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Taylor Armstrong Admits Why She Really Did RHOBH

September 23, 2011 11:19 AM by Megan Thompson

Taylor Armstrong, from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, appeared on the Dr. Phil show yesterday.  In an intense interview, Taylor shared all her feeling about the abuse, the Bravo show and the financial problems that plagued her marriage.  Keep reading to find out why Taylor really participated in The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

It didn’t take long for Dr. Phil to figure out that Taylor was ashamed of her childhood.  Taylor admitted she didn’t’ have an ideal childhood and has early memories of her mother being physically abused.  Instead of dealing with these childhood issues, Taylor pushed them away by changing her name (she was born as Shana Hughes) and moving away.

Yet, Taylor’s childhood issues were brought to the forefront when she became a victim of domestic abuse in her own marriage.  Taylor describes Russell as “driving the bus” in their relationship. She wasn’t even allowed to move a plant in the house without his permission.  His anger often escalated to violence, one incident landed Taylor in the hospital with serious eye injuries.

Dr. Phil asked Taylor what her motivation was for participating in The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?  Taylor responded, “My primary motivation was because I was in a dangerous situation in my home life and I felt like there was a protection offered to me by having cameras in my life.”  She went on to say that she would do the show again, even knowing what she knows now.   

So how is Taylor doing now?  Taylor has a mix of emotions going on since Russell’s suicide.  She is angry that he left her with this horrible financial mess to deal with.  There is sadness for her daughter, and his other kids, because it is awful news for children to know there dad took his own life.  Taylor also feels relief.  She is relieved they don’t have to argue anymore, especially over co-parenting their daughter.  Surprisingly, there is a part of Taylor that misses the chaos in her life.  Taylor is used to Russell controlling everything, so she is learning to stand on her own now.    

Dr. Phil will have a follow-up to this show with Russell’s family.  Russell’s family has a completely different story to tell about Taylor and the Bravo show.  

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