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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Battle Of The New Black Team Versus Some Veterans

September 05, 2011 07:55 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen on Fox, we watched as the two teams catered a charity event, and tonight we saw some old favorites return. How would the newly formed black team handle some competition against past contestants? Read on to find out!

Hell’s Kitchen kicked off tonight with Elise on her usual high horse, but the guys were determined not to let her get the best of them. For their individual challenge, Gordon Ramsay asked that they each remake a comfort food, recreating it so that it would not only taste delicious, but that it looked pretty as well. For this challenge, there were plates scattered all over with different foods on them, and the chefs had to run and get the plate with the food on it that they wanted. Elise nearly took Paul out to get to the eggplant parmesan, and left a disappointed Paul with tuna casserole.

The challenge was judged by a group of food gurus, and the dishes were judged on both taste and presentation. Each contestant would be scored from 1-10 for both, from 5 judges, giving them a total possible score of 100. Up first was Tommy, whose recreation of chicken and dumplings took the judges by surprise as they loved it, and Tommy kicked off the leader board with 74 points. Next up was Paul who did not impress at all with his tuna casserole. In fact, one of the judges referred to it as cat food. Jennifer was unable to impress as well with her take on lasagna, which coincidentally, she hates.

That left Will and Elise to try and take the lead over Tommy. The judges were impressed with Elise’s eggplant parmesan tower and she ended up with 86 points. Will was also impressive with his take on meatloaf. A few of the judges were not that impressed with his presentation, and Gordon informed him that he would need an almost perfect taste score to beat Elise. Luckily for Will, he got four 10′s and one 9, which pushed him over Elise by one point. Gordon Ramsay announced that Will would be dining at some of the finest restaurants in LA for the day, but that he should choose someone to go with him.

In a game play move, Will decided to bring Elise, not because he thought she deserved to go, but to get her to stay off his case, despite the fact that he told everyone she deserved to go for getting 2nd place. Will and Elise got to dine at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant and the pair appeared to be having a good time. Meanwhile, the other chefs were stuck on laundry duty – a chore none of them enjoyed. As the night wound down, Gordon Ramsay called the chefs into the dining room for a surprise.

When the chefs got to the dining room, Gordon revealed that they would be competing against some Hell’s Kitchen veterans the next day. The chefs were then greeted by season five’s Ben, season six’s Tennille and Van, and season eight’s Jillian and Trev. Then the teams were asked to go upstairs and create their menu for the evening, which turned out to be problem free for the veterans, but the current chefs had nothing but problems. Elise decided to take charge and the only thing she did was piss everyone off – to the point that Will walked out! Finally, the rest of the team just agreed with her to shut her up.

During service, both teams had their shares of issues, but Elise was once again, upsetting everyone with her attitude – I know, big shocker, right? She had to ask Paul three times if her beef was cooked properly – isn’t that a sign that she should go home now? Both teams pushed out their dishes in the same time frame, and the current chefs had one of their best services ever. The winning team was chosen on the amount of people who said they would return on the comment cards. The veterans got a 80% possible return, while the current chefs got a 96% possible return, making the current chefs the challenge winners.

However, even though they won the challenge, Gordon Ramsay asked that they nominate two team members to go up for elimination. Elise nominated Jennifer (who made one mistake during service), while everyone else voted for Elise. Before they went downstairs though, Jennifer decided she assumed she was going home, that she would go tell Paul how she felt about him, and how cute she thought he was. Paul joked around with her, but I don’t think there was any real interest on his part, but you never know. When it was time for elimination, Gordon Ramsay thought that no one deserved to go home since they had such a great service. Oh well, there is always next week to hope that Elise is sent packing.

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2 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Battle Of The New Black Team Versus Some Veterans”

  1. whatever Says:
    September 6th, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Is it fun watching a psycho with a british accent verbally abuse contestants ? Yes . Will I ever eat in a restaurant again ? No . Because now I know that kitchens are run by a bunch of foul mouthed chain smoking trailer trash .

  2. UglylikeElise Says:
    September 12th, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    Oh God, I cannot stand that one ugly girl name Elise. She is being that ugly monkey King-Kong. She should go back to the jungle she comes from… unfortunately for the others, Elise is one of the many that you can’t Fuck with because she is special!


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