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Big Brother 13 Recap: Empty Fortune

September 01, 2011 07:22 PM by Ryan Haidet

Through a wild series of events this week on Big Brother 13, Rachel and Jordan went from being nominees for eviction to having the majority vote tonight.  With the duo twist back in the game courtesy of Porsche’s greedy decision to open Pandora’s Box, Rachel and Jordan, the most unlikely pair of veterans, even have a new self-created nickname — Jochel.  Who was evicted from the house during tonight’s live elimination episode?  Adam or Shelly?  Read on to find out!

Shelly & The Fortune Teller

While trying to figure out her next move in the game, Shelly spent some time alone in the Purple Room.  As she sat there in silence, Shelly thought she saw the fortune teller in the corner of the room move.  She got off the bed, walked closer to the machine and started fiddling with it.  Shelly thought she might be given a special power from the fortune teller — you know, something that might give her an advantage in the game.  After all, why did they have the fortune teller machine in the house?

She stared at it.  She looked all around it.  She even talked to it.  But three hours later, the fortune teller didn’t give her anything.  Its eyes simply lit up and its head moved from side to side.

Since the fortune teller idea wasn’t working, Shelly decided to continue her push on Rachel.  She offered 100 percent loyalty to both Rachel and Jordan — even offering to give Rachel her past, present and future ring.  Shelly’s parents gave her that ring, which features three different diamonds.  That way, if Rachel had the ring and found herself getting evicted, she would get to take it out of the house.  But just one little thing Shelly didn’t tell Rachel about her ring — the one she had in the house was just a phony duplicate of the real one her parents gave her.  While Rachel didn’t take the ring — even saying she didn’t want it — Shelly’s argument seemed to have some impact.

A Peek Inside The Jury House

Brendon spent his first week in the jury house picking oranges, studying and playing ping pong all alone.  When Daniele entered the house after last week’s live eviction, he was very happy.  “I’m not used to jury,” Daniele laughed with Brendon as they sat down to watch the moments surrounding her eviction.  “I’m not used to being a loser like you.”

Moments later, Jeff walked in the jury house to join them.  With an excited reaction, Daniele looked Jeff in the eyes and said, “Karma.  I love my alliance.  That’s rad.”  The trio quickly sat down to watch Jeff’s eviction on DVD.  Much to his disappointment, Jeff witnessed the big mistake he made during the live Power of Veto competition last week when he unknowingly tossed one of the clown shoes he was searching for out of the pit and on the ground.  Had he found it, he would likely still be in the competition.

Another Says Goodbye, Er, “Good Job”

Right before the votes were cast for the live eviction, Shelly made a very hard-hitting plea.  She looked right at Rachel and Jordan and asked them to keep her in the house since she was with them 100 percent.  Her comments clearly caught Kalia off guard.  Then, on the other end of the spectrum, Adam simply asked everybody to keep him in the house since this was his dream come true.  Here’s how the votes broke down:

  • Kalia voted to evict Adam.
  • Rachel voted to evict Shelly.
  • Jordan voted to evict Shelly.

When host Julie Chen announced the news, Shelly stood up and offered hugs to everybody in the house.  “Good job,” she told all of them as she walked out.

Sticky HoH Competition

To determine the next Head of Household, Adam, Rachel, Jordan and Kalia battled it out in a very sticky challenge.  They each had to crawl under a large rolling pin and into a thick, slimy substance.  Once they got out of the goop, they had to grab a doughnut from a table on the opposite side of the backyard and take it back through the goo to the starting point.  The contestant who collected the most doughnuts after 13 minutes would win the power of HoH.  But the episode didn’t have 13 minutes left in it, so we were left with another cliffhanger.  Who is the new HoH?  You’ll have to wait for Sunday night’s episode to find out — or just search for spoilers.  But at the time of this publication, the winner was still not known.

Next Week

At the end of tonight’s episode, Julie offered up some interesting teases.  Next week, Pandora’s Box is back — but this time there’s a celebrity twist.  Plus, there’s a special live eviction next Wednesday and another on Thursday.  We will soon be down to only three players.

Are you happy Shelly has been evicted?  Who do you hope wins the entire game?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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2 Responses to “Big Brother 13 Recap: Empty Fortune”

  1. Rose Says:
    September 2nd, 2011 at 5:46 am

    If Jordan does not win then I hope it is RAchel. Adam has not played the game and Kalia is a nasty person.

  2. Aggie Says:
    September 2nd, 2011 at 7:54 am

    If it had been a veteran fooling around with the fortuneteller instead of Shelley, I am certain that something would have happened to give the vets another unfair advantage. But since it was Shelley, whom the producers do not want to help, nothing happened.


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