Well, no more boring. Jeff got what he deserved. I am very sorry to see Danie go. I beleive she worked very hard. Who would of thought the the remaining people are the ones to go after the 1/2 million dollars. This happened because Jeff realy screwed up, and fate tool over.

  3. Patti Says:
    August 26th, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    All I can say is BB better do a pandoras box or something to keep their viewers. This is the 1st season that everyone I know and chat with are not going to continue watching! Seriously, the ones that are left are just too boring. I personally will just read Jokers updates until Rachael and Jordon are gone! Then I’m done with BB for good! I can’t see how they can save the show!

  4. scott Says:
    August 27th, 2011 at 1:21 am

    good job shelly taking over the house as the biggest backstabber, liar, and villian in the house, passing up rachael and danielle. i was hoping you would win this if jeff and jordan didn’t, but after what you did to them i totally hope you get evicted next. jordan gives up her phone call to you so you could hear from your husband and daughter and this is how you repay her. very classy


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