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Survivor: South Pacific Recap — Brandon Hantz’s Lie

September 21, 2011 07:01 PM by Ryan Haidet

There must be something in the Hantz family blood that makes people dishonest.  Do I mean all of the time?  No.  Do I mean all Hantz family members?  Nope.  But when it comes to a Hantz competing on Survivor, they just can’t seem to stop lying.  While Brandon Hantz on this season of Survivor: South Pacific does seem to be much different from his uncle Russell, he got caught up in his own lie tonight.  But one thing he was truthful about with one member of his tribe is that he is in fact a Hantz.  Who did he dish the secret to?  What else happened during tonight’s episode?  Read on to find out!

Coach & Edna

Before we get to the lie from Brandon, let’s first discuss the bond between Coach and Edna.  As the two walked on the beach together, they solidified their friendship, which seemed more important to Edna than Coach.  She said in confessional that she needed to align with Coach since she is most likely the person at the bottom of Upolu’s totem pole.  While Coach said that Edna is a genuinely nice person, he felt she was more of a friend than an ally.  His true alliance sits with Rick, Sophie, Brandon and Albert.  Edna was simply being kept on a need-to-know basis.

Ozzy & The Idol

Ozzy took some time to himself and wandered away from the Savaii camp so he could search for the hidden Idol.  In his Mowgli-like ways, he climbed trees as if he were a monkey during his hunt.  Finally, one tree caught his eye.  Sure enough, the Idol was hidden under a rock within the tree.  He said this could be the ticket for him to reach the end of the game — only if he actually learns how to play it this season instead of the way he managed the hidden Idol during season 16.

Brandon Tells His Secret

Let’s get one thing straight.  Brandon Hantz is definitely no Russell Hantz.  He isn’t nearly as deceitful, but he isn’t nearly as good either.  Since he shared a tight bond with Coach, Brandon was feeling guilty about keeping his Hantz name a secret.  So when the two of them were walking together, Brandon pulled up his sleeve and showed him one of his “Hantz” tattoos.  Coach was totally stunned to learn he was related to Russell.  Since Russell screwed him over during Heroes Vs. Villains, Coach expressed his concern to Brandon saying he wasn’t going to be fooled twice by a Hantz.  But despite his worries, Coach felt differently about Brandon.  He had some trust with him.

Idol Clue

Back at Upolu, Christine took some time to search for the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol.  And it didn’t seem to take much effort as she found it in a tree.  Although she only found the clue, some of her tribemates were very suspicious that she already had possession of the Idol.

Major Comeback

In the combined Reward/Immunity challenge, Upolu started out with a massive lead, but blew it all in the puzzle portion as Savaii came from behind and claimed victory.  In addition to Immunity, Savaii took bedding back to their camp.

Despite their triumph as a tribe, Cochran and Dawn were showcased as being two of the weaker players once again during the challenge.

Upolu’s Target(s)

While preparing for their first Tribal Council, Coach told his alliance the best thing to do would be to split their votes between Christine and Stacey.  That way they could flush the Idol had Christine actually found it.  But Brandon was having major concerns with Mikayla. He was worried that she was a temptress — like Parvati.  He didn’t like the way she flaunts herself and he didn’t want to have her around any longer — especially since he’s a loyal husband.

Most of the other people in his alliance didn’t think targeting Mikayla this early was the smartest strategy, but Brandon wouldn’t back down.  He even told Stacey and Christine to vote for her.  Then, right before they left for Tribal Council, Brandon told Coach that both Stacey and Christine told him they would be voting against Mikayla.  That was the lie.  Yes, minor.  But the impact at Tribal Council was huge.

Brandon’s Lie Comes Out

Brandon’s lie played a major factor at Upolu’s first Tribal Council when Coach said he was told Christine and Stacey had made plans to target Mikayla.  He said that taking Mikayla out of the game right now makes no sense since she is a strong competitor.  As he continued to speak, both Stacey and Christine looked absolutely stunned by Coach’s remarks.  They were very upset that somebody was telling lies about them.  As they all argued about it, Brandon finally raised his hand and asked to come clean.  He revealed that he lied to Coach and admitted that he actually told Stacey and Christine to vote for Mikayla.

After the dust settled and the votes were made, the ballots were scattered across the board.  Sophie and Edna each had one vote apiece.  Stacey had three votes and Christine had four votes.  With that, Christine had her torch snuffed as she made her way toward Redemption Island to join Semhar.

Good riddance!  There was something so irritating about Christine that I couldn’t stand to watch her for one more second.  So glad she’s gone.  Now if we could get Brandon out next, I would be ecstatic.  He’s just a bad player — and the preview for next week shows him crying in a confessional.  Yippe.

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  1. Catryna Says:
    December 18th, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    I think that Brandon played a good game. I think it’s sad that his family was disappointed in him on how he played the game. Brandon and Ozzy my two favorite players this season!


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