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The Biggest Loser Recap: Temptations, Health News, And Very Limited Gym Use

September 27, 2011 07:46 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on The Biggest Loser on NBC, we watched as Anna Kournikova‘s team was the first team of season 12 to face elimination, while Bob Harper’s black team blew the competition away. When temptations and limited gym use are thrown in, could Bob’s team prevail again? Keep reading to find out who was eliminated in week two!

The Biggest Loser kicked off their second week of season 12 tonight as the teams were put to the ultimate test – their first temptation challenge! Alison Sweeney informed the teams that this week, they would have very limited gym use. In fact, each team would get only a two hour time window each day. So, what does that have to do with their temptation challenge? Everything! This week, the contestants were tempted with donuts, and the team that consumed the highest amount of calories would get to choose their preferred time in the gym – either 5 am, 12 pm, or 9 pm.

The challenge was based on the theory that the different age groups could not handle certain times, while the limited gym use would be teaching the contestants that they could indeed work out once they got back home and into their busy schedules. So, who ate the donuts? Believe it or not, no one from Dolvett Quince’s red team ate any donuts, but considering this seems to be the most food conscious team, it did not come as too much of a shocker. On the blue team, Mike decided he would eat a few, which ended being 11 donuts, to ensure his older team could get one of the earlier time spots. But, Mike wasn’t the only one eating as John had the same exact idea, but he wound up eating 37 donuts for a total of over 1,000 calories!

With the win on their side, the black team decided to chose the 5 am slot, and when asked, John said he respected the blue team enough to give them the 12 pm slot. This angered and fueled the red team, who thought John meant that he had no respect for them. When Bob Harper got wind of the early workouts, he made sure the contestants paid for it by personally waking them up and getting them in the gym. Once they started their workouts, Bob learned that Sunny was upset with John, as she overheard John saying some not-so-nice things about her. With some advice from Bob Harper, Sunny called a team meeting, and called John out on the things he had said. John admitted he was wrong and apologized, asking the team forgive him.

Meanwhile, Dr. H paid a visit to some of the contestants tonight, and this time around, he asked that the contestants be accompanied by their trainers. Jennifer, who hurt her leg and was in need of an MRI, was one of the contestants who met with Dr. H tonight, and she was upset with the news that diabetes, among other health issues were in her future. Bonnie was also seen by Dr. H, who informed her that her knee replacement would never work unless she lost the weight. But, none of the results were as shocking as 27-year-old Ramon, who was told that he did indeed have diabetes, and that his “inner age” was 50. Ramon was floored, but he tried to use those emotions to work out and work harder so he would get healthy.

Next up on The Biggest Loser, was the team challenge. In this challenge, the teams had to stand on a floating device that had a maze with a ball in it. They needed to shift their weight around enough to get the ball through the maze and into a hole, with the fastest time winning the challenge. The prize for winning the challenge this week was a 2 lb advantage at the weigh, with second place getting a 1 lb advantage. The red team kicked off with a great time of 7 minutes and 45 seconds – which ended up being a time that the blue team could not beat. The blue team had hopes of coming in second, but that did not happen as once again, Bob Harper’s black team kicked butt and beat the red team within seconds of their time. The black team ended up in first place with a 2 lb advantage, while the red team ended up in second place with a 1 lb advantage.

During their workouts this week, we watched as Antone struggled again, but Bob Harper would not let up on him one bit. The red team worked hard in an effort to beat the black team, while on the blue team, Johnny was a complete slacker, up until the later part of the week when he decided he needed to step up his game. Mike was busy all week, busting his butt as he was celebrating his anniversary with his wife, and he was determined to make it to 50 years. After some intense last chance workouts, here is how the teams fared this week:

Anna’s Blue Team:
from 311 lbs to 313 lbs (+2)

from 250 lbs to 247 lbs (-3)

from 297 lbs to 290 lbs (-7)

from 228 lbs to 223 lbs (-5)
*total team loss of 13 lbs and 1.2%

Bob’s Black Team
from 326 lbs to 324 lbs (-2)

from 415 lbs to 405 lbs (-10)

from 261 lbs to 255 lbs (-6)

from 408 lbs to 393 lbs (-15)

from 311 lbs to 305 lbs (-6)
*total team loss of 41 lbs or 2.38%

Dolvett’s Red Team
from 405 lbs to 400 lbs (-5)

from 338 lbs to 329 lbs (-9)

from 239 lbs to 232 lbs (-7)

from 367 lbs to 361 lbs (-6)

from 254 lbs to 247 lbs (-7)
*total team loss of 35 lbs or 2.18%

With the blue team in the bottom once again, it was no contest as to who would be getting voted off. Both Bonnie and Becky voted for Johnny, and that was enough to send him packing. Since his elimination, Johnny has vowed to continue working hard as he is determined to win the at home prize. Johnny walks a few miles very often, and to date has lost 60 lbs! Kudos to Johnny, we can’t wait to see you back for the marathon.

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  1. Fatcat Says:
    September 28th, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Lets get it over with. Send the remaining “old” people home. I have never seen such an unfair pairing of contestants. They have no shot at anything except keeping Black and Red on for three more weeks. Disgusting! Maybe you could have the biggest person from Red and Black play a set of tennis with Anna. Loser goes home. That would be just as fair.


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