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The Great Food Truck Race: The Finale In Miami, Florida

September 25, 2011 07:08 PM by Lori Wilson

The Great Food Truck Race rolls into Miami, Florida for its season two finale. Lime Truck feels they are more suited to Miami’s style, but will Hodge Podge surprise them? Keep reading to find out.

The Challenge
As the trucks enter the last leg of the cross country competition, The Great Food Truck Race host Tyler Florence tells them it doesn’t end until one of the trucks makes $15,000, no matter how long it takes. The first team to meet Tyler in South Beach will be named the winner. He warns them there will be multiple speed bumps.

Hodge Podge meets up with a Miami connection, who lets them shop in his cooler. Meanwhile, Lime panics because they don’t have a plan since they were counting on a truck stop first. They had several meet and greets set up for later, but since things have changed, they head to a local grocery store.

Hodge Podge finds a park where other food trucks are selling as well. They’re told tacos are a hit there, so that’s what they create. Lime heads to midtown Miami and starts making mussels. Lime creates a buzz around them and attracts customers based on word of mouth.

First Speed Bump
Tyler calls Lime and Hodge Podge to tell them their trucks are about to be towed. They have five minutes to grab what they can in order to keep selling. They must make $200 before they can retrieve their trucks from impound. Hodge Podge quickly makes some high end plates, while Lime tries to garner interest in a cooking class. Lime struggles, as Hodge Podge easily makes their $200. Lime eventually sells enough of their mussels to get their truck.

Truck Stop
Tyler calls the teams again to tell them it’s time for the Truck Stop. They must close down for the night and they will get their instructions the next day. In the morning, Lime and Hodge Podge are instructed to create a dish from fish they catch themselves in the ocean. Unlike past truck stops, they can use any ingredients from their trucks, plus ingredients Tyler provides them with. After they’ve caught their fish, guest judge Chef Michael Schwartz taste tests the dishes. He feels Lime’s dish is well seasoned, but what they prepared is too outdated. He is impressed with Hodge Podge’s ability to cook a king mackerel steak, but feels there are too many ingredients and flavors masking the fish. Ultimately, he deems Lime Truck as the winner because the flavor of the fish came through the best in their creation. They receive $1,500.

Back to the Challenge
Hodge Podge heads to Kendall Car Wash which is a food truck meet up. They pull up to lines of people ready to place their orders. Lime heads to South Miami near some local breweries. They try to pull people off the street to drum up some business. Hodge Podge makes money hand over fist in their new location, noting they’ve never made this money before. Lime Truck eventually gets a line outside their truck and start making a lot of money as well.

Second Speed Bump
Tyler calls to tell the teams they have to close for the night and when they start up in the morning they can only sell desserts for the first two hours. By the end of the day, Lime is at $13,000 while Hodge Podge is at $12,000. Lime sells desserts as breakfast in front of a local restaurant, while Hodge Podge sets up outside a produce wholesaler to their employees. Both teams enjoy long lines as they inch towards their $15,000 goal.

The Finish Line
Once both teams hit their mark, they freak out as they race to meet Tyler in South Beach. Lime runs to the beach where Tyler presents them with a brief case. Once they open it, they discover it’s still full of cash, so they are the winners.

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Photo credit: The Food Network

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