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Bachelor Pad 2 Recap: Deal With The Devil

September 05, 2011 06:57 PM by Candace Young

Last week on episode four of Bachelor Pad 2, we saw the second annual kissing challenge, and William and Melissa were sent home.  This week, the remaining ten contestants will participate in The Nearlywed Game in an effort to remain safe going into the final episode next week. Keep reading for all of the highlights…

Tonight’s episode picks up after the last rose ceremony. Blake is particularly relieved that Melissa is gone. Chris tells them to find a partner for the rest of the competition – they will compete, vote,  and win, as a couple. He also encourages them to get to know each other.

Holly and Blake exchange looks – they want to partner up, but Holly had already promised Michael. Blake is disappointed. He ends up teamed with Erica Rose, who thinks he got really lucky. The other couples are Kasey and Vienna, Kirk and Ella, and Graham and Michelle.

Everyone crams to get to know their partner, but Vienna and Kasey go to bed. They are completely confident because they’ve already been together for a while.

The morning dawns with Chris Harrison telling the gang they’ll be playing a take-off on The Newlywed Game called The Nearlywed Game.  Kasey brags to the cameras that he can smell the victory already.

They get underway with the ladies first answering questions as they think the guys will answer, and then vice-versa. When matching answers, there are some surprises as Kasey and Vienna and Michael and Holly fail to match up responses. Vienna gets angry as the others snicker at them.

When there comes a question about who their partner could sleep with in the house, tension between Michael/Blake/Holly comes to an all-time high. When Chris asks who everyone’s least favorite person in the house is, most say ‘Blake’. Michelle and Graham get out in front and it’s revealed that they came up with a strategy of pre-determined answers.  They win and get roses and a fabulous date.  Blake and Erica take second place and also get a date.

Blake and Erica are the obvious pair on the chopping block after the competition and Blake feels he made his bed and is prepared to sleep in it. Michael is bothered by watching Holly and Blake hang out.  Erica tries to explain to Mike that if he is upset it should be directed at Holly, not Blake.  The date card comes for Graham and Michelle and they learn they’ll be getting a private screening of the film, What’s Your Number?

Vienna storms about the house, still pissed off because she and Kasey lost the challenge and haven’t been on a date.  A helicopter comes to pick up Michelle and Graham.  It takes them to downtown L.A. where they land on a rooftop and share a champagne toast.

Back at the house, everyone is extremely uncomfortable when Vienna and Kasey have a huge spat in the kitchen about whether or not to have sex in the house. Kasey tells the cameras that Vienna is putting on a big act and is looking crazy. Erica notes that they’re in a mansion, not a trailer park, so Vienna needs to take Kasey and go back where she came from. Kasey admits to the camera that it’s not easy dating Vienna, but he loves her.

Graham and Michelle, meanwhile, play around in a rooftop pool while watching their private movie screening.  Michelle thinks Graham is the guy she’s been looking for to spend the rest of her life with, as they get closer than ever and kiss. Graham thinks you can’t do any better than Michelle.

Blake and Erica’s date card comes and Holly feels a little put out since she and Blake had such a great time on their date. Erica is peeved that Holly keeps flirting with Blake even though he’s her partner. Erica takes Blake aside to explain to him that his behavior is a huge disadvantage to them staying in the house.

Erica gets ready to go on her date with Blake and she makes no secret of the fact that she’s horny. Holly decides to walk through the room in a bikini and steal Blake’s attention to make a point. Blake and Erica leave in a limo. Everyone in the house speculates that Blake will have a few drinks and spend the night with Erica. Holly listens silently.

Blake and Erica arrive at a Spanish hotel and go exploring in the catacombs. Erica talks about conversing with the spirits of her deceased friends. They stop for a champagne toast and discuss how they could possibly avoid being eliminated.  Erica keeps feeling up Blake’s leg as he talks.

They make their way through the historic hotel to where they’ll eat dinner. There are two roses on the table and they get very excited. Blake opens the accompanying envelope which tells them their mission is to save one couple. They realize they can’t save themselves. Erica tries to convince Blake to stay the night, but he says staying away from house when he’s got a target on his back isn’t a good idea. Erica argues her angle relentlessly, telling him she brought sexy lingerie and offering up her pillow lips for a test drive. Blake grins idiotically. He then continues to try to get himself out of sleeping with her – it’s a lengthy process.

Michael takes the opportunity of Blake being out of the house to ask Holly to get back together. She calls him out for waiting until they were on the show and she had the chance to be with someone else to come up with apologies and say all the right things.

Holly goes to talk to Ella about what she went through with Michael in the past and to justify not reconciling with him now. She confides that she had a great time on her date with Blake and gets excited to see him.  Ella asks if she’s hurt that Erica is on the date with Blake. Holly nods.

The next day, Erica tells the girls that she didn’t spend the night with Blake because he didn’t want to.  Blake and Erica still have the safety roses to give out. Erica patches things up with Blake and is ready to move forward.  They decide to let out word that they have the roses.

Erica and Blake tell Kirk and Ella about the roses, and then go outside with Kasey and Vienna to tell them.  Ella worries that Kasey will tell them what they want to hear – he does. Kasey promises to save them if they hand over the roses.  Kirk and Ella are dumbfounded when they decide to give them to Kasey and Vienna. Ella and Kirk say they really need the money, so Ella ends up sobbing in-camera. Kirk tries to talk to her, but she just says Blake made a deal with the devil.

Vienna’s mood improves for the first time this episode once she has the rose. She and Kasey kiss out by the pool.

Before the rose ceremony, Chris explains that each couple must decide who to vote out, and then the female from each pair will go into the voting room and put the photo of the couple they choose to eliminate in the box.

Strategies and alliances are whispered about as Blake and Erica try to save themselves, as do Kirk and Ella. Blake and Holly make out on the settee before the ceremony. Mike walks out and sees them – he says it’s the worst feeling ever. Mike tells the others he wants Blake gone. Graham feels for him and says Blake definitely violated the Man Code.  Blake soon learns that Kasey hasn’t been successful in convincing others not to vote him and Erica off. Michael wants Holly to have his back and vote Blake out. She ends up in the washroom crying. Ella finds her and Holly says she’s the deciding vote – she has to support Mike or put Blake out.

Rose Ceremony

Michelle and Blake and Kasey and Vienna have roses and are safe. Michelle and Graham join Chris to give out the remaining roses. They go to Holly and Michael and Kirk and Ella.  Blake and Erica are eliminated.  Holly looks miserable.  She hugs Blake goodbye and hands him a note. Erica and Blake depart.  In the limo, Erica says there was too much of a mess with Blake for her to clean up. Blake says he got a note from Holly saying her heart is breaking and she didn’t want him to go home. Blake thinks they have a future and possibly love.

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