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Millionaire Matchmaker Tells New York Women: Play Dumb

September 25, 2011 10:28 AM by Jackie Morrison

Patti Stanger is giving some old fashioned advice to women in the Big Apple. The Millionaire Matchmaker reality star is telling New York ladies to play dumb.  Stanger was quoted as saying that on the East Coast women are dumb in love while their L.A. counterparts are dumb in business.

“Women are smart in business and dumb in love,” Stanger told me and the hosts of “New York Live” regarding New York’s single gals. “They won’t date outside their zip

code, let alone outside the city. They are city snobs. Real men that are making money in this economy are buying homes in short sales and foreclosures out in the suburbs, getting their homestead set up for their families, and [women say] ‘I won’t go to Connecticut.’ This is where the men are.”

The Millionaire Matchmaker was filmed in New York the previous season but has now returned to L.A. where Patti Stanger is based.  Recently, Patti Stanger had another encounter with her least favorite client: the female Millionaire. Emma Ridley, a former British child actress turned Paris Hilton party girl turned pole dance teacher hired Patti Stanger for help in the love department. Ridley has been married three times, has three kids, and walks on the wild side.

“At 15 we ran away and went to Vegas,” she recalls of her first husband who she met at 14 when he was 30. “I’ve never really dated. I was the Paris Hilton of Britain in the 80’s. My biggest problem is that I’m not very good at picking.”

Patti Stanger has had her share of difficult clients. In an earlier episode this season, she brought a rigid client to meet Tori Spelling who explained how working women could still be wives and mothers. In that episode, Tori Spelling, who was soon to be pregnant with her third child, helped Patti Stanger demonstrate to her chauvinist client that good mothers don’t need to be traditional women.

While Emma Ridley did land a date through Patti Stanger’s efforts, the millionaire pole dancer disobeyed the matchmaker by performing a pole dance for her match, a surfing supply business owner from Hawaii named Kelly. So far, Emma Ridley is still single.

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