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Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap: Presenting To A Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills

September 07, 2011 08:26 PM by Lori Wilson

Twelve chefs remain in week three of Top Chef: Just Desserts. The chefs’ latest challenge finds them creating dessert menus for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, and her dog Giggy of course. To find out which chefs impressed and which one was told to pack up their tools, keep reading.

Quick Fire
For the Quick Fire Challenge, guest judge and season three Top Chef Masters contestant Hugh Acheson is brought in. Each cheftestant is told to create a dessert that could be the inspiration for a new flavor of Extra Dessert Delights chewing gum. Their desserts have to be made small enough to fit into dollhouse sized plates and cups. Hugh chooses a thrilled, yet surprised Craig’s pancake with berries dessert as the winner. His prize is immunity for the next challenge, his dessert possibly being the next flavor chosen for the gum line, and $25,000. Craig originally thought he would pay off his student loans, but declares he’s going shopping with his winnings instead.

The elimination challenge
The chefs are divided into two teams. Craig and Amanda are the team leaders and go about picking their teams. Melissa can’t understand why she is chosen last again. The teams are told their client is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, whose husband Ken is planning a party for the anniversary of her restaurant. Ken and their dog Giggy enter to tell the teams more about Lisa so they can plan their dessert menus accordingly. The next day the teams will have to present no more than six desserts to Lisa and some other Real Housewives.

As the chefs brainstorm, Amanda’s team has a hard time working together, while Craig’s team feels confident in the challenge. Since the most important thing in Lisa’s life is her dog, Amanda’s team includes a dessert for the pooch. As they get down to work, Melissa struggles with her desserts, which could affect Amanda’s whole team. Melissa recognizes that Amanda is a good team leader and acknowledges that she is the weak link.

Lisa, Ken, their daughter Pandora, Real Housewives Kyle and Taylor and the Top Chef: Just Desserts judges enter to taste test the creations. They note the room is a “big pink wow.” Lisa’s favorite dessert of the day is Rebecca’s, who is on Craig’s team. However, she points out Craig’s team did not make anything for Giggy like Amanda’s team did.

Judges table
Lisa notes it was a difficult decision and tells both teams how wonderful they did. However, one team really embodied what Ken tried to explain to them. The winning team is Amanda’s, even though the judges consider it to be Chris’s team.

At the judge’s table, Craig’s team is told that they didn’t spend enough time capturing her personality. Their presentation came off as immature rather than pitching to a refined woman who is celebrating her restaurant.  Craig takes responsibility for his lack of leadership skills. Hugh tells Craig he would have fired him because his drink was nothing. Rebecca stands up for Craig, telling the judges how much Craig actually did. After more deliberations, a guilty feeling Craig is told by Johnny that he created the judges’ least favorite dessert and would be going home had he not won immunity. In the end though, Nelson is sent home because his cotton candy lollipop didn’t measure up. As Craig freaks out over what he was told by the judges, Orlando further alienates the group by announcing they are in a competition, so he doesn’t care what anyone there thinks. They need to keep their sad stories to themselves.

Next week will find the chefs recreating Willy Wonka’s world. They are also told that two chefs will go home. Tune in next week to see who gets the boot and who continues on.

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