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Jersey Shore Recap: In The Streets Of Florence

September 01, 2011 08:29 PM by Candace Young

Last week’s episode of Jersey Shore left off with a huge confrontation brewing between The Situation and Ronnie after Sammi says Mike told her Ronnie was planning to bring five girls back to the house.  Keep reading to see who winds up leaving the house in an ambulance, and for the rest of the highlights from tonight’s episode…

The episode picks up with Mike in a rage inviting Ronnie to hit him over and over again. Eventually, Ronnie and Mike have a tussle and the girls scream at them to stop. Mike launches his head into a wall at some point before the other guys and the crew break it up. JWoww notices that Mike doesn’t seem to be okay, but there’s some more trash talk before he goes to lay down.

Meanwhile, Deena and Snooki try to convince Sammi to leave Ronnie alone since she’s the one getting him ramped up. Finally Ronnie tells Sammi she’s nothing and he’s been calling girls since he’s been in Italy. She walks off.

Since Mike isn’t improving, concern grows and Pauly D goes with him in an ambulance to get a CAT scan at the hospital. Once there, Pauly watches closely over Mike.

JWoww gets in the room with Ronnie to find out what exactly happened to set off the fight. Sammi keeps coming in and interrupting. Jenni begs her to let them talk alone for the sake of the house. Sammi takes off to her bed cursing. Ronnie is feeling bad about Mike being in the hospital and it all getting so far out of hand. Jenni comforts him.

In the kitchen, Vinnie, Snooki, and Deena discuss how crazy it is that Mike wound up in the hospital and it wasn’t even from fighting.

Ronnie makes his way into Sammi’s room and apologizes to her, saying the room’s all messed up and his friend’s in the hospital. Ronnie goes out to apologize to Vinnie as well, but he gets no sympathy. Vinnie tells him that when he drinks and goes off like that it’s scary. He thinks he needs to fix the problem instead of just saying sorry every time.

Sammi and Ronnie talk and he tries to come clean about the girl he hooked up when they were split up. When Sammi learns it was a girl in Jersey, she wants nothing more to do with him for the rest of her life.  Ronnie decides he should pack up and go home.

Vinnie tells Ronnie to sleep it off, but he’s determined to go. In the end, he opts to take Vinnie’s advice, saying he’s there for a reason. Vinnie takes a weird call from a florist as Ronnie cleans up the destroyed room.

Pauly returns to the house and tells Vinnie that Mike is going to be okay, but they’re keeping him for observation the rest of the day. Pauly goes to crash.

Mike comes back saying he has a light concussion and neck strain and is wearing a cervical collar.  Ronnie checks on him briefly.

The next day, Ronnie leaves to spend the day by himself and goes to the gym.  Jenni and Snooki get flowers from their boyfriends. Jenni checks in with Vinnie and gets the scoop on Mike.

Vinnie, Jenni, Deena, and Pauly head out to Astor. They all agree that Sam and Ronnie’s relationship is to blame for what happened and they’re sick to death of it. They speculate on whether or not they’re together.  At Astor, they find Ronnie sitting alone and rehash the situation. Jennie thinks Sam wanted him to prove how much he cares by flipping out on another guy. Ronnie wants to be done, but loves her.

Back at the house, Snooki talks to Jionni on the phone – he’s sexually frustrated. She tries to talk dirty to him, but he’s embarrassed by it.  Sammi, meanwhile, dumps everything Ron ever gave her on his bed.  She follows that up by going to check on Mike, who totally blames her for the incident and doesn’t care much to hear her apology.  He gets up and wanders the house, feeling put out that no one’s really checking on him.

JWoww comes in and notes his neck brace – she feels like he’s doing an insurance claim. Pauly thinks he looks ridiculous with sunglasses and a neck brace.  Ronnie finds the stuff Sam put on his bed and puts it in the trash.  Sam fishes out purses and diamond earrings from the bin.

As everyone gets ready to go out, Ronnie and Mike share a chuckle over how hard the wall turned out to be.  Mike makes a bit of a speech, but Ronnie walks in and out of the room.

The girls leave to go out on their own to eat, drink, and talk. The guys head to a club and Pauly is excited to see ‘Single Ronnie’ emerging. Some Italian guys watch the Jersey Shore guys and one starts saying, “Che Cosa,” over and over in a threatening manner. Pauly D gets in his face and it looks like a brawl might break out as the Italian yells in a very intimidating voice, “You’re in the streets of Florence!” Things cool down and Pauly holds back – he figures he may have been dancing with the guy’s girlfriend or something.

Snooki checks in with Mike back at the house and says she loves him as a friend. Mike accepts that, but tells the camera that she and Jionni aren’t meant for each other.

At the club, Vinnie and Pauly try to push Ronnie together with a girl who likes him. Ronnie does shots with her, but then has a change of heart and leaves without the ‘grenade’.  He buys flowers and takes them back to Sam, whose been waiting on pins and needles to see if he brings home a girl.  When she reacts with a bunch of questions, he gets the flowers and throws them in the trash.

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