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The X Factor Recap: Miami And Dallas Auditions Bring Talent, Freaks, And Ghosts!

September 22, 2011 07:04 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night was the series premiere of The X Factor on Fox, and tonight Simon Cowell and the gang were back for more fun auditions! Check out all the highlights below!

Tonight, The X Factor took us to Miami, Florida for more auditions. First up tonight was Ashley, a starving artist, who seemed like a fun personality, until she wouldn’t shut up. When she finished slaughtering a Janis Joplin tune, L.A. said she annoyed him when she started talking, but that he wanted to slit his wrists when she started singing. Unfortunately for Ashley, it was 4 no’s across the board for her. Next up was Chanel Simone Dixone, who was also dreadful and could not understand why the judges did not like her. Kanan Road took the stage next, a country group who tried to pull off “Runaway,” by Love and Theft and were absolutely awful, and that awfulness continued with a mom and daughter team called Dreamgirlz. At this point, we were left wondering if Miami was completely out of talent.

Gloria Estefan graced the audience in Miami, encouraging the hopefuls. Caitlynne Curtis, a 16-year-old was hoping to change the judges outlook on Miami. Caitlynne performed “Firework,” and she proved to be better than the rest we had seen, but Nicole thought she had room to grow, while Simon told her she needed to join a group, and told her no. Caitlynne then broke down and begged Paula not to say no, which led Paula up the stage for a hug, and L.A told her no.

The judges began to worry about the lack of talent, and then 21-year-old Nick Voss took the stage, hoping to change his family’s financial situation, but could he sing? Nick chose to sing “Trouble” by Elvis Presley, his voice was not the best, but his performance was amazing – he had the crowd riled up for the first time tonight. Nick not only sang, but her performed as he danced his way across the stage, which excited the judges and earned him the first yes’s of the evening. Ashley Deckard was up next, and she claimed to be able to see ghosts, and she was certain she was exactly what Simon was looking for. Unfortunately for Ashley though, she could not sing well.

The judges were certain Ashley left demons behind as the horrid auditions continued for quite a while, and Nicole freaked out when the lights started to flicker! Next up was Marivana Viscuso, a Barbara Streisand look alike, and while she was an odd audition, the judges were taken in by something about her and sent her through. 2 SQUAR’D was up next, a foursome of young ladies who sounded good and were sent through, followed by Kendra Williams, a 31-year-old teacher. Kendra sang “Almost Home” by Craig Morgan, and was told she has a gift by the judges as she blew all the other auditions away tonight.

Brendan O’Hara was up next and Nicole immediately started flirting with him, but he also had an awesome voice and Simon thought he could sell a lot of albums. And Miami kept bringing it as Jeremiah Pagan hit the stage next and sounded like a dream with his voice. The final audition was Melanie Amaro, an 18-year-old college freshman, who sang “Listen” by Beyonce, and it was incredible. Melanie had the crowd going and the judges loved her. Nicole was in tears, while L.A. told her that she has the X Factor. Melanie was by far the best audition of the night, ending Miami’s auditions on a high note.

Next up for Simon Cowell and the gang was Dallas, Texas. 17-year-old Jonny Rogers was up next with his blonde Justin Bieber hairdo. Jonny came prepared with his own song and immediately started working his hair, and the whole thing was just awkward. L.A. started off by saying he liked his presence, and Nicole said she loved his choreography, while Paula said he was full of surprises. Simon Cowell compared him to a Justin Bieber doll gone wrong. After Simon dissed Nicole for a while over her new southern accent, we met Dylan Lawson, an 18-year-old country boy who loves music. And then he opened his mouth and stunned everyone with vulgarity filled homemade tune, that was horrible. Dylan ended by laying on the stage like he was dead and Simon kicked him off the stage.

And then Dallas proved to be full of weirdos, as the awful and strange auditions continued. Dexter Haygood was up next and hoped to impress the judges with his rock and roll/soul sound. The 49-year-old was actually in a band that toured in the 1980′s and Dexter was hoping for a second chance. Dexter performed “Sex Machine” by James Brown, and it did not impress, but Simon gave him another chance as he asked Dexter to sing something else acapella. Dexter’s acapella performance was much better and showcased his strong voice. Dexter ended up getting his second chance as he was given all yes’s and advanced. Kyle Corr, Hannah Jackson, Ma’at Bingham Shango, and Austin Simmons were a few more yes’s that we did not get see the full auditions for.

Caitlin Coch was up next, and the rugby coach performed a slowed down version of “Stop In The Name Of Love” by The Supremes, and she sang beautifully – one of the best performances in Dallas. L.A. kicked off by telling her how special she was, and Nicole said it would be an honor to work with her. Paula loved her, and Simon praised her for taking the song to a new level. Caitlin got 4 yes’s. Finally, we met Alexander Johnson, who asked Simon how old he was after Simon asked for his age. This guy was very straightforward and comical, but could he sing? Alexander sang “I’ll Be” by Edward McCain, but only after Simon asked him to shut his mouth and sing. Simon then asked Alexander to sing another song, and it took him a few minutes with his nervousness. Simon said he liked him and he would like to hear him without nerves, but the girls told him no, and Alexander was not sent through.

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