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America’s Got Talent: Top Four Interview

September 13, 2011 07:14 AM by Lisa Princ

Last week, we learned which four acts would be heading into the finale of America’s Got Talent on NBC. Just in time for tonight’s season finale, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Poplyfe, Team iLuminate, and the Silhouettes took some time out for a press interview. Read on to hear what the top four acts wanted to share!

Tonight we will see the season finale performances on America’s Got Talent by Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., Poplyfe, Team iLuminate, and the Silhouettes. The top four acts took time of out of their rehearsals to chat with the press about what it’s like to be headed into the finale, and even revealing some teasers of what we can expect tonight! Check it out below!

Question: Landau, having such a strong voice, how hard has it been for you to gain a stage presence?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: It’s been kind of rough, a lot of people expect you to do things a certain way. You just have to stick to guns and be yourself.

Question: Poplyfe, how did your band come about?

Poplyfe: we all met at school. We were just a couple of kids with nothing to do and decided why not make a band. When we all started playing we decided – why not do gigs?

Question: Landau, was there anything that surprised you about yourself during the competition?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: I have been surprised that I am just strong enough to stand up there and be myself, and not fall flat on my face. Just being able to just be yourself is surprising.

Question: Landau, how did you become interested in the Rat Pack?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: Believe it or not, playing basketball actually. The way I used to trash talk to people, by trash talk, I am not talking about putting them down, but by singing Frank Sinatra when they would score, or have a good play. A couple of friends of mine had an idea to take me to a bar, and then they bet me that I couldn’t sing Frank Sinatra. I won that bet.

Question: Dylan (Poplyfe), how has your dad influenced you?

Dylan Wiggins: My dad is from the Grammy award winning band Tony Toni Tone. He taught me everything I know about music, he showed me the ropes of how to perform and give it up. He taught me a lot about the business.

Question: Silhouettes, how did you feel the moment you learned that you made the top 4?

Silhouettes: It’s actually still a dream. None of us, children or parents can believe we are in top 4. We don’t wanna wake up, and we hope we can give you an incredible show tonight.

Question: For Team iLuminate and Silhouettes, how do you think having that visual effect gives you an advantage?

Silhouettes: I think we both offer what is not reality. Our act allows the audience members to envision it. It’s like a book, and that is what is so wonderful about both of us, it’s like an illusion.

Team iLuminate: We like to take people on a visual roller coaster. When you don’t know where things are coming from, it gets more emotional. For us it is the fact of live through imagination rather than reality.

Question: Poplyfe, what do you hope that kids your own age take away from your experience and performances?

Poplyfe: Ultimately, that they don’t stop believing and don’t give up. There will be a lot of yes and no’s, just wait for that yes. Also, that school band are not nerds, we all started out by playing in school.

Question: How are you all feeling heading into the finale?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: I’m very excited. It’s always been a big dream for anybody that comes to show like this, to be in the final 4. It’s been an amazing ride, I am so excited and I know all others are just as excited. I am loving every moment.

Poplyfe: We’re pretty excited, but pretty nervous. You know, we’re kids and this is the biggest thing to happen to us. We met lots of great people that we will never forget, we are like a big America’s Got Talent family.

Team iLuminate: For us, we have been training really hard and getting very little sleep. The excitement has kept us going, but as the clock ticks, that’s when nerves kick in. There is no going back now.

Silhouettes: If we think about nervous, we’ll shut down. Right now we have to choreograph another piece. It’s just a great experience to find out how hard we can push ourselves. We are so grateful for this gift.

Question: Poplyfe, with two singing acts, what do you need to do to beat Landau?

Poplyfe: We believe there is one singing act and then there’s a band. Everyone is equally amazing. Whatever happens, we are all here for each other. May the best act win.

Question: Landau, what does it mean to have the support of the entire state of West Virginia?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: It means the world to me. I started this journey feeling so alone, and ever since NY and Howie’s message about my life changing, it truly has. All the comments from the fans, and not being able to go to Walmart or Kroger on a normal day
is insane. I feel the love, and am so happy they can share the blessing with me.

Question: Will any of you have an surprises for us tonight? Can you share any teasers with us?

Silhouettes: No. The big surprise is whether or not we can pull the show together. We are not putting pressure on these children. Instead, we are making it easy for them to handle, yet have all the technical needs. We will be enjoying it and hope to spread the love with our message.

Team iLuminate: We have a brand new light and a new technique. We have also never had this many people on stage…ever! We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Poplyfe: Somewhat, because we’ve never done anything extremely classic yet and this is super classic.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: I can’t give you any of mine, I will let you see it on the show. I am surprised just being here.

Best of luck to the final four acts tonight! Be sure to tune in to NBC tonight for the finale performances of America’s Got Talent!

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