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The Biggest Loser Season 12 Premiere Recap: New Trainers, New Twists, But Bob Harper Still Rocked The House!

September 20, 2011 07:08 PM by Lisa Princ

The Biggest Loser on NBC was back tonight! In the season 12 premiere we met new trainers, Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince, and of course, our ole favorite, Bob Harper. How did the new trainers stack up to Jillian Michaels? You’ll have to read on to find out!

The Biggest Loser season 12 kicked off with the introduction of 15 new contestants, from all age groups and all walks of life. You can learn more about the new contestants here. The 15 new contestants were left in the middle of a desert, only to be greeted in typical Biggest Loser style, by Ali Sweeney. Ali then announced that the trainers would be making their way in, and sure enough they arrived by Marine helicopters! Bob Harper was the first to show his face, and he while he loved the new contestants’ enthusiasm, he secretly commented about how he was going to make their lives hell!

Then we watched as Anna Kournikova landed, followed by a completely new face in Dolvett Quince. Dolvett Quince happened to be a trainer to celebrities and athletes, and when he walked out, we were all amazed at how ripped this guy was! But the meet and greet was quickly ended as the contestants were asked to break into 3 groups: under 30, 30-50, and over 50. Then we had 3 even teams of five, who would be competing for the chance to choose their trainer – yes, that again! The teams had to carry a large metal bar in the desert, and there was no neck in neck with the newbies! The middle team aka ages 30-50 were the first group to cross the finish line and they chose to hook up with none other than Bob Harper, big surprise!

The second team to cross the finish line was the young team aka the under 30 team, who became inspired as Dolvett Quince cheered them on and they ended up choosing to be on his team. The older team aka 50 plus, played it slow and steady the entire time and they were stuck with Anna Kournikova, but they did not seem to mind as Anna greeted them before they even hit the finish line! Bob Harper decided to honor our beloved Jillian Michaels, by choosing black for the color of his team. Anna’s team would now be known as the blue team, while Dolvett’s team would be the red team. They would be weighed in as teams, with the lowest percentage of weight loss for a team being the one up for elimination – same as last season when they did the teams.

After their vigorous challenge, Ali Sweeney then announced there was a surprise twist! The teams would be returning to the same desert, eliminated or not, to compete in a marathon. The marathon would take place at a later date, would be 26.2 miles, and would grant the winner and automatic spot in the finale! Now it was time to see the new trainers in action, how would they stack up to Jillian? They were both pretty good, in my opinion. The young team who was so quick to jump on Dolvett were left wondering about their decision when they saw him go into “hulk” mode when they hit the gym!

Anna Kournikova was tough on her contestants also. One particular newbie, Debbie kept begging Anna to give them a break, but Anna would not back down. Bob Harper struggled with Antone, who happened to be an obese ex pro football player. Antone actually broke down in the gym, tears and all claiming he couldn’t do it, but Bob pushed him until Antone got up and took charge again. Anna was also pushed to her limits by Johnny, a 65-year-old who threatened to walk out of the gym, but Anna stuck to her guns and challenged Johnny to walk out. Luckily, Johnny decided he did not need to walk out, as he continued on with his workout. Dolvett seemed to have the most cooperative group, but I think the contestants were intimidated by him.

Unfortunately, we did see someone leave The Biggest Loser before the weigh in this week, but it’s not what you think. Becky, a 50-year-old, who told us her story about her overweight father and his congestive heart failure, got a phone call in the middle of the night that her father had passed away. Becky then spent the rest of the night working out in the gym, and then she went home for a few days, but she did return to the ranch to continue on. The question was, did she do enough while at home to continue her journey on the ranch? After an intense last chance workout, how did the teams fare at the weigh in? Let’s just say Bob Harper kicked butt and rocked the house! Take a look:

Anna’s Blue Team:
from 328 lbs to 311 lbs (-17)

from 254 lbs to 250 lbs (-4)

from 309 lbs to 297 lbs (-12)

from 239 lbs to 233 lbs (-6)

from 238 lbs to 228 lbs (-10)
*total team loss of 49 lbs and 3.58%

Bob’s Black Team
from 348 lbs to 326 lbs (-22)

from 447 lbs to 415 lbs (-32)

from 277 lbs to 261 lbs (-16)

from 445 lbs to 408 lbs (-37)

from 330 lbs to 311 lbs (-19)
*total team loss of 126 lbs – no percentage since they beat the other team with only 3 contestants

Dolvett’s Red Team
from 426 lbs to 405 lbs (-21)

from 355 lbs to 338 lbs (-17)

from 254 lbs to 239 lbs (-15)

from 387 lbs to 367 lbs (-20)

from 270 lbs to 254 lbs (-16)
*total team loss of 89 lbs – no percentage since they also beat out the blue team

Needless to say, Anna Kournikova’s team was the team with the lowest weight loss, meaning they were up for elimination. But don’t let these older folks fool you, they are feisty. Bonnie and Debbie got into a fight as Debbie thought Bonnie spent too much time crying, which ended up in an argument between the pair, which was ended by Mike. At the elimination table, it was neck in neck between Debbie and Bonnie, but Mike had the last vote and he voted for Debbie. Debbie is doing well at home though and has lost 24 lbs to date as she continues her active lifestyle at home!

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