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Taylor Armstrong’s First Interview With Nancy O’Dell

September 20, 2011 05:09 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star, Taylor Armstrong, just had her first television interview, since her estranged husband’s suicide. Did the Bravo star reveal anything shocking about her marriage to Russell? Keep reading for all the interview details!

It’s been over a month since Russell Armstrong committed suicide and Taylor is finally ready to speak.  Taylor sat down and had an exclusive interview with Nancy O’Dell from Entertainment Tonight

Let’s get straight to the interview!  Taylor divulges the first time Russell harmed her; it was actually when she was pregnant with their daughter Kennedy.   This is when she noticed that Russell’s demeanor could go from calm to rage in a matter of minutes.  Taylor also describes living her life on “eggshells” because she didn’t know what would set Russell off.     

As far as violence, Taylor describes the abuse that went on inside her Beverly Hills home.  Telling Nancy, “He would grab me by one side of the hair on my head and bang the other side of my head against the car.”  Taylor said he would hit her on the side of the head, so the evidence of abuse couldn’t be seen under her hair. 

When asked how many times Russell harmed her during their marriage, Taylor estimated around 20.  There was one incident, which caused Taylor to be hospitalized.  Taylor alleges that Russell punched her in the eye during an argument.  The punch caused significant damage to her corneal flap and broke the bones around her eye.  To hide the abuse and protect her husband, Taylor told the doctors that her daughter accidently kicked her in the face.   

Now Taylor is speaking out because she wants to help other women of domestic abuse.  She told Nancy that she mourns Russell every day, but she doesn’t need to protect him anymore. 

So what did you think of the interview?  We know you have comments, so let’s hear them! 

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Photo Credit: Bravo and Entertainment Tonight

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One Response to “Taylor Armstrong’s First Interview With Nancy O’Dell”

  1. Melissa Says:
    September 20th, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    I do not agree with any man hitting a woman, HOWEVER,I think Taylor should have either waited for her “tell all” interview or not at all.All anyone has to do is watch the news and/or your reality store to get it-he was abusive to you. Is it not enough that details will be in court documents, the news, your reality show etc. Does your daughter and his other children really need details broadcast over the news just weeks after his suicide if at all?? If you want to REALLY help people/woman than volounteer at a woman’s shelter, but I imagine we will not see you there, but you have no problem smearing his name all over the place in the name of “helping woman?” Think about the children.


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