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Bachelor Pad 2 Recap: Season Finale

September 12, 2011 08:37 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on Bachelor Pad 2 it’s the final (scary!) challenge, followed by the season finale which features the eliminated contestants returning to reflect and vote in front of a studio audience. Keep reading to find out what the remaining contestants will be doing in Las Vegas, what the returning contestants have to say, and of course, to find out wins the $250,000…

In Las Vegas, Chris Harrison tells the remaining Bachelor Pad 2 couples that they will be training and performing an act 100 feet in the air with Cirque de Soleil’s Ka.  Chris explains that they will be judged, and the couple who is deemed to be worst will go home immediately. The contestants solemnly regard the 100 foot wall-type structure and watch the Ka performers demonstrate suspended in the air. They’re freaking out.

The couples each visit the training room to learn choreography for a sixty second routine.  Michael and Holly are first to attempt to synch up on the wall – it’s tough.  Graham tries to be tough for Michelle’s sake, but confides to the camera that he’s not okay with heights and is literally pissing down his leg!

Kasey and Vienna practice next. They each put the other down in-camera. Kirk and Ella are up next. She declares that childbirth was easier.

When it’s time for the performances, Chris introduces the judges – Trista Sutter, Jason Mesnick, and Ali Fedotowsky, who has an injured leg and is carried in by fiance Roberto.

Michelle and Graham go first. They manage to get through it without Michelle throwing up by doing it half-speed. They do have chemistry though.  Ella and Kirk go next. She’s feeling a lot of pressure, but they also get through it and do okay.  Kasey and Vienna are third.  They do considerably better, prompting Ella to feel that she and Kirk will be going home.  Holly and Michael go last. Holly is scared out of her mind.  They are the best by far, doing spins and acrobatic poses.

The judges decide that Holly and Michael were the best – they get roses and are going to the final.  They will also have to choose the couple joining them in the finale – later.  When the judges are asked who performed the worst, Kasey and Vienna are told they are safe. Trista announces that they have to say goodbye to Kirk and Ella. The others gather around to hug them as Ella cries and tells Kirk she’s sorry. On their way out, he stops to hold her and comfort her. He thinks she tried her best.

Back at the house, Michael and Holly digest their win and realize they now face the tough decision of choosing which couple to bring with them to the final – Kasey and Vienna, or Graham and Michelle.  Kasey and Vienna make their case to Michael and Holly, saying that they’ve fought to make it to the final and have done all the dirty work while Graham and Michelle stayed under the radar. They add that they don’t expect to win in a finale against Michael and Holly.

After, Vienna follows Kasey outside to tell him his approach to Michael and Holly wasn’t right and now she’ll have to clean up.

Meanwhile, Michael upsets Graham by telling him that he and Holly think Michelle and Graham could beat them and win the money, which is hard to ignore.  Once alone, Graham becomes increasingly agitated as he rants to Michelle that this is not about the money – Michael is his friend and it’s about doing the right thing by your buddy.

Rose Ceremony

Chris Harrison calls them together. He tells Holly and Michael to take the floor. Holly tells Vienna and Kasey that they feel if they take them to the finale they would win – which is selfish. She tells Michelle and Graham that to take them to the finale would cost them the win – so taking them would be selfless because they’ve been there for them since the beginning.

Michael announces that they choose to take Graham and Michelle to the final, and hopefully they won’t beat them. Kasey and Vienna’s time at the mansion has come to an end. Kasey carries Vienna to the limo where she bursts into tears.

Season Finale

The studio audience comes to their feet for Chris Harrison.  The final four are backstage. Chris welcomes the 14 bachelors and bachelorettes who were eliminated.  Chris reflects on how different Bachelor Pad 2 was from the previous season right off the bat – more intense.

Chris asks Jackie and Ames for an update on their relationship. Jackie says she had her heart broken by Ames, who didn’t really give it much of a chance. Ames says when he went after the limo, he thought Jackie was the one, but he found out they were too different and wanted to end it sooner rather than later.  Jackie still doesn’t understand. Ames says it hurts him too, and it isn’t how he hoped it would turn out.

They discuss Kasey’s alliance. Gia says it was unbreakable, but Chris Harrison disagrees – numerous people had the opportunity to break it and didn’t!  William speaks up to say that the final four didn’t stab people in the back like Kasey and Vienna, and if they were in the final, none of them would feel they deserved the money.

Jake Pavelka is asked about his experience on the show. Jake says he went on to get closure with Vienna and an olive branch was extended. Vienna is nice about it tonight, which causes Chris and the audience to question the change in her attitude. Gia, Erica, and Kirk weigh in on how Vienna tried to turn others against Jake. Kirk points out that it takes two when a relationship fails and it would have been nice to see Vienna own up to her role in the situation. The audience and other contestants cheer.

Jake in the Hot Seat

They watch a montage of Jake’s time in the mansion including all the terrible things Kasey and Vienna said about him. Jake says he takes offense to people who say he’s not a good person. Vienna says there were good moments that people didn’t get to see, but Gia says she’s never seen a person treated as badly as Jake was, and even Chris says it was hostile 99% of the time.  Jake tries to explain that he did reach out to Vienna before Bachelor Pad, but Vienna didn’t respond and he figured it was lucrative for her to continue the animosity career-wise.

Chris points out to Jake that he screwed a lot of people by giving Vienna that rose. Jake says he felt an act of kindness was the only way to get through to Vienna.  Jake mentions that he takes exception to the way he was treated by both Kasey and Vienna. Kasey says he never got to hear Jake’s side before Bachelor Pad and issues an apology. He gets up and they hug it out.

Kasey in the Hot Seat

Chris asks Kasey about being the ringleader and kingpin and not making the final four. Kasey’s montage is shown. A lot of mean things are said about Kasey, as well as Kasey and Vienna, in the video. Kasey finds it very difficult. Kasey says the most upsetting thing was that he saw a person who is not him.

Chris asks about their fights. Kasey says Vienna can be emotional and she can be hurtful.  Chris asks how they are now. Kasey says watching the montage shows him an unhealthy couple – it’s not what he wants. He sometimes feels the relationship is breaking him down and he can’t get back to being happy. He doesn’t want to be treated poorly, nor does he want this sort of relationship. Vienna claims that when you’re in a fight you don’t know what you’re saying and it’s hard to watch it back. William points out that they fought the entire time. erica, who said the worst things about them during the show, says she has seen a different side of them since the show. Chris wishes them the best.

Blake in the Hot Seat

Chris tells Blake he didn’t expect him to be such a lightening rod for controversy. They look at his montage.  It’s very awkward in the studio as Blake talks about whoring himself out to Melissa while actually being attracted to Holly. Chris asks if Blake was using Melissa. He says they had a partnership, but Chris calls him on the remarks about ‘whoring himself out’. Blake admits the kiss wasn’t romantic for him. Melissa says she didn’t know he was playing a game and believed what he was falling for her. Blake says she exposed their confidential strategies every time she got her feelings hurt.

Chris asks Blake about Holly. He says he’s madly in love with her and has a firm hold on his heart. Blake says they haven’t gone a day without talking and it’s the most serious relationship he’s ever had. Blake adds that Michael has an understanding at this point that things are serious between him and Holly. Blake tells Chris that Holly is moving to South Carolina, where he has his practice, to move in with him. Chris shows how far their relationship has advanced on a video – Blake proposes to Holly and she accepts.

Final Four

Chris introduces Graham and Michelle, and Michael and Holly. Almost immediately, Chris has Holly tell Michael that she and Blake are engaged. Michael is shocked and asks for water or a commercial break. He’s a little upset that he didn’t get a heads up.  He wishes them well and says he’s always wanted Holly to be happy. There is a catch in his voice.

Chris then asks Graham and Michelle where the two of them stand. Michelle says Graham was there for her when her dad passed away after the show, and she could not have gotten through it without him and there is deep respect between them. Chris expresses condolences on behalf of the Bachelor family. Graham says he got to show the kind of man he wants to be with Michelle as she went through this, and did kiss her from time to time.  Michelle reiterates that he was there when she needed him most and she’s not letting him go.

Some of the former contestants ask questions of the final four. Michelle tells them not to give her any pity votes and adds that she and Graham employed a strategy of avoiding the drama in the house.  Chris tells the fourteen eliminated contestants to vote for the couple they think deserve to win the money.  It’s close, but Holly and Michael prevail.

Decision Time

Chris tells Holly and Michael it’s time to test their relationship. They will be taken to separate rooms to choose to ‘keep’ or ‘share’ the money.  If they both choose ‘share’, they’ll split the money, if they both choose ‘keep’, the other contestants will share the money, if one of them chooses ‘keep’ and the other chooses ‘share’, the person who chose ‘keep’ will get it all.  Michael and Holly go backstage while the others debate what they will do. Everyone seems to think they will both share the money.

Michael and Holly are brought back.  Holly picked ‘share’. Despite the engagement news, Michael picked ‘share’ also – they will split $250,000! They celebrate and then Holly rushes to Blake for a kiss.

The Next Bachelor

The last order of business on the Bachelor Pad 2 season finale is to officially announce the next Bachelor. Of course it’s Ben Flajnik, and he’s brought out to join Chris Harrison.

Ben tells Chris it’s been quite the ride since everything went down with Ashley Hebert on The Bachelorette and he’s ready to start again. He feels like a more complete individual because of that journey.

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  1. LORRIE Says:
    September 12th, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Holly is a little spoiled fake. Goody-two shoes. I think she plays the little girl a little too much. Miss Innocent. It was nasty of the b*tch not to tell her ex that she was engaged BEFORE they told him on TV. It proves that she has a LOT in common with Mr. Dentist who, only because he was not attracted to her, made a mockery out of that other girl on the show. He really disrespected her,whether she has all her marbles or not, she didn’t deserve it. Holly and Mr. Dentist are two people who look all shiny but are crap under the surface. They deserve each other. I hope Michael finds someone much better than Holly. It shouldn’t be too hard.


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