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America’s Got Talent Recap: Top Ten Perform Live

September 06, 2011 08:05 PM by Candace Young

Tonight, it’s down to the top ten finalists on America’s Got Talent. They will have to be bigger, better, and more spectacular than ever for a shot at making it into the top four in next week’s finale. Keep reading for all of the highlights from tonight’s live performances. Who will get your vote?

Host Nick Cannon kicks off tonight’s top ten episode saying we’re in for a wild night! He warns there are only four spots in the season finale, and introduces judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel.  A video montage of the contestants chilling out with the judges at celebrity hangout, The Peninsula Hotel, is shown.

Nick says one guy who knows all about the pressure the acts are feeling tonight is last season’s winner, Michael Grimm. He is currently touring with Stevie Nicks, but is performing live on America’s Got Talent tonight!

After he sings, Michael talks about how he’s touring and promoting his new album, plus he married his Lucy, and they’re almost finished building his grandmother’s new house, which was his dream for the prize money.

The Miami All-Stars are first to perform tonight. They hit the stage with a football/cheerleader/mascot theme happening.  It’s an electric, high-energy show, but Piers buzzes partway through. After, Piers says he didn’t want them to be a cheerleading act and comments on their silly chicken mascot. He says they went from being an explosive Latin dance act to seeming silly. Sharon agrees the theme could have been more sophisticated, but says they still had great energy. Howie sees what they’re doing – it’s NFL Kick-Off Week at NBC. He notes that they took the Miami out of their act though.

Lys Agnes, the opera singer, is up next. She’s taking a risk fusing rock and opera for tonight’s performance and is hoping it’s the right decision. Lys appears in a giant dreamcatcher and performs Dream On by Aerosmith.  The audience responds, but on the whole it sounded very odd.  Sharon tells her that when she sings in a lower register she loses the melody in her voice and it doesn’t sound good. Howie thinks she took too big a risk. Piers comes out in favor of the performance – he thinks she had perfect pitch in the lower register and was moved.

Illusionist Landon Swank is ready to show his stuff.  He puts a Goldfish cracker into his mouth and spits out a real goldfish into a glass. He removes the goldfish from the glass and puts it into a paper towel pressed against the side of a huge water-filled aquarium and then appears to push the fish through the paper towel and glass into the aquarium! The judges come to their feet. Howie says it was amazing! Piers isn’t sure what he just watched and asks if it worked the way it was supposed to – Landon says it did, for the first time! Sharon loves his contemporary-looking show and loved the illusions.

Eleven year-old Anna Graceman is ready to take the stage to sing.  Tonight she will be performing without the piano, which may put more pressure on her. She sings True Colors wearing a white dress in a faux meadow.  She delivers a strong performance. Piers says she has an extraordinary voice. He feels she missed notes in the lower register, but her big notes are incredible. Sharon loves her song choice but would have liked to see her off the grassy knoll working the stage. She says Anna did a great job. Howie says she’s already a star, and she’s brilliant, but he didn’t think it was as good as her last performance.

Silhouettes is the next act on America’s Got Talent. Their message is ‘don’t let life’s obstacles get to you’.  They perform their unique shadow/dance show to I Believe and depict inspirational scenes from graduating to winning Olympic medals.  They form the word ‘believe’ at the end. It’s a standing ovation for Silhouettes. Sharon calls it exquisite and beautiful, with a great message too. Howie says it’s the first final act as far as he’s concerned, but reminds everyone to vote. Piers says it’s quite the story they told, and really makes Americans feel proud.

Smage Brothers Riding Show are ready to take their act to new heights – maybe literally! They have typical ramps out this time around and do the usual amazing jumps and tricks – coming within inches of the brother who lies on the ground – takes the breath away! Howie points out that the brother on the ground was nicked a couple of times. Piers says it was exciting as usual and he still loves them, but it wasn’t as good as last time. Sharon disagrees – she thought it was just as exciting as their last performance.

Poplyfe will perform next on America’s Got Talent. They’ve chosen another big artist to follow up on their Beatles tune from last week, saying it may be an even bigger risk. They do a medley of Jackson 5 tunes and bring the audience to their feet. The judges as well! Piers says they are looking for an act that can represent America and they are a great pop band! Sharon loved it and thinks there is a place for them in the industry – they’ve got it all going on. Howie says people in America will be idiots if they don’t vote this act through.

West Springfield Dance Team are up now. It will be interesting to see if they continue with the horror/zombie theme another week. They do. This time it’s vampires and werewolves. The performance is great, but Piers buzzes.  Sharon says it’s too predictable for her now. Howie doesn’t think they stepped it up from last time. Piers says they should have surprised them by not doing horror tonight – it was slightly boring because they felt like they’d seen it.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is hoping tonight’s performance will propel him into the top four.  He sings Ain’t That A Kick In The Head and really tries to deliver the whole show with a horn section backing him up and everything. The audience gets to their feet at the finish. Howie loves Dean Martin and would like to kick America in the head to vote for Landau. Piers says he’s got his mojo back – he was strutting the stage and had swagger. He would pay to see him perform! Sharon chimes in that that’s saying a lot because Piers is tight! She tells Landau he’s one hell of a class act and encourages everyone to vote.

Team iLuminate will try to keep up their high level of performance this week and make it to the final. The girl who has been running the computer, and who beat cancer, will rejoin the team to dance tonight. Their performance incorporates several different kinds of dance tonight and the end result is just fantastic.  Over the screaming crowd, Piers says it was amazing and he’s never seen such a creative and dynamic act. Sharon still can’t believe they’re not already world famous. Howie tells them they were spectacular and reminds everyone to vote for a headlining live act – he feels they will definitely be in the final!

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    September 6th, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    A Canadian idiot and 2 Brits judging AMERICAs got talent. Anytime an act tried something new, they got slammed for it, then when someone stayed the same they got slamme for it.


  2. SUSAN BEIN Says:
    September 6th, 2011 at 10:23 pm


  3. Fact Time Says:
    September 7th, 2011 at 3:47 am

    Judges are retards.


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