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The X Factor To Be Slapped With FCC Complaint Over Nude Contestant!

September 23, 2011 10:38 AM by Kristin Watson

Forget the low ratings Fox‘s The X Factor drew in, they have bigger worries — like an FCC complaint over the crazy, nude contestant people were chattering about. Read on for the details…

The X Factor premiered on Wednesday night (Sept. 21), and contestant Geo Godley dropped his pants in a pre-taped audition package, no pun intended, exposing himself with a giant X-censor over his man parts.

Apparently, the Parents Television Council did not find his audition funny and is filing an FCC complaint against the show for using the contestant’s nude segment on television.

In fairness to The X Factor, judge Paula Abdul walked off stage, saying the performance “literally made me sick,” and L.A. Reid said, “that was offensive, disgusting, distasteful, upsetting — get him out of the building please!”

Does that give the show the right to show the guy naked even if they were disgusted?

PTC president Tim Winter said, “Perhaps the ‘X’ in X Factor stands for the MPAA rating,” adding, “If Godley performed his act in public, he would have been arrested. But if he performs it in front of a Fox camera, his act is beamed via the public airwaves into every home in the nation.”

Okay, people, brace yourselves — Tim Winter continued his verbal lashing, saying, “The prolonged, previously videotaped footage of a contestant dancing nude on the X Factor stage represents a conscious decision by the producers — with the approval of the network’s broadcast standards department — to intentionally air this content in front of millions of families during hours when they knew full well that children would be watching. Families were led to believe The X Factor would be family-friendly programming and instead were assaulted by graphic nudity.”

Hey, they did put an X over his parts.

The Supreme Court is supposed to review broadcast decency laws in the upcoming term, but this is not the first time Fox has been under fire and we’re sure it won’t be the last — aka shows like Family Guy.

Fox had no comment. What’s your take on the nude audition?

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One Response to “The X Factor To Be Slapped With FCC Complaint Over Nude Contestant!”

  1. Roxana Darnell Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    I thought that ‘Fox’ was owned by Murdoch, who is a proponent of the religious right. I also had assumed that this was a live show, so they couldn’t stop it in time. What are they trying to do, encourage perversion? Very sick, very sad.


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