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Bachelor Pad 2 Recap: Slippery Slope!

August 29, 2011 07:07 PM by Candace Young

Last week on Bachelor Pad 2, Kasey Kahl prevailed in a tight vote that sent his nemesis, Jake Pavelka home. We didn’t see what happened after Kasey’s name was called, so keep reading to find out what Jake had to say, and for all of the highlights from episode four tonight…

Tonight’s episode of Bachelor Pad 2 picks up with Kasey getting the final rose.  Vienna tears up and makes a show of thanking everybody. Jake tells everyone that they had a chance to do something special, but it didn’t happen. He advises them to take out the power couples. He tells Kasey it was amazing meeting him, and tells Vienna, “My apologies,” and says he’s forgiven her. Kasey scoffs at Jake saying they sent the wrong guy home. In the limo, Jake says he’s prepared to move on with his life, and laughs that he’s glad to be out of that crazy house.

Vienna and Kasey are feeling on top of the world, but many of the remaining competitors are over them acting over confident.

Chris Harrison calls everyone together the next morning and says it’s time for the second annual Bachelor Pad kissing contest. Kasey and Vienna start whining immediately. Kasey is certain Vienna will kill him if he takes part. Michelle Money decides to opt out because she has a young daughter and it doesn’t feel right.

The guys are lined up first. William and Michael joke about kissing each other. Blake is excited to get a free pass to kiss Holly, who is the first one out.  Michael hopes kissing her might ignite something again. Holly says all the guys kissed like grandmas (probably out of respect for Mike), except for number five – Blake.  The other girls happily take their turn. When Vienna comes up she acts nervous. All of the guys give her a quick peck.

The girls line up next. Erica really goes for it with her proudly injected lips. Ella thinks she has a winning technique, but all of them complain about Kasey’s bad breath.  When Holly kisses Mike they slip back into old ways, but when she kisses Blake, she doesn’t want to stop and it goes on for an uncomfortably long time.

After, Chris tells them both the man and the woman who won had an overwhelming majority of votes – they are Ella and Blake.

Ella’s date card comes first. She gets a one-on-0ne date and selects Kirk to join her. He’s happy to go on a date with the best kisser in the house. They walk outside and find a bright red sports car waiting. Ella jumps in the driver seat and off they go, leaving William telling the camera if he could do the kissing competition over he’d be the biggest man whore out there!

In the house, Vienna and Mike talk about Blake doing tongue on some of the girls. Mike’s convinced that Blake will take Melissa on his date and is thrilled. Melissa, who is Blake’s ‘partner’, is also certain she will be going on the date. She talks to him endlessly about how it will be on their date and how they’ve really pulled it off. Blake murmurs that he hasn’t actually decided yet. Melissa gets begins to get upset – never a good thing.

On their date, Ella and Kirk enjoy pizza and s’mores by a fireplace in the Bachelor mansion. They talk about their lives. Kirk tells the story of his near-death and how much the money would mean to him. Ella says if she won, she would buy a house for her and her son, and also start a charity for abused women. She shares the story of seeing her stepfather murder mother as a child. They cheers to winning the money together.  She gives Kirk the rose and they get to take a ride in a hot air balloon. Up in the air, they kiss.

Back at the house, Michael is tearing up talking to Holly about how great it was kissing her again.  Holly tells the camera that her loyalty in the game is to Michael, but notes that they’re not together. Outside, Erica is giving Blake an oily back massage and trying to get him to partner with her instead of Melissa.

Soon, there’s a knock on the door – Blake’s date card has arrived. He reads something about a slippery slope and Melissa gasps that they might be going skiing. In an utterly awkward moment, Blake explains that he’s not playing the game in as linear way as some, and stammers that he’d actually like to invite Holly to join him. Melissa swears and the camera pans to Mike’s stunned face. Holly accepts.

Michelle follows Melissa upstairs to comfort her, warning that it’s the last time. She tells the camera that some people wear their emotions on their sleeves – Melissa wears hers on every article of clothing she wears. As Melissa is calling Holly names, Blake comes up to try to talk to her. It doesn’t go well. Melissa heads downstairs to rally the others against Blake and Holly. She tells Mike they should partner.

Outside, Holly and Blake chuckle with William about the train wreck that is Melissa.  When Holly goes inside she and Melissa have a confrontation, but Holly’s not apologizing for anything. Melissa goes on the warpath through the house looking for Blake and telling the cameras he should be disqualified. She finds him brushing his teeth. He leaves her standing and waiting while he takes forever.

The next morning, Michael’s heart hurts. Blake and Holly leave the tension-laden atmosphere to go on their date.  They are taken to board a private jet. Holly’s excited, yet nervous due to the ‘slippery slope’ reference on the date card. Sure enough, they wind up at Mammoth and get their skiing gear on. In her own words – she sucks. Holly falls a lot, but also laughs a lot – she doesn’t thinks she’s been on this great of  a date ever. They chat, and roll around in the snow. Neither of them think about Mike.  Later, they have a candlelit meal outside and discuss her former relationship. Blake gives her the rose and invites her to stay overnight. She quickly agrees.

At the house, Michael is torturing himself and wishing he’d told Holly that he still loves her before she left. Graham and Kirk try to support Mike when it becomes obvious Holly is spending the night with Blake.

Holly and Blake return the next morning to face the music. Holly knows she’ll have to deal with Michael now. He finds her in the kitchen and takes her for a talk. He cries that he missed her and has fallen back in love with her. She tells him she kissed Blake and Michael can’t believe she did that to him. She reminds him that they’re not together. Holly goes and uses Vienna as a sounding board.

It’s strategy time. One girl and one guy are going home tonight. Kasey and William seem to be on the chopping block tonight. Kirk is fed up with Kasey trying to act like everyone’s best friend – especially how he fist-bumps everybody. They talk and Kasey fist-bumps Kirk. William, meanwhile, tries to talk to the girls.  Michael seeks out Holly – he couldn’t care less about the game. She questions him suddenly wanting to get back together when she gets asked out by someone else. Holly seems incapable of making a decision.

The girls on the chopping block are Vienna and Melissa, but the guys feel being around Melissa is draining and really want to get her out of the house. She doesn’t stand a chance. She moves around the room and alternates between demanding the guys say who they voted for, and crying and hugging on the girls.

Rose Ceremony

Ella, Holly, Blake, and Kirk are all safe going into the rose ceremony.  Ella and Blake join Chris to give out roses to Graham, Michelle, Michael, Vienna, Kasey, and Erica.  William and Melissa are leaving Bachelor Pad 2 immediately.  The girls are sad to see Will go. In the limo, he sniffs and says it wasn’t a game he could play – they could see that. Melissa cries and gets in the limo without causing a scene. Michelle tells the cameras that Blake is a snake, and Melissa is not cut out for this game. Melissa sobs uncontrollably in the limo and turns away from the camera.

Next week, the competitors play the Nearly Wed Game!

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2 Responses to “Bachelor Pad 2 Recap: Slippery Slope!”

  1. scott Says:
    August 29th, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    I’m starting to like Blake in this game. Holly is finally starting to realize there are other fish in the sea. If she had as much fun as she says she did on the date with Blake, then I think in her heart she knows Mike isn’t the one for her.

  2. coeh Says:
    August 29th, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    This show is getting predictable and boring just like the last season. At the end,assholes like Vienna, Michelle, Casey and Graham will be the final four, same as last year, the asshole mancode won.


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