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Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap: Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock Sabotages The Chefs

September 28, 2011 11:23 PM by Lori Wilson

Week six of Top Chef: Just Desserts finds the chefs facing the savory/sweet challenge. A wrench is thrown into the works though when Ad-Rock from Beastie Boys shows up to infuse a bit of sampling into their creations. Keep reading to find out who impressed Ad-Rock and who was sent packing.

The Quick Fire
As the tension mounts between Sally and Katzie, the chefs are tasked with using vegetables in their desserts. They must pull a root vegetable out of the garden presented to them. Chef Jordan Kahn, who is known for his inventive desserts and techniques, is introduced as the guest judge. As the cheftestants present their offerings, Chris is eliminated because he garnishes his dessert as the judges approach, which is technically after time is up. Overall, Jordan thinks everyone did a great job, but dislikes Rebecca’s potato dessert and Carlos’ peanut butter and celery creation. On the flip side, he enjoys Sally’s turmeric dessert and Matthew’s parsnip treat the best, but it’s Sally who wins immunity and $5,000.

The Challenge
For the main challenge, Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys shows up. The chefs are excited until Top Chef: Just Desserts judge Gail Simmons tells them they must create a dessert using ingredients pulled from Beastie Boys’ songs, which includes items like chicken, bacon and pork and beans. Each chef must pick two crazy ingredients from the Beastie Boys’ pantry to use in their dessert, which will be presented at a street art fair. After they choose ingredients for themselves, Gail tells them to choose one more item, but for another chef, or as Ad-Rock so aptly calls it – Sabotage.

After the chefs craft something with their off the wall ingredients, they set up at fair. Marcel from Top Chef stops by and visits with Sally, who he knows and encouraged to be on the show. The judges enter and first sample Carlos’ popcorn and cucumber dessert. The judges note the cucumber is a strong flavor. Orlando presents his rum, coffee, cream and peas parfait, but it isn’t lost on the judges that he didn’t make the cookies he added. Megan’s whiskey and onions infused Brass Monkey sorbet, isn’t a hit as Johnny notes her cake is dried out. Sally makes a cheddar cheese ice cream with a chicken toffee sauce, which Ad-Rock finds delicious. Johnny thinks Katzie’s French fry and hot butter with cheese pomme frites is all over the place with the salty and sweet. Rebecca creates falafel, panna cotta and beer ice cream, but Johnny says she used too much garlic. Lastly, Chris makes a pork and beans brownie, while Matthew creates a corn bread and mashed potato cheesecake using whiskey.

The Judges’ Table
Katzie, Megan and Rebecca are called in first and told they made the judges’ least favorite desserts. Johnny again points out Rebecca used too much garlic and Ad-Rock didn’t think her beer tasted like beer. Rebecca cries because the challenge required them to use ridiculous ingredients, which sucked to judged on it. Megan’s cake wasn’t well received and Katzie is told she should have focused on fewer condiments for her fries. Not to mention, she just made basic fries with dipping sauces. Upon deeper review, Johnny believes the ingredients didn’t mess these three up, the chefs themselves did. Ultimately, Rebecca is told her dessert didn’t measure up and is sent to pack up her tools.

Matthew, Chris and Sally are called in next and told they made the judges’ favorite desserts. Ad-Rock apologizes for the pork and beans and chicken, but calls what they did amazing. Ad-Rock loves Sally’s use of chicken and thinks Chris makes a good brownie. Ad-Rock tells them they all “freaked it,” but Matt freaked it more with his mashed potatoes and gravy corn bread. In other words, Matt won the challenge.

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