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Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap: Refreshing Summer Treats

September 21, 2011 08:38 PM by Lori Wilson

With just nine chefs left, Top Chef: Just Desserts heads to the water park to create refreshing summer desserts. Who accomplished this week’s task and who failed miserably on the Bravo reality show? Keep reading to find out.

The Quick Fire
New York pastry chef Pichet Ong is the guest judge at the Quick Fire challenge where the chefs are instructed to make their own candy bars from scratch. Pichet is looking for interesting ingredients and technique. During their mad dash in the kitchen, Carlos accidentally hits Rebecca’s injured arm. Orlando has no sympathy because he doesn’t like criers, but admits he’s good at bringing them to tears. However, he steps up and helps Rebecca when she drops her dessert on the floor because he has already finished his candy bar. This understandably blows Rebecca away.

After Pichet and Gail sample all the candy bars, Pichet declares his least favorites come from Matthew, who doesn’t finish the bottom of his candy bar and Katzie, whose candy bar melts in his hand. His favorites are Sally’s, who caters to what she knew Pichet liked and Rebecca’s. Sally is deemed the winner and receives immunity for the challenge.

The Challenge
The chefs draw popsicles which determines the teams of three. Each team will be responsible for creating refreshments for the patrons at Raging Waters, the California theme park. Megan, Katzie and Rebecca make up one team, and Chris, Matthew and Orlando make up another, which leaves Carlos, Sally and Amanda for the final team. Sally decides to do whatever her teammates want since she already has immunity. Carlos makes ice cream bars and ties up both the ice cream machines, which irritates Katzie. Chris’ team decides to use the pacojet machine instead, which freezes ice cream solid first, ensuring it will be fresh when it defrosts, or something like that.

Top Chef: Just Desserts judge Johnny Iuzzini drops in to find out what everyone is making. Orlando shares that he is creating a root beer float/ice cream sandwich combination, which Johnny thinks will be difficult to eat. Katzie says she’s making spumoni. Johnny declares he loves spumoni since he grew up eating it from the most famous spumoni shop on the East Coast, putting the pressure on. Amanda announces she’s making a funnel cake with coconut sorbet, which Johnny worries will turn into a time issue for her. Meanwhile, Katzie’s ice cream spills over in the machine in front of Johnny, which embarrasses her.

At Raging Waters, the judges, Gail Simmons, Johnny Iuzinni, Danielle Kyrillos and Pichet Ong taste test the creations. They are forced to wait for Matthew’s dessert, which is a play on strawberry shortcake, because he makes them to order. The judges don’t like that it’s warm, since they are outside. They are also disappointed Orlando’s root beer float isn’t what the dessert’s name suggests. Moving on to the next team, the judges enjoy Megan, Katzie and Rebecca’s offerings, especially, Katzie’s baked Alaska spumoni on a stick. Next up, the judges find Carlos’ Cap’n Crunch and Pop Rocks popsicle not refreshing and too sweet. Sally’s berry smoothie with Rice Crispies goes over well, but Johnny wishes it had more flavor. Amanda’s funnel cakes have too much time to sit which makes them too dry and hard.

The Judges’ Table
Gail calls in Megan, Katzie and Rebecca first to the Judges Table. They are told they had the best desserts of the day. They are winning team. Pichet would love all of their desserts on a hot day. Johnny likes that they put their own touches on classic desserts. Katzie’s spumoni is deemed the overall winner.

The other two teams are called in to face the judges. Johnny wonders if Sally played it safe because she had immunity. She says no, but Johnny said what she created was too simple and not special. Carlos’ popsicle had too much sugar and Amanda’s funnel cake was too hard to manage, not to mention cold. She is brought to task for waiting too long to present it to the judges. Matthew, Chris and Orlando are told as a unit they didn’t create desserts applicable for the water park environment.

As the judges deliberate, they feel neither team thought about their audience when they created desserts for a hot summer day. In the end, Orlando, Carlos and Amanda are in the bottom three, but it’s Amanda’s funnel cake that doesn’t measure up. She is told to pack up her tools and go.

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