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Flipping Out Reunion: Andy Cohen Talks To The Cast!

September 14, 2011 07:41 AM by Martha Zaborowski

Jeff Lewis, Zoila Chavez, Jenni Pulos, and other cast members from Flipping Out reunited on Bravo Tuesday night for a reunion show hosted by Andy Cohen. What did Jeff have to say about his personal relationship with his business manager, Gage Edwards? Did Jeff and his laid-off team members Sarah Berkman and Trace Lenhoff flip out on each other? Is Zoila worried about Lupe replacing her? Read on for more!

Jeff plans on using Zoila’s popularity for money-making ventures. He’s kidding; but when reunion host Andy Cohen discussed Zoila’s ever-growing popularity, Jeff agreed she was well-liked by fans and totally understood why. Jeff also admitted he missed Zoila when she wasn’t around. He wants Zoila to be the future nanny of his children and Lupe to clean the house, so there’s no replacing the irreplaceable Zoila! (And she knows it.)

Jeff and Gage want to start a family. Despite their 14-year age difference (Gage is 26! Jeff is 40! But wait, didn’t Jeff admit he was 41 on a previous episode?), they are both committed to each other and the idea of having children. They admire each other’s drive and ambition, but are reserved about displaying PDA on television. Gage and Jeff do not feel he was the “Lady Macbeth” of this season when Gage suggested firing Sarah, Trace, Jett, Jenni…um, pretty much the whole team. Jeff says his profits have doubled in the year that Gage has started working for him.

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Sarah and Trace speak out on Jeff firing them. Sarah is fine with her dismissal, claiming no ill will and feels everything worked out for the best. Trace tried to communicate how he felt, but Jeff kept cutting him off as he spoke, seemingly very angry. Jeff demands an apology from Trace, and Trace expresses his appreciation of Jeff and acknowledges he’s made mistakes.

Jeff + Jenni = Forever?  Both Jeff and Jenni acknowledge that last year was difficult for their relationship, but they claim to have found a new found respect and appreciation for each other. I wish I could believe that entirely, but Jeff continues to rib on Jenni hard for her rapping career and how long her children’s album is taking. Andy digs into Jeff saying his new paint line could take just as long. Jenni reveals she has been dating her “Greek doctor” boyfriend for over a year–and she is the person who set up Gage and Jeff!

Jeff Lewis flips out over transgender comments!

The biggest news of the show was the revelation that we’ll be seeing Jeff, Jenni, and Zoila on TV again soon on the new Bravo show, Interior Therapy! The premise is Jeff and Jenni move in together with a family that is remodeling for a week…and well, they film all the juicy Bravo goodness from there. Will you be watching Interior Therapy? What did you think of the reunion show?

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