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Jersey Shore Recap: Bar Brawl and Boyfriend Blues

September 08, 2011 08:28 PM by Candace Young

Last week on Jersey Shore, Mike wound up in the hospital, and Sammi and Ronnie fought again. This week picks up with Mike moaning about not being able to GTL because of his pain and the neck brace situation. As the episode starts, Ronnie tries to talk to Sammi, but she asks him to leave her alone. Keep reading for all of the highlights from episode six…

Pauly D feels The Situation is milking his injuries for all they’re worth. Pauly and Vinnie take the neck brace and mock him on camera. Mike makes a groany phone call to his sister looking for sympathy, and then tells Ronnie he wants to go home because he can’t do anything. Ronnie tells him he’s there for him – he’s been there. In camera, Ronnie says even thought they fought, he’s not a bad-hearted guy. They have a laugh over Mike ramming the wall, and he decides to stay. Ronnie and Mike hug it out.

At Astor, Sammi is talking with the other girls about the Ronnie/Mike debacle. Deena thinks Mike is fine now and shouldn’t be able to get sympathy on a self-inflicted injury. They head out walking and note that the smell of pig butt is in the air. Snooki is outraged when a priest tells her to cover her body up when walking near his church.

Back at the house, Snooki calls Jionni to tells him he’s the best guy she ever met. When she makes a sexual remark, he takes offense and they argue.  Jionni isn’t sure he wants to come and visit her in Italy. She tells him maybe he shouldn’t then, and hangs up. Snooki confides in Ronnie about Jionni’s issues. Ronnie advises her not to change who she is for someone else.

Everyone gathers to give Pauly D a new hairstyle.  He winds up with a faux hawk and Deena declares that she’d bang him. He decides he’s Joey D, and Vinnie gets in on the act. They clown around as Joey D and Tony, putting on Chapstick and fist-pumping.

Elsewhere in the house, Sammi is calling Ronnie a pig because he disguises girls’ phone numbers as guys’ phone numbers. Pauly listens to them argue about Ronnie calling a girl and says it’s like the same record playing over and over. He says Mike bashed his head against a wall because of it, and he’s about to do the same thing. Vinnie is also exasperated, saying you can’t zone it out. He goes to Ronnie and Sammi and asks them to keep their fights away from everybody else – they just want to have fun in Italy.

Jenni and Ronnie have a conversation at an outdoor cafe about Snooki and Jionni. They’re not impressed that Jionni is embarrassed by Snooki – he knew what he was getting into. Jenni decides Snooki should not be dating Jionni.

At the house, Snooki and Mike are revisiting the issue of him telling people they slept together. She wants him to admit he was wrong. Mike says he shouldn’t have told Ron, maybe he should have told Pauly. Snooki walks out.

Later, everyone heads out to the club, including Mike. It’s crazy packed, everyone is dancing, and Sammi and Ron make-out.  He somehow hurts his knee, but keeps dancing.  Snooki, Jenni, and Deena encounter some bitchy females and trash talk. One throws a drink in Deena’s face. A melee ensues and Snooki jumps into the fray to back Deena up. Unfortunately, in the confusion, Deena and Snooki end up fighting each other without realizing it – yes, really. Vinnie pulls them apart and nearly kills himself laughing.

When they get home, Snooki calls Jionni, who realizes she’s bombed and asks if she hooked up with somebody. Ronnie takes the phone and tells Jionni that Snooki loves him. Jionni is pissed off and wants Snooki back on the phone. They hang up on bad terms again.

In the bedroom, Jenni tells Sammi that she’s fed up with Jionni – he’s ruining Snooki’s time in Italy. Deena, meanwhile, phones the cute waiter to come over.  He rings the doorbell endlessly before a drunk Deena clues in. They sit outside and she notices a bite mark on his neck. When he says it’s from his sister, she decides he’s weird and throws him out.  Jenni gets on the phone with Roger to talk about Jionni. Everyone ends up worried because Jionni is coming to Italy in a week and things aren’t good.

The next day, Jenni and the girls confront Snooki about the state of things with Jionni. Ronnie weighs in too. Jenni says the kid is changing everyone’s attitude in the house.  Snooki becomes defensive. She says he’s a good boyfriend to her and refuses to deal with them.

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