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Gordon Ramsay Chats About The New Season Of Kitchen Nightmares!

September 08, 2011 07:24 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares returns this month for a brand new season. Today, Gordon Ramsay shared some thoughts on the upcoming season. Read on to hear what Chef Ramsay had to say!

Kitchen Nightmares returns this month, as Fox revealed that for the season premiere: Chef Ramsay visits Plainfield, New Jersey, determined to breathe new life and energy into Blackberry’s Catering and Family Restaurant. Disappointed by the lackluster service and underwhelming food quality, Chef Ramsay forces the owners to take a long, hard look at their restaurant and gives them one last chance to turn things around. Find out if Chef Ramsay’s advice and guidance will be enough to save this family restaurant on the “Blackberry’s” season premiere episode of Kitchen Nightmares airing Friday, Sept. 23 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Gordon Ramsay chatted for a bit about the new season, take a look below at what he wanted to share!

Question: Are you getting tired of giving restaurants a second chance?

Gordon Ramsay: I am getting tired of second chances. Part of the issue is taking the place on, on a daily basis, and has to do with economy, which is getting harder and harder. I’ve had my own issues. Do they deserve a second chance? The owners who are arrogant, obnoxious, and don’t want to listen…I won’t give them a 2nd chance. But there are a lot of distraught and deserving ones that I do, this season’s been a whirlwind.

Question: Will we see anything this season that we have never seen before on Kitchen Nightmares?

Gordon Ramsay: More than ever before, the whole team is behind me and they have a couple days prep before I get there, and they will focus on what is most important to get the restaurant back. This season, more than ever, you will see the fragmentation taken place with these families. At one restaurant, I was greeted by huge mouse at the door and that never happened before. I walked in there and they accused me of bringing him in..it was really out there.

Question: Can you tell us about some of things that are left out of the episodes?

Gordon Ramsay: Our amazing team there, they are a dynamic team and honestly, there is a lot of stuff being left out. Not the drama but like the relaunch and how we spend time getting communities involved. I would also love to show more of the time cooking. Also, from the morning of reveal my team is in the kitchen, we can’t show that, it’s a complete overhaul. We basically reposition everything to set them up for success.

Question: Do you ever second guess your decisions on the show?

Gordon Ramsay: That is a really good question. I have impulses, I go with my instincts, and I have had success and failure. We turn it upside down, I don’t tip toe around. So no, I never second guess it, I just go through it straight away.

Question: What was your first impression of Blackberry?

Gordon Ramsay: It was pretty significant. Kitchen Nightmares started 7 years ago with a soul food restaurant that went on to win an award, so I walked in there with my love of soul food. That’s how I grew up – eating soul food, nothing glamorous. When I went into Blackberry, I was excited. What I wasn’t excited about was the owner – her mother was a sweetheart, but she was in denial and we butted heads. I had a big battle with her, trying to show her the massive difference between dining and catering, but she didn’t get it. I mean, it was a soul food restaurant and there was a Chinese wok in in the kitchen…give me a break.

Question: What do you tell anyone looking to start a restaurant?

Gordon Ramsay: We did another one in Atlanta where the owner went straight from culinary school to opening a restaurant, and I can’t think of anything more dangerous. You have to master the craft and you’ve got to do the homework first. You need to understand what the restaurant needs are in that neighborhood and just focus on knowledge.

Thanks to Gordon Ramsay for taking time out of his day to chat. Be sure to tune into Fox on September 23, 2011 for the new season of Kitchen Nightmares!

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One Response to “Gordon Ramsay Chats About The New Season Of Kitchen Nightmares!”

  1. Mabel Regimbal Says:
    September 9th, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    Where oh where are you Gordon Ramsey when I need you? I am in the process of opening a vacant restaurant. The irony of the matter is that I cleaned this same restaurant and managed it for someone else a little over 10 years ago. It was bad when we went in there then and it’s even worse now. I don’t think it has been cleaned since I cleaned it then. How do people get away with running a place that is soooooooooo filthy? Love the show but I have my own Kitchen Nightmare to wake up from right now.


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