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The Great Food Truck Race Recap: Week Four In Manhattan, Kansas

September 04, 2011 07:25 PM by Lori Wilson

For week four, The Great Food Truck Race pulls into Manhattan, Kansas. The remaining five trucks – Lime, Hodge Podge, Seabirds, Korilla BBQ and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese – set up in the Kansas State University college town to face large crowds with inexpensive menus. Continue reading to find out who survived Manhattan, Kansas and who was sent packing from The Food Network reality show.

Truck stop
The Great Food Truck Race host Tyler Florence gives each team a debit card worth $5, which is all they can spend for the Truck Stop challenge. They have 30 minutes to run to a nearby market and spend their small budget. Once the shopping is done, the teams prepare their creations for prominent Kansas City food critic Charles Ferruzza. The critic is tough on all the teams, but thinks they all came up with creative ideas. Charles chooses Seabirds’ raw food cupcake with a BBQ sauce as the winner of the Truck Stop challenge. As their prize, Seabirds are allowed to set up in Aggieville, which is a huge restaurant/bar area for college students. The rest of the teams are instructed to set up off campus.

The challenge.
The teams are given $400 to plan their menus for the next challenge. After shopping, the Seabirds pull into Aggieville to a huge crowd waiting for them. Roxy’s heads off on their own, while the rest of the trucks set up at City Park, where they learn how quickly word spreads in a small town, as evidenced by the huge lines of people.

Speed bump
As Hodge Podge opens for business before the rest of the teams in City Park, Tyler calls to lay down the speed bump a day early. Since they are in a college town with broke college students, the teams are instructed to price everything under a dollar. The teams panic as they must now rethink their menus. The Lime Truck is in the worst shape since they spent their whole budget based on projected $8 – $10 menu items. Roxy’s decides to make grilled cheese sliders in order to make their $1 menu work, while Korilla BBQ goes with $1 tacos. Seabirds decides to make half sandwiches, but worry they won’t be able to reconcile selling their high quality food for $1 at the end of the day. As they fall behind on their orders, Seabirds bemoans that they’d ordinarily be writing up $100 tickets instead of their meager $10 tickets.

The Lime Truck decides to reconfigure their expensive menu, so they shut down to head back to the store. The team, who originally joked they needed to dumb down their menu for the small town, ends up doing just that much to their chagrin. As night falls, Seabirds begins making their dinner menu for the bar crowd. Roxy’s continues to sell their small plates, but begin running out of ingredients. They too are forced to close in order to go to the store. Much to their surprise, the crowd is still waiting for them when they return with a restocked truck.

Day two of the challenge finds the teams scrambling to handle the big crowds, high volume orders and low ticket prices. Hodge Podge decides to poach off Korilla BBQ’s long line and takes orders for tacos. Korilla BBQ is incensed and confronts them about their lack of food truck etiquette in front of the customers, but Hodge Podge keeps plugging away.

At the end of the challenge, the fourth Great Food Truck Race elimination reveals that the teams sold over $18,000 combined with their $1 menus. Selling $5,245, Korilla BBQ comes in first place. Roxy’s comes in second selling $5,132 and Hodge Podge comes in third selling $2,880. Lime Truck and Seabirds end up in the bottom two. Lime Truck ekes out a fourth place finish to remain in the competition by selling $2,768. Seabirds are told Manhattan, Kansas is the end of the line for them. Next week, the remaining four teams are faced with creating all vegetarian menus in Memphis, Tennessee.

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