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The Amazing Race: The Race Begins!

September 25, 2011 06:46 PM by Megan Thompson

Tonight on CBS’s The Amazing Race, eleven teams set out on the adventure of a lifetime. It’s a race around the world to win the grand prize of $ 1 million. Keep reading to find out which team was eliminated from the race first.

Let’s meet the cast as they head to the starting line in LA:

The Eleven teams are:

Andy and Tommy – These two young guys are former Olympic snowboarders from California. 

Ethan and Jenna – Both are winners from Survivor and have been dating for seven years. 

Laurence and Zac – Are a father and son team.  Zach is the first person under 18 to sail around the world.

Ernie and Cindy – This couple is recently engaged, from Chicago, Illinois

Justin and Jennifer –  A brother and sister team from Georgia.

Bill and Cathi – Are farmers, who are married grandparents from Oregon. 

Liz and Marie- Tall, blonde, twins – enough said!

Ron and Bill – Domestic partners, who are also both flight attendants.   

Kaylani and Lisa – These former showgirls from Las Vegas will give the blonde twins a run for their money!         

Jeremy and Sandy –  A couple who plans to put their dating relationship to the test. 

Amani and Marcus – Married for ten years, Kaylani is a former NFL player. 

All the teams meet up and learn the first team to today’s finish line will win the coveted express pass.  The express pass can be used up to the eighth leg of the race to skip a challenge. 

First Challenge:

Phil announces the first challenge is right behind him and it’s a word puzzle.  Teams will have to figure out the tricky word puzzle to determine where they are going next.  The last team to finish this part of the challenge will be given a “hazard” which is a new penalty this season.  A hazard is an extra challenge that will need to be completed before checking into the pit stop.   

For the challenge the teams are given these letters to start; W, A, N, P, A,I.  Now teams tackle a giant wall of umbrellas to find an umbrella that as three specific letters (T, A, I) to complete the puzzle.  Taipei Taiwan is the answer the teams are looking for.   

The snowboarders are the first team to find the correct umbrella. 

Once the teams find the correct umbrella they are given keys to their cars.  The first eight teams to the airport will be able to get on the first flight to Taiwan, which arrives twenty minutes earlier than the second flight.   

Amani and Marcus are the second team to figure out where they are travelling next, Taiwan.  The Vegas girls are the last team to complete the puzzle and will have to complete the hazard penalty.  To make matters worse, Kaylani loses her passport on the way to the airport.  They can’t find it at the gas station, so they head to the airport in the hopes another team picked it up.   In what seems to be a miracle, someone actually found Kaylani’s passport and brought it to the airport! 

Taipei, Taiwan

When teams arrive in Taiwan, instead of searching for a clue box teams must figure out they need to look at the billboards.  The first bus lets the teams off and the colorful streets of Taipei are really confusing the teams.  Signs are everywhere, so it is extremely confusing for the teams.  Finally teams notice the large sign that has Chinese symbols on it.  Teams ask the locals what the symbols mean and they discover it is sending them to the Confucius Temple.  Bill and Cathi are the one team who can’t figure out the billboard and are left wandering the streets.

Road Block:

It’s the first Road Block, which is a game of telephone!  One member of the team uses a phone to receive a Confucius proverb.  The person must remember the proverb and repeat it to a monk word for word to receive the next clue.  Without paper this proverb seems extremely hard to remember for most teams.  After numerous tries, two teams finally crack the proverb.  Most teams finish this road block, but the twins are left struggling with the proverb.  Fortunately for them, Bill and Cathi are still left wandering the streets of Taiwan looking for the billboard. Kaylani and Lisa finish this road block, but now they must complete their hazard penalty.  For their penalty Kaylani must bungee jump in the middle of a mall. 

Last Challenge:                                                                        

Ernie and Cindy are the first to the next challenge, which is a dragon boat race.   One member must pound the drum, while the other team member paddles with the crew.  After the teams finish the race, they can learn instructions to the pit stop. 

Pit Stop:

Ernie and Cindy are the first team to the pit stop and they win the Express Pass.  Jeremy and Sandy place second and Justin and Jennifer come in third. 

In the middle of the pack are Ethan and Jenna who are team number four.  Amani and Marcus are team number five.  Laurence and Zach are sixth and Andy and Tommy place seventh.

The last teams to make it are Ron and Bill who place eighth and Lisa and Kaylani come in ninth.  Liz and Marie are excited to be the tenth team. 

Bill and Cathi are the last to arrive to the pit stop, but are surprised to learn it is a non-elimination leg. 

Phil announces that next week will be a double elimination, a first in The Amazing Race history.

So what did you think of the season premiere of The Amazing Race?  Let us know what you think, comment below!

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Photo Credit: CBS

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