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America’s Got Talent: Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Interview

September 15, 2011 11:46 AM by Lisa Princ

Last night we watched the season six finale of America’s Got Talent, in which Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. was crowned the winner! In a post finale interview, Landau chatted about his time on the show, and his future plans. Read on for more…

All season long, fans have watched and adored Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. on America’s Got Talent. The car washer gone crooner wowed us with his “Rat Pack” style and Frank Sinatra sound, so it was no surprise when he walked away a million dollars richer last night. Landau took some time out his schedule today to chat about his time on the show and what his future plans are. Check out what Landau had to say below!

Question: What are you planning to do with the money?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: Invest in my kids future, my kids are very talented. I will make sure they finish school, they go off to college, and fulfill their dreams. I would like to build a big house for my family, and spend some money on my wife. I’d like to pamper her a lot, that is something I’d love to do.

Question: All of the kids on America’s Got Talent seemed to love you. Can you talk about your connection to them?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: My connection is just like any other person – you love kids. I’ve got kids the same age. It has been kind of hard to be in the competition and see them all go home week after week.

Question: What were you feeling on stage last night right before they announced the winner?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: It was a crazy roller coaster ride, but most of all I was thinking of everyone back home in Logan (West Virginia). It was an amazing moment, waiting
to hear the announcement that I won. It was everything I wanted and it’s been a blessing.

Question: You’re no stranger to performing for friends, but what was it like performing in front of these massive crowds on America’s Got Talent?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: That was great, I love it. I am a crowd performer so, the bigger the crowd, the better. In Vegas there was no audience and I was disappointed in my performance. It was just three judges sitting there staring at me. The bigger the audience, the better I perform…I love a packed house.

Question: As you stood up there on stage last night waiting for the results, did you think you had won?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: No, I did not. I thought America was going to have sympathy for the kids, like I have all season. It’s been hard for me to watch them go home all season. I guess America had sympathy for me too.

Question: What are you most looking forward to in Vegas?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: Catering to all our elders. Elders have nothing to do, and no one caters to them anymore. I want to give them a fantastic show and
give them something new to the classic genre, as well as let the youth of world see how big bands work.

Question: Do you plan to do anything different in Vegas?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: I’ll probably throw in a couple of different songs, but I will mainly stick to the crooner thing because that is what I got me here.

Question: You mentioned that you were homeless at one point, can you elaborate for us?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: At that stage in my life, I was living in Detriot, as my mom and dad separated and my mom moved us to Detroit. By the time I was around 21 or so, her relationship with her boyfriend started breaking up, and I was all alone. I had no where to go, so I started sleeping in the car, under bridges. My sisters offered to take me in, but my pride wouldn’t let me ask them to help. They were in new marriages, I didn’t want to intrude on anyone, but I finally had to swallow my pride. A huge thanks to my beautiful sisters.

Question: When will you be back home?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: I should be back home on Saturday after I finish up all my press stuff.

Question: What are you looking forward to when you go home?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: Seeing all of West Virginia. I can’t wait to hug my grandma. I can’t wait to see my mother-in-law, who has been a major support system in my wife & I’s life.

Question: If your schedule permits, would you be willing to sing the national anthem at a college game?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: That would be like another dream come true. I can’t wait for that opportunity.

Question: Have you spoken to any producers about recording?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: A lot of people in entertainment have been calling me, but I am taking one step at a time.

Question: How have you grown since your first audition?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: I feel like I haven’t grown, I am just being me. Every time I hit that stage, it’s 100% me. I take everything I am told, and mold it into what I would normally do anyway.

Question: What was it like singing with Patti LaBelle?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: Wow, that was mind blowing right there. Before I signed up for this, my mother-in-law asked me who I would sing with, if I could sing with anyone and I told her “Miss Patti LaBelle.” To meet her and get on stage with her, I was
blown away, it was phenomenal.

Question: Do you have any plans for any charity work?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: I’m just going to cater to all the elders, and start my own charities. I’ve done charities for a good 10 years. I’m very charitable, I just want to do a whole lot of wonderful things for the people that can’t do them for themselves.

Question: Would you ever consider writing a book?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: I would love to sit down and do that with somebody. It would be a good, sad, exciting, story. A lot of people would relate to it, if I did get the opportunity, I would do it.

Question: What do you envision for Las Vegas?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: To please everybody. I will do whatever, based on what my fans want to see. I would like to mix it up, but bring the “Rat Pack” in there so heavy that they are going to love that part. I want them to really fall in love with that type of music, because I did and it changed my life.

Question: Any plans for an upcoming album or single?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: Not sure on that right now, everything is in the works. Just keep me in your prayers and stay tuned!

Question: Will you ever go back to washing cars?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: No, but I will probably open a nice detail shop that treats everyone like a VIP. That is the type of place I would want to open up, where everyone is treated special.

Question: Can you tell us if you decided what you would sing, or did you have coaches that chose that for you on the show?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: No, that is why I picked America’s Got Talent because they let you do what you want to do and choose things for yourself. Even with the wardrobe, they give you a lot of options, all the way down to the shoes and socks. Every song I picked was something I felt like would get me to the next song. I planned the entire thing, all the way down to “My Way.”

Question: Aside from winning, what was your best or favorite moment on America’s Got Talent?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: Going to New York and singing Frank Sinatra for all the New Yorkers. That and sticking the gum in my pocket [laughs].

Question: Did you think you would struggle at all with that genre of music in the competition?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: No, I felt I would at least get to the top 10 with my genre, because this is a show for Vegas.

Question: What was your first impression of the judges?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: It was kind of harsh because a lot of people judge you before they know what you’re about. Even with the gum in my mouth, I knew I could nail that song anyway. It was the way they made me do what they wanted me to do.

Question: How did your friends react when they knew you wanted to sing this genre?

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.: My friends told me do it, but there were others telling me I was stupid, calling me crazy, and saying that no one wanted to hear that. You don’t hear anybody doing big band/rat pack stuff anymore, and I wanted to bring it back.

Congratulations once again to Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. on his big win! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, we look forward to your new album!

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