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Jersey Shore Recap: Big Hats and Boobs Out!

August 25, 2011 08:25 PM by Candace Young

Last week on Jersey Shore, Snooki flipped out after The Situation said he slept with her and she cheated on boyfriend, Jionni. Also, Deena shocked everyone by kissing a girl who couldn’t decide between her and Vinnie. Who thinks Sammi and Ronnie can go another episode without fighting? Keep reading after the jump for all the highlights from this episode of Jersey Shore

It’s the middle of the night in Florence. Mike ushers his twin out of bed and she leaves. In the morning, Vinnie joins Ronnie in the kitchen and tells him about his unwanted ‘tag-team’ with Deena and the other twin. Ronnie sneaks off to the living room to spread the word to Snooki and Sammi who are suitably grossed out.

The guys head out to eat and the topic of the day is Michael and Snooki’s alleged hook-up a couple of months ago. Mike insists that sometimes the truth hurts.

The girls are on the same subject across town. Snooki vows she won’t lose Jionni and bad mouths Mike for trying to ruin her relationship. Deena’s lesbian moment is brought up by JWoww. Deena shrugs it off.  Shopping ensues.

When they get home, the guys tease Deena in the kitchen about the night before. She sticks her chin out and tells them it was a good time. Meanwhile, Snooki steels herself and calls Jionni to do damage control. She tells him Mike is claiming they slept together back in December. He asks if she has anything to hide. She says no. Jionni tells her he loves her, misses her, and will be there in three weeks.

The girls decide to dress up with big hats and boobs out for Sunday dinner. It’s a tense table situation to say the least given the drama currently going on in the house.  Deena addresses the issue of being bi-curious, assuring everyone that it showed her she loves men. Mike confronts her about doing a robbery on Vinnie by taking the girl from his bed. Deena shouts that Mike is no one to judge – he’s done it to Vinnie tons of times!

After dinner, Pauly and Vinnie prank Deena by taking her bed out of the room. She cries and Jenni reads the riot act to the guys.  Sammi comforts Deena while Jenni appeals to the guys to let her know it was a joke. Pauly throws up his hands – the mattress is three feet from the door! Jenni brings Deena to talk. Pauly tells Deena she was never this emotional before – she’s changed. Deena admits she isn’t behaving like herself – she feels alone there, and keeps drinking and doing stupid things. She winds up apologizing to Vinnie and it all smooths out.

The next morning comes early. Pauly, Deena, and Snooki head out to work. But first, they have to find it. Deena figures it out and Snooki thanks God for her – otherwise they’d be in Rome by now.  The language barrier presents immediate problems. Pauly stands outside and passes out flyers to girls, before resorting to a bullhorn; “Oh yeah! Pizza yeah!” Snooki and Deena hate the job and amuse themselves by getting in the pizza bag together (think sack race) and chugging wine in the bathroom.  The boss has no sense of humor whatsoever and pours out the remainder of the wine, prompting Snooki to cry alcohol abuse.

Back at the house, Jenni is confronting Ronnie about his numerous phone calls to her friend, Hannah. It doesn’t go over well. They go out shopping and Jenni tells Ronnie she just doesn’t want to be blindsided – she needs to know that he knows what he’s doing. Ronnie brings Sammi back a gift and they hug.

That evening, Jenni and Snooki go out for dinner together and discuss how Snooki could get a mold make of Jionni’s penis. Jenni shares her concerns about Ronnie and Hannah.

Sammi and Ronnie go out for a romantic dinner. They pat themselves on the back for having no part of the current drama in the house.

They all head out to the club later and Vinnie has trouble communicating with a girl in Italian, except she’s speaking English! After Ronnie dances too close to a girl, Sammi causes a confrontation with him. He tells her it’s not going to work out because she still doesn’t trust him, and returns to the house.

Pauly and Mike return with girls they’ve picked up. Sammi totters back in, and Vinnie taunts Ronnie about the pair of them fighting already. When Sammi goes into Ronnie’s room he tells her to leave.  When Pauly’s girl won’t go to bed with him, he sends her on her way – she takes Mike’s girl with her. Mike calls ‘Back Up Brittany’ to come over for an hour.

While Mike’s waiting, he stops in to remind Ronnie and Sammi that they love each other.  When he leaves, Sammi tells Ronnie that she doesn’t care what Mike says – he told her that Ronnie had five girls on the way to the house before. Ronnie goes nuts.

Ronnie finds Mike and flips him off the sofa, Pauly looks out when he hears the shouting, and Sammi joins Ronnie and Mike. Ronnie demands that she tell Mike what she told him. Sammi reminds Mike of when he told her Ronnie planned to bring five girls back to the house. Mike denies it. Sammi whines, “Why would I make it up?”  Mike strides out of the room yelling that he doesn’t get involved in their relationship. Soon a bed frame is flying around the room and everyone else is coming out to see what’s happening.

Scenes for next week show The Situation in a rage, with spittle flying from his mouth, and urging Ronnie, “You wanna’ hit me? Let’s do it!” A serious fight ensues, with Ronnie launching Mike onto the bed frame, and Mike being hauled off in an ambulance. A shaken Jenni says it’s not funny anymore. Sammi cries about how she messed up. Jenni begs her for the sake of the house to give her a minute alone with Ronnie.

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