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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: The Girls Are Back!

September 05, 2011 07:42 PM by Megan Thompson

With Russell Armstrong’s suicide the premiere of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills was in question. But Bravo has brought our girls back tonight! Keep reading to find out how the season two premiere addressed the suicide tragedy and all the other juicy details from tonight’s episode.

The show opens up with all the ladies and some of their husbands meeting up at Adrienne’s house to discuss Russell’s suicide.  “A lot of us have some guilt about not seeing this coming,” says Kyle fighting back tears.  Lisa chimes in, “She needs our support more than ever.”  All the housewives seem shaken up by the tragedy, but they feel life must go on.    

The episode then picks up where things left off prior to the tragedy. 

Lisa and her BFF, Giggy, go on a walk to meet up with Lisa’s daughter at the salon. While the girls are gossiping and relaxing at the salon Pandora’s boyfriend, Jason, stops by the house to talk Ken.  Just like a gentleman should, Jason asks Ken if he can marry Pandora. Lisa is going to be thrilled – oh and Pandora too!

Now onto Kyle who is packing for a move to a new and bigger house. Kyle notices a picture of her mother on the shelf and starts thinking about her sister Kim.  The whole fight between Kim and Kyle from last season is still a fresh wound between the two. 

Camille is roaming her five acre house in Malibu.  Down at the stables Camille talks about the status of her relationship with her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer.  The two are not speaking to each other unless it’s through a mediator.   She goes onto say, “I’m adjusting to being alone and I’m starting to like it!”

Now it’s time for some retail therapy for Kyle, who is shopping for Adrienne’s party.  Then Taylor rushes in all panicked about running into Lisa’s gay friend from last season who turned on her.   This leads into a conversation that Taylor is scared of Lisa.  Let’s break it down in very simple terms – Lisa is the popular rich girl and Taylor feels inferior to her.  Kyle tries to defuse the conversation with a funny comment saying sometimes the British accents intimidate people.

The banter between Adrienne and Paul continue as they get ready for their dinner party.  By the way, Adrienne’s closet is to die for!  Even the couple’s new dog Jackpot needs to get dressed.  Adrienne jokingly comments, “Now that Jackpot is on the scene – guess what Giggy- game on!”  Kyle and Camille are the first to arrive at the party.  It seems that the two former enemies are forming a new friendship.  Kim shows up to the party but is very hesitant about seeing her sister.  Ken, Lisa and Giggy walk across the street to join the party. 

Let the dinner party begin.  Adrienne and Paul begin arguing at the table (about nothing) and it gets very awkward for the guests.  Finally Adrienne gets up to make a toast and things start to calm down.  Paul then turns to Ken and asks him if he and Lisa ever bicker.  Lisa says no because Ken always gives in. Then Paul turns the question to Taylor and her relationship with Russell.  Russell is not there, but Taylor explains they are doing a lot of therapy.  Ken criticizes the whole therapy route saying, “it would make me feel weak.”   Taylor finds his comment extremely rude and runs to the bathroom to cry.  Kyle, the mama bear, runs after Taylor to support her.  Back at the table Kyle tells Ken that he offended Taylor by his comment on her therapy.  Ken becomes irritated that Kyle used the word “offended”, he keeps repeating that’s a big word to use.  Kyle tries to defuse the situation, but now Ken is upset.  When Taylor returns to the table Ken tries to make peace, but it doesn’t go over well.  Lisa makes up a lame excuse and says her and Ken must leave now.  Let’s just say Lisa is jealous of Taylor and Kyle’s friendship!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Let us know what you think, comment below!

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2 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: The Girls Are Back!”

  1. Georganne Drescher Says:
    September 5th, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    I have one question, What breed is Jackpot and do you have the breeder info. Thank You

  2. .Lisa Says:
    September 8th, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Lisa is not jealous of Taylor. Just disappointed that Kyle can’t see through her dishonesty and phoniness. Also, why can’t Ken say he wouldn’t be comfortable in therapy? Many men, especially, wouldn’t be. No news there. Why would Taylor bring that up at a dinner party? No one wants to hear about her bad marriage woes. Anyone with any awareness at all would have seen Russell for what he was. Taylor thought she could turn him into Maurecio with some therapy? Ha!
    It’s going to be a great season.


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