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Jersey Shore Recap: It Is The End For Snooki And Jionni?

September 22, 2011 08:41 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Jersey Shore we watched as Snooki hit a police car, and this week, Jionni makes his way to Italy. What will happen when Snooki embarrasses him? Could it be the couple’s demise? Keep reading for all the highlights from this episode of Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore kicks off tonight as Snooki and Deena await the boys, who don’t get there in time and the girls are hauled off in the police car. When the guys get there, they have to head down to the station to get Snooki and Deena – luckily, they did not get kicked out of Italy. When they arrive at home, Snooki calls Jionni to fill him on what happened, only to hear Jionni fill her in that Roger will not be coming to Italy with him. Snooki breaks the bad news to Jenni, who calls Roger and breaks down in tears when he tells her he cannot make it.

Jenni is heartbroken, so Sammi and Deena decide to take her out for a girls night, but Snooki decides to stay home and rest since she is shaken up from the police ordeal. Meanwhile, the girls head to the club, and the guys are in a separate club trying to hook up with girls. While Snooki is on the phone with Jionni again, the doorbell rings and she is surprised to find Brittany waiting downstairs. Snooki decides to play a joke on Mike, and invite Brittany in, in an attempt to ruin any plans he has for bringing home any other girls.

When the guys arrive home, Mike is surprised to find Brittany in his bed, and the girl he brought with him is even more surprised. But Snooki’s plan backfires in her face, as Mike gets rid of the girl from the club and heads into bed with Brittany. The next day, Mike is on edge about Jionni’s arrival, hoping he doesn’t find out about he and Snooki. Snooki is also on edge, for numerous reasons. When Jionni arrives, Mike starts acting all weird, and Jionni and Snooki head into the bedroom for a quickie before they all head out to the club.

While they are at the club, Mike shows off his new karate moves, and he keeps going on and on about Jionni having an “issue” with him, as he tells the others that if Jionni asks what happened, he will tell him everything. Snooki, on the other hand notices Mike’s weirdness and starts to get creeped out. Finally, the group move on to another club, and that’s where things get crazy!

At the next club, Snooki is so drunk, she hits the dance floor and starts to lift up her dress – exposing everything! When Jionni asks her stop, she continues doing it and he storms off saying she is embarrassing him. Snooki freaks out and chases after him, but he wants no part of her at this point. While the others take Snooki back home, Jenni chases after Jionni, in an attempt to get him to reason with her and come back, but she finally gives up after her feet begin to hurt very badly.

While Snooki lays in bed crying, the others discuss how silly it is for Jionni to get so upset with her over her drunken act. Then, finally, the doorbell rings and it is Jionni! Snooki runs down to meet him, but he walks past her without talking to her. When she finally traps him upstairs, he reveals he is upset over her actions, but Snooki won’t even acknowledge that she did anything wrong. Jionni is unstoppable at this point – he takes his stuff, leaves and hops in a cab, while Snooki is upstairs crying her eyes out.

Is this the end of Snooki and Jionni? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out, and learn why Mike is professing his love to Snooki!

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