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Jersey Shore Recap: Dancing Her Underwear Off

September 15, 2011 08:18 PM by Candace Young

Last week on Jersey Shore Mike finally got out of his concussion-induced funk and joined the others at the club, where Deena and Nicole inadvertently wound up fighting each other while taking on an Italian chick who threw a drink on Deena! Later, Snooki took flak from her roommates about Jionni. What will happen this week? Keep reading for all the highlights from this episode of Jersey Shore

On the way to work, Snooki tells JWoww and Ronnie to stop worrying about her and Jionni. At the pizza place, Ronnie works the megaphone while Snooki and Jenni slack off and talk about going to the beach. They decide to take an extended break to go shopping. Marco has to go find them and bring them back.

At home, Snooki calls Jionni who calls her out for being rude to him last night. Snooki tells him her roommates think the opposite. He says they’re all crazy. Jionni says he’s not going to come visit and hangs up.

Everyone packs up for the beach weekend. They have hordes of luggage and try to strap it all on top of their two little Fiats.  Once they reach Riccione, they check into the hotel.

The boys head out to find food and see the sights.  A Mike clone waves at them from a patio.

The girls head down to the water and Sammi exclaims, “We’re in the Italian water!” They go to find a bar and get drunk.  Deena comments that she had no idea Italy had a Caribbean island in it. They teach the Italian bartender to say ‘kooka’ and ‘ vagina’.  He tells them it’s not good for girls to say those things  – too strong.

Drunken shopping ensues next. Jenni and Sammi get fed up because Deena and Snooki are too drunk.  They take off back to the hotel separately. Snooki and Deena hear house music and find the source. While dancing, the boys find them and marvel at their drunken antics. Snooki ends up in a bush with her ass showing. Deena dances her underwear off.  Pauly D says he’s never done that – he gives her credit! The boys decide they’ve seen enough and leave.

At dinner, Jenni wants her Meatballs to show up so they can get to the disco on time. As Jenni, Sammi, and the boys finish, Snooki and Deena turn up looking for food.  The others wait moodily while they eat and burp. As they head to the club, Sammi and Jenni are fed up with Deena and Snooki.

At the club, Mike kisses an Italian chick and Jenni notices that Deena isn’t wearing underwear. She’s showing her kooka to the whole club! Jenni and Deena have words about her vagina being out. Snooki and Deena say they’re ‘wandering’ and the next thing everyone knows, Snooki and Deena are making out – hardcore.

All are in agreement it’s time to make Deena and Snooki leave. They get them into the car after several falls, and they continue to make out. Sammi says she doesn’t even make out with Ron that long.

Jenni and Sammi head to the beach together the next day. Jenni is disgusted over the Snooki/Deena hook-up. At breakfast, the boys feel for Jionni.

Back at the hotel, Snooki awakens with Deena spooning her. The others laugh and joke as they stagger out of bed. Jenni and Sammi fill them in on Deena showing her vagina to the club, and the two of them hooking-up.

They drive back to their house from the beach weekend, with Snooki nearly killing the car by driving with the parking brake on. Once home, Snooki calls Jionni and says she has something to tell him. Everyone listens with bated breath as she tells him she and Deena got really drunk and ended up doing stuff. After a long silence, he says it’s okay. Snooki gives the thumbs up.

Mike gets Snooki and Deena up for work on Monday morning. They drag their asses to the pizza place. Snooki is impressed to see Mike actually working. She and Deena hide in the garbage pails. A female employee comes to get them out. Snooki calls her a buzzkill.

Later, Snooki is driving with Deena in the crazy Italian traffic when they hit a police car! Snooki doesn’t have her license, so Deena calls the boys to bring it. An ambulance arrives and the police put on neck braces.  Snooki cries as she’s put in the back of the cop car. Vinnie is worried that if Snooki gets locked up they could be kicked out of Italy.

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