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Jersey Shore Recap: Pregnancy Scare and Snooki Hook-Up

September 29, 2011 08:25 PM by Candace Young

The big news last week on Jersey Shore was Snooki’s boyfriend, Jionni, coming all the way to Italy only to take off again after Nicole indulged in some overly dirty dancing in the club. Keep reading to find out if Snooki will get through to Jionni on the phone, who has a pregnancy scare, and so much more…

While working at the pizza joint, Pauly D gets loud and flirtatious with a table of girls. Deena, meanwhile, is very reluctantly performing toilet duty. Back at the house, JWoww is giving Snooki the cold shoulder after her outburst the previous night. Snooki heads out alone to look for her boyfriend since she’s only getting his voicemail. She finds a spot with music and an incredulous daytime crowd watches as she drinks and dances alone.

Pauly and Deena get home from work just in time to see Sammi sitting with Snooki while she makes a drunken phone call to her father about Jionni leaving. Jenni appears and Snooki calls her names. Jenni decides to take the blame for their argument last night and supports her friend. She says she’ll help her find out if Jionni’s still in Italy. She manages to get through to Jionni on the phone and begs him to talk to Snooki. Sammi rushes Snooki to the phone. She cries and asks to see Jionni, but he says he can’t do it. She asks where he is – he says he took a train to Rome. Jenni takes the phone and pleads with him to come back. Jionni tells her to walk Snooki to the train station – he’s not gone.

Jwoww and Snooki rush to the train station where he holds Nicole but tells her he’s still leaving because his mom changed the ticket. Her actions of the previous night are briefly mentioned, but he walks her back to the house and kisses her goodbye, saying he’s sorry and he messed up.  Snooki is devastated that he’s leaving.

The guys, who have been outside of the Snooki drama, amuse themselves by piling furniture on Deena’s bed. Vinnie is wearing purple pants which get a strange look from Sam.  He showers, chases Deena while nude, puts the pants back on, then laughs at Deena who has fallen beneath a piece of furniture while cleaning up.

Snooki decides she’ll go out with everyone else despite her devastated state. They pile into cars and head to the club. Deena reveals to the camera that she missed her period. Inside the club, Snooki does a freaky dance with some guy while Deena confides to Jenni that she might be pregnant.  No nonsense Jenni suggests an immediate dash to the store for a pregnancy test since Deena’s been drinking every day.  On the way, Deena whines and cries about what her parents will say.

Back at the house, Deena takes the pregnancy test into the washroom. It comes up negative.

The next day, Snooki gets Jionni on the phone where he refers to her dancing with her skirt up like a pig. She announces she doesn’t deserve this, causing Jionni to ask if he deserved to be humiliated. Snooki says she’s depressed now because of him. He sticks to his guns and calls her out on all the stuff she’s been doing. She hangs up on him. The girls are proud of Snooki and debate ensues with the guys about Jionni’s point of view. The girls think Jionni is trying to change Snooki which is no good.

Snooki decides Pauly should DJ in the house and pretend they’re at Karma. They’re all down. Everyone dresses up as Pauly D sets up. The party’s on. Mike sits in the corner wearing shades and Ronnie thinks he’s a creeper. Later, once they’re all drunk, Mike flirts with Snooki.  He tells her to break up with her boyfriend. Jenni is pissed, saying she doesn’t believe Mike is sincere at all.

As Mike goes on talking to Snooki, Jenni announces she’s ready to vomit.  Snooki listens to Mike until he tells a story about the guys urging him to give Jionni a kick when he got out of the car. She totters into the other room to confront Ronnie about telling Mike to fight Jionni. Ronnie is sick of being drawn into Mike’s dramas.  Snooki goes to bed, leaving the others to debate with Mike about how good a friend he is. Pauly says Mike is who he is – he accepts it. When Mike talks about a past sexual act he did with Snooki, Jenni is done with him.

In the meantime, Snooki’s left her bed to go to the kitchen, and then slips into bed beside Pauly for a snuggle. Deena gets jealous so Snooki moves to Vinnie’s bed. Deena gets in with Pauly, but he won’t even cuddle – she gets sent packing. Over in Vinnie’s bed, Snooki asks him to have sex with her. The bed covers start moving…

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